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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today's ridiculous ideations

Today I escaped the city and its heat to come out to near UMASS to go to beach. As I arrived at UMass stop on train when I got off someone seemed very worried and I got a vision of locals children, in terms of how they did what they did during the war and to me for the sake of their children and shouldnt I feel so bad for them or accept my fate or at least understand that they simply did what they did "to protect our children". Something about having to sell out to some system or people way heavy or bigtime. None of this was said as with me its often a flash of a vision and an ideation to explain but there was one simply sentence or word and it was as I recall concerning "the sake of their children".

This has to be the most obnoxious thing to be thrown my way. But then again Boston has been greedy, obnoxious and expecting people to sacrifice for them anyway...they've always been like that.
Also along with that ideation were who's children and was faintly clear that it pertained to local mob like in Southie or cops families.

Tis'nt thaat a shem. (You can add my great grandmother's brogue to the phonetic spelling.)

And I am sure that every one of these posts is supposed to make me look crazier and more discredited. Not with what is coming out now. Obama cant hold the gate closed forever nor can this economy bs and his presidency keep people asleep or diverted forever either.

There WILL be laws concerning the misuse of these technologies or at least when victims disclose they are not toyed with, exploited for enertainement by sadists and 'the mob' of the public nor labeled mentally ill.

Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but if there weren't this corrupt system to worry about, they wouldn't have had to sell out to protect their children. If they are telling the truth, that is. I don't buy a lot of the excuses I hear. Yeah, they were afraid of being targeted. If more people would stand up to the bullies, then the perps in charge would have a heck of a harder time trying to traumatize and control us. Over time, the trend is to identify with the bullies, as this type of conformist finds himself identifying with the aggressor to avoid being picked on. Then comes the admiration and devotion to the aggressor, and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Here we go:

I guess he wasn't connected and/or powerful enough to get away with this. You would never see federal agents going after some of these douchebags who run the harassment campaigns.

And of course, the federal agents "knew" all along, as they probably were tipped off by the very gangstalking system that protects the same type of individuals they were arresting here.

Anonymous said...

Referencing my last reply, I would LOVE to see some of these asshole perps get arrested like this. Probably the neurologist will be recruited into the gangstalking system with a reduced sentence. Maybe he is a perp in training... all he needs are the others to come to his rescue, and he too can have the early warning system these criminals have so he can get away with this next time. I'm sure some insane wickedly rich asshole is behind my campaign.