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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Private Contractors Perform Torture/ Military contract corruption

Now that many of us are NOT being heavily targeted we have the time and the perspective to look over the Bush years.

In my campaign things that were mentioned that still stand out. Much of gang stalking is obviously human experimentation and most of it is obviously torture for trauma based mind control. But there are things that are beginning to shape what really went on.

Its obvious that during the war everyone from cops to criminals to corporate entities to the military had a field day due to 'emergency circumstances'.
Its also obvious to many TI's that these perps as we call them seem immune to consequences as well as are highly organized and have sh*tloads of money and access.

Its interesting to note how many 'perps' have tried to detract from my story or invalidate my experiences by claiming that none of this is possible as the govt and the military must document everything as well as the way prisoners or others where authority could be abused.

But over the time of my harassment many company names were either very much on the perps minds or tongues. One overt perp in a group mentioned that his dad worked for Cisco Systems. A woman from VA who was trying to be handler of sorts mentioned Boeing.

Also note much of the disinfo that doesnt make sense from "Terrorist Gang Stalking in America" by David Lawson. Claiming that all this activity is from people who are part of cults or "extremist groups". If this were true then they would not be tolerated by local or national authorities. Being traumatized opens us up to suggestion. This was indeed the case with this book. Also the groups definitely get paid. They are far to professional to be just extremist groups and mere extremist groups would not have access like they do nor be able to be a part of gang stalking a target which also can include very sophisticated technologies as well as chemical warfare, with substances that would not be readily available to 'extremist groups' and if they were the authorities would be sh*tting themselves.
This piece describes pretty much what gs consists of. It also explains why everyone has this attitude that its not such an injustice what they do to us or that the public are helpless to do anything.
If these are actual private companies for hire then that would explain alot of the behavior and mindset of 'the perps'. Comments such as "Shes just a target" make a hell of alot more sense.

But in many cases WERE they hired out in contract by the military or other govt faction? What is disturbing is when cops are involved in the harassment. When authorities like firemen, police and the like present themselves in a campaign as on the side of the attackers then a TI begins to really feel shame and guilt which is an important part of brainwashing. You MUST have done something wrong if 'the good guys' hate you or are stalking and terrorizing you. Even though intellectually you know that is not true over time you internalize it anyway. It takes years to understand that you are right all along.

I dont know how cops or firemen could be in on a campaign if its not state actors involved. Do they work for the private contractor? Or is it some sort of union thing or organized crime traditionally thought to be behind unions especially in the Northeast?

All I know is that this explanation makes alot more sense that a straight connection to state actors or 'extremist groups'.

Also many obvious DOD or Pentagon/military contractors were mentioned by perps involved with my campaign or are where I experienced harassment outright or very severely.
-Cisco Systems:;jsessionid=RJHAYUS44CJZRQE1GHOSKH4ATMY32JVN
And the harassment in Waltham MA was always horrible. This may be due to it being my hometown but it also reeks of Rt 128 and in that area (47 Foundry Lane Waltham MA). 128 has, for years, been a center for computers and technologies.
It would not surprise me if such companies and institutions were currently involved in human experimentation. MIT has a track record in that area. Look at the projects they have been involved in. It shows a great capacity for damage if used for sinister purposes.

Also its not surprising to think that any and all material taken from the experimentation of the 50's-70's was not now quietly continued privately by such companies.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. Lawson's book is bs. Probably he himself was hired or blackmailed into putting this out, to get targets down the wrong path so the guilty parties never get fingered.

As far as it being just extremist groups, well, just look at a lot of the jokes taking part. They clearly aren't smart nor organized enough to know enough about psychology to do any of this by themselves, i.e., the local neighbors heard rumors and decided to drive the person crazy with harassment. It just doesn't add up. There has to be a competent syndicate contracted out that knows exactly what the hell they're doing in order to carry all of this out. From what I've observed, a lot of the people need a reason to be taking part in this, and it has to be either money or fear, or both. Or it could be fear of money, or the money of fear (the money driving the fear iow).

Anonymous said...

I have a story that's similar to yours. And there's been a lot of social engineering. I could start listing the companies involved - all of them defense contractors. Persons directly involved in my harassment over the years? Either connected to institutions/departments directly associated with the kind of harassment we are experiencing or connected to defense contractors. My internet is hacked, but nonetheless it appears that the corporations and *certain universities* are involved.

I used to detail aspects of my harassment in that kind of "autobiographical" mode the perps love so much. I gave away quite a bit but now I'm silent on the rest. I think part of this is their going back and covering their tracks on the things that we do know about.

One can only hope that we get justice one day. If so, a lot of people are going down.