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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How differering locations use the same tactics over time/a counter move from the system

Just last night I posted something about my old friend and associate who I also worked with off and on. I wrote that possibly as the perps did home entries in my apartment in 335 Washington years ago, they may have found an audio journal, then I used a small tape recorder as I was very behind the times on tech, and some genuise may have thought that I was going to use this against her. I wasnt of her but something else.
In last night's post I basically laid it out that if I that was my aim it would have been pulled off and I wouldnt have left a tape laying around like an idiot.

Two things occurred today that are not only obvious counters from the gs system but are very typical of the gs style in the Boston/Cambridge area since I had began experiencing being overtly aware as well as being informed its a system called organized stalking and harassment.
All TI's know by now if they get the full treatment that this consists of 3 main parts:
-in person human forces performing various parts of psychological warfare
-chemical warfare
-what seems to be the use of technologies documented to exist and supposedly used only by military psy ops forces in situations like 'peaceful conflict resolution' overseas...not domestically, to remotely influence the target or torture them with physical sensation, or to damage body tissue to ruin thier health
-use of human forces in a psychic warfare or influence capacity (believe it or not it does occur)

Every city has its methodology of using tactics. Each region of the USA seems to have differing styles.

What I experienced this morning was possibly more directed conversation. I am residing beside a bridge and this has been occuring infrequently as of the last two days. I caught two kids looking down at our squat before placing themselves on the bridge strategically to make loud conversation very early in the morning to wake us up. I was already awake so caught them in the act. It could have been that they were checking out the squat and then stopped randomly to coverse but after many years as a Target one can sense the difference between random happenstance the way life SHOULD occur and this orchestrated, premeditated reality. And one can tell the difference between a performance and real life/honest actions.

This morning I woke heard these two young white males conversing. It went like this:
"How can you make a mistake? You're considered a threat, they'll blow you away..." Ididnt hear what he was responding to from person #2 and after I heard that, I had heard enough and moved away from earshot. The beauty of long time targeting is that you learn to readjust yourself so that you the Target have power over your personal space and are not dead on or easy to shoot straight at so to speak, by the perps. I couldnt hear a word after that.

I then missed a bus, got on a train and went to a nearby square. Just as I walked across the street and on my way to tend to some affairs, I saw a woman that looked exactly like my old friend that I wrote about in that post last night.

Now this would have been more shocking or disturbing had I not recalled that these two events are typical for this area. This is the same sh*t that they have been pulling all along here. Directed conversation is used in some areas more than others. Phoenix AZ is very big on directed conversation but it tends to be much more overt and aggressive towards the TI also larger numbers are used for perp groups and its often done on buses. Boston tends to us a small team of perps for this and it can occur anywhere.

This particular friend was always tipped off to many things that she shouldnt have had knowledge of to help protect her business. She also tried to warn me during the heavy harassment beginning. She also was in a hell of a hurry during 2003 or so to get a new house and get the hell out of the city. This woman had the kind of connections where she could have the nicest house in the crappiest neighborhood and no one would dare touch her.
She tried to tip me off once by stating "I havent been in the city for the last year. I dont go into the city anymore". She was trying to clue me in that something was going down and it was time to move somewhere else. Of course for me this would have made no difference in being targeted.

So in all my visits to my hometown I have never seen her or anyone who looks like her in years. Its very odd that I would see her just as I posted that last night.
There are a few explainations for this from what I know of years of being targeted:
-it wasnt her but a very good lookalike which I have seen this system pull off a few times before. This is also a typical tactic utilized in certain New England states and in Buffalo NY. It was always used in psychological warfare representing people close to me that betrayed me or sold me out.
-it was her and she was doing this of her own Will to continue to help this system protect her and attain the goal of keeping me down.
-it was her and she is was not there of her own Will and aware of the campaign. She may have been prompted by suggestion to show up there at this particular time.
Outlandish as that seems, many TI's have seen just what this system is capable of with remote influence.

She had her glasses on which she never used to wear and so its not that she couldnt see and missed me. On the other hand she always had a habit of missing stuff around her. But then again being forgetful, messy and oblivious was always purposefully utilized by her to cloak her high intelligence and criminal career.

She was standing on the curb to my left waiting to cross. After I spotted her I walked quickly into a store to watch her from there to see if it could be her or someone that looks very similar.

She was as fat as I remember and she still dressed like the WASPy girl, hair well kept, a neat appearance but understated. The odd thing is that she didnt have anyone with her. I cannot recall her ever going anywhere by herself ,ever. She usually has someone with her. As well as going into Cambridge for a coffee makes no sense. It was never her stomping grounds and she had a tendency to be a creature of habit. I also cant imagine her living in Cambridge. In areas like that 'they' usually harassed her like this one place she had in Brookline. I asked about the car parked down the street way to long. She stated while she slightly rolled her eyes "They want me out of Brookline".
Whats interesting is that she responded to this system's cues as well as understood what 'they' were doing. With my situation 'they' never ceased and desisted anywhere I would move to so its pointless to hail thier warnings or cues in my case.

She obviously pays off the police but she also would claim that her father did work for the CIA while working for Hershey chocolate company. She was very suspect about his getting Alzheimer's by the age of 40. I would be too. Her mother had her come back home from being a runaway to take care of him. Do all these conditions sound familiar? She sounds targeted as hell but she lives with it and has a business that affords her freedom and protection. She's a total slave to it however. So I often wonder who 'they' her situation and mine.
I came to her apartment once where I where I first got to know her and she want home yet but some very suspect guy was messing with the phone lines and back then phone line boxes were fairly visible. It just didnt seem like a guy that worked for the phone company legitimately. He also got nervous and hurried up to leave as I watched him and wondered what he was doing exactly.

So I wonder just how far she will go in accordance with this system to help them keep me down and silent and if its not Willful on her part, how mind controlled is she?

The Boston area has one of the best in stealth and craftsmanship for gang stalking. Thier capabilities at timing are incredible as well as stealth, very genuine psychics that I have not experienced anywhere else.
It reflects just how much of a concentration of money and power is here in this area.

It was hard to deal with seeing her and not being able to talk to her, to connect to my old life I was abducted from basically.
But just seeing her or a very good impression of her, made me feel connected to my old life and revisit what I had and what I could of and should of been able to achieve had this system not destroyed me.

Something keeps telling me its very important to write this book and get the whole story out. I find that kind of useless as there are obviously people who know the whole story-the ones in on it. Why should I be tortured and destroyed so that I can inform people of what is already known by those that perpetrate it? The whole thing is just another game of playing with people's lives.

So for anyone who still thinks that a system of sophisticated psychological warfare is not possible and that those that make claims are mentally ill or seeking attention I ask you this: Why would it manifest itself as the same tactics and styles only tied to certain areas as in specific regions/cities?

I was told to my face by a handler that turned sympathetic after hearing my side of the story, that this system is meant to "keep (me) down". How much more sure of reality could I be?

You have no idea what its like to have your psych ripped out of you and to be torn from the people you are most familiar with.

The system will lead one to believe that this needed to be done to give you a 'second chance' in life or to reform you with behavior modification, as you needed to "evolve" or "grow only very conditionally" or that its part of a process becuz "You deserve to have a good life". These f*ckers actually want the TI and anyone else gullible to believe that crushing someone with such extreme control is in thier best interest. THEY know that its sadistic abuse as well as ritual murder of a human being.


  1. It's probably just a very very good lookalike. The System does pull crap like that all the time, even way out in boondocks areas around here. Like when I visited State College, I saw a whole bunch of people from my past, just "showing up". And it was a surprise visit, too. It was 2 1/2 hours away from my house, so there is no way they could've made a 3-4 hour trip from where they now live to be there in my former town. Yes, the lookalikes are good, and they even dress and act like the real deal, too. They probably also have real similar hairstyles and possibly even smell the same. They are that good at this kind of stuff, and they do it constantly.

    Mostly, they like to do "combinations", or lookalikes who look like the bastard son or daughter of a number of people combined together, as though they were a number of people morphed into another person with a computer program.

    The fact that she was alone and acting differently than usual is the tip-off. Could have been cued to be there, though, so you never know.

  2. They seem to be all about that, to make TI's lose control and just go all crazy, attacking somebody. In fact, a cop of all people "suggested" that this one guy was smirking, so I should go attack him and ask him what the fuck his problem is. Interesting.

    Also, perps seem to have this lack of intelligence and creativity that runs so deep, that every waking moment consists of living in fear of being exposed, and stealing ideas from the TI so they can be thrown back at him in ways that provokes and irritates him.

    Yeah, fear of exposure and lack of creativity. These surveillance tactics are nothing more than cheating off the smart person in class to get ahead, and then trying varying bullying tactics on top of that to make sure the cheater doesn't get caught. That's what that is: think of the surveillance as the cheater who is a troublemaker looking off of someone's test. They clearly can't come up with an original idea if it bit them in the ass. And of course, the "bit" would be their tiny penises, so afraid of being exposed. You have to wonder why they are so afraid of being exposed.

    Since I have all these secrets to hide, one with a brain would have to question why I'm always out in the open going for walks and going places, unafraid of being arrested. Hmmm, I wonder what that is. Could it be that I have nothing to hide, and that I have no criminal record? Can't say the same for our creativity lacking, ashamed of exposure (because of tiny penises) perps.

    Ok, so then I get spammed by perps, telling me that theirs is bigger than mine. Uh huh, sure, now if only they can come out of the closet and expose themselves and prove it. Oh right, they ain't man enough to do that, to come out of the closet and declare their love for pedos, freaks, drug lords, and corrupt organized crime money hordes. Interesting that the gay theme is used so much by perps. One high level perp was all over me with the homosexual insults. Well, that perp belongs in the "I love myself and others with something to hide else I wouldn't be a perp" club, so it's only natural they go to exclusive perp clubs and "mingle" with each other. And you know, do other things, like talk about "so you're afraid of exposure too, huh? Wanna stick your tiny pedo dick up my butt? That drug lord over there loves tiny afraid of exposure dicks, too".

    Yeah, they got me all pissed off with their "all eyes on one individual". There must be a well-hidden perp behind this, with access to all kinds of newspapers and news sites, like I get perped all the time in the Well, I can't blame them, as journalists are afraid of getting targeted too, as well as photographers.

    Come on out perps, show us your tiny dirty dicks! You're going to prison one day anyways. I guess some of them get their asses kicked in daily life, and now have all kinds of access, so they maintain their position in their "treehouse", so they can surveillance innocent victims and attack from their hidden position.

  3. A lot of what we hear in directed conversations is pure bullshit; a lot of times it seems like extreme crap just made up to deliver a nice traumatizing blow to the mind. Of course, they do mix this in with actual truth (gained from their intel system) to make it all seem legit. For example, taking the "you're considered a threat" (which is truth) combined with scare tactic bullshit ("they'll blow you away"). A lot of times, the system is very cocky. They think they can just get rid of anybody they like, and of course, there are so many of these people crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches, that it's impossible to get away with.

    Of course, then there are the smirking goons, and the cocky harassers safe in their little cars doing all kinds of hand gestures, and/or just looking so very cocky and self-confident, like "they" (there's the "they" again) are winning. It's always about "them" and "they" and what "we are going to do". Like they really know what's going on. That's why it's good to take control of these arrogant ********** by doing what you did there, recognizing the threat and moving away from the idiots.

    We control our own destiny. The system does all kinds of shit like this, like have idiots say stuff like "oh they will definitely succeed in killing you off or keeping you down". Part of the reason is just the system really is that arrogant, and secondly, it is a deflating tactic to take the fight out of you, so they wind up self-fulling themselves.

    As far as the tactics and the people doing them, well, they really believe they are making some sort of impact. It's just part of the cowardice in extreme measures, and the perps' very aggressively stupid hatred towards us.

    Being targeted is pure arrogance on their part, too, as the fact we are even targets of psychological warfare is bs in the first place. No one declared war on us --- it's another Vietnam: using "executive order" to marshal out this stupid "war" against us.

  4. Yeah, targets do report situations where perps resemble an old girlfriend, or family member, or some celebrity. Usually after the target contacts someone, then the perps go out there looking like that someone. One thing I know for sure is that gangstalkers, community harrassers, or whatever you want to call them genuinely do not have the capability to be people that are worthy of any respect. If a gangstalker was killed, raped, robbed, attacked by someone, I would feel no sorrow at all, and be glad that such misfortune came their way. These perps need to be eliminated, if only there were more serial killers that targeted gangstalkers and knew how to not get caught, what a better world we would be living in. would you agree?