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Friday, July 9, 2010

"Sept 11th killed the 'me generation'" according to the Masons
``September 11 was a real shaking point," said Johnson, who lives in New York and flies to Boston for monthly meetings. ``That event killed the `me generation' and you had this feeling that you need your friends, you need your family, you need your community, you couldn't do it all alone."
There are things you wouldn't believe killing off independence, privacy and individuality, like the use of mass mind control and psychological warfare.
If you are still insistent in being a private individual and you dont have the money to buy that there is a system out there that will harass you into being social if not internet savvy.

Link the two comments: our consultant at the Pentagon stating that "Disconnection is danger" which is applied to individuals (many people acting out against the system whether rightly or not are seen as "lone extremist" or "isolated extremist" gee what isolates them so? Gang stalking possibly? ). Then we have this statement, that "9-11 killed off the 'me generation'." It sounds like our govt and security people are nervous about disconnection yet there are things happening to force people supposedly into connecting. I say the whole thing is on purpose to create a NWO or a type of communist social climate but with Capitalist rewards. Having a spy culture is fun for the whole family I guess. And by the way, some of us have families that it was in our best interest to do it without them.

People in Gen X werent the 'me' generation. It was kind of the 'us' generation. But as usual we get that skipped over were a threat. And we didnt do things by ourselves we just rejected the system that our parents raised us to reject then sold out to the minute AIDS came out, sobriety came in and Reagan took office- either that or they switched to strictly cocaine use. We knew fighting it didnt work and it had been done that way as much as it could be. We were attacking the very heart of the system- the brainwashing of media. So they shut us down and took the media back and created a bigger wall than the last one, one that will probably never come down.

9-11 may have actually fooled a number of people in this country or they are so spineless that that is all it takes to get them scared enough to do whatever the corrupt system demands of them including silence.

I dont trust the Masons for sh*t and less than that I dont trust anyone of this description who is recruiting people in such a manner. There is something very wrong with that. The logical thing would be to start something new or reinvent oneself. And why do the Masons need numbers anyway? If they are so passive and benign? I also dont trust this age group and I find it interesting thats who they are targeting.
As usual when they say something its inverse. Saying that you are pitching to 9-11 terror kids and making that sound positive is so typical. Its like they know these kids are ripe for wanting to belong to something so lets get them. Any group that recruits is suspect. Why wouldn't you just have a fellow Mason recommend you? That is like selective recruiting.

Something is off here.

And people arent feeling they 'need thier friends need thier families, need thier communities' they are being coerced with fear to join groups, gangs, lodges obviously, the armed forces, corporations, community watch, or some other 'umbrella' in which to be under. People had connections to these things before. People werent doing it all alone. What kind of statement is that? That is such a typical subtle manipulative statement.

People like me were forced out of thier lives and into being social and internet connected against our Will. I now socialize with travelers, squatters and home bums and truckers. These are not people I would have socialized with by choice. Nor did I want to be internet savvy or connected. I was destroyed just so the system could have some satisfaction in saying it 'tamed' me or socialized me. They also destroyed an artist with potential as well as a human beings health.
And they used 9-11 paranoia to attack an eccentric loner who was NOT a loner before she was prepped for heavy targeting by people moving away from her who would not have been so eccentric if she did not have to provide coping skills to stay alive while being gang stalked and abandoned as well as stonewalled by people she asked for help.

These people are celebrating a time in this country where a spy culture has allowed ORGANIZED CRIME to do whatever it likes via its connections to official authorities, whom by now are beyond reproach and perceived as not corrupt.

9-11 provided the country with the opportunity to create a police state and validate big pharma's existence if not psychiatry via Gitmo torture camps and the weeding out of individuals that were inconvenient. If not then they were put on a list so then they are officially part of a group of people to watch for.

I have met some perps who actually were wearing clothes advertising the Masons. Like ski hats and the like. When they opened thier mouths they words to parrot but had no real idea of what the hell they were engaging in.

And I love bringing up ideal of Enlightenment and the Revolution. If you havent noticed, most of that colonial stuff that represented this area being connected to the revolution has been removed and replaced with soulless corporate crap. Only places like Lexington, Arlington or Concord have the money to refuse to lose thier historical look and feel of buildings, statues etc. Nothing Native American, Nautical, or Revolutionary remains in the Metro Boston area besides some statues and old buildings. You can feel this place like every other city has had its heart ripped out in a massive ritual sacrifice of cities across the USA to 'connect' everything into a global order by replacing thier distinct character with soulless corporate crap and YUPpie militancy. The only things that save Boston from total obliteration into YUPpie hell is whatever is here than can support itself against the corporate culture agenda like the colleges, and strong ethnic identifications.

This era is only Enlightening in that its a return of everything that sucks about humans enslaving or exploiting other humans but there is a great brainwash system to somehow anesthetize people to that reality.

And listen to this naive kid:
``We never had to endure hunger or a Great Depression or disease or anything like that so we're comfortable with life materially," said Robert Bolcone, of Gloucester, a 23-year-old student at Harvard Medical School who joined last year. ``I think my generation is searching for something more, something greater,"
Your searching for a world like the one that used to be human. Phone calls were private and music was shared. People didnt find God every time they picked up a new gadget that fit in the palm of thier hand. The price of everything was not so high that no one could afford to live. And you werent shoved in front of the Big Pharma agents when you didnt fit in or survived trauma. What you are looking for is NOT in a lodge, its called humanity and you of all generations have been cheated like no other.
Our generation was just starting to show some success at getting away from brainwashing and social control. People were taking charge of thier own lives away from the System; many Gen X parents decided they had enough of the TV and wouldnt let thier kids watch it before they felt they were mentally ready.
With all went down now its impossible to get free as its the way now to shove a kid in front of a computer in infancy. Forget about tv cuz they put them up everywhere now like super markets and gas pumps.
What you are looking for is right in front of you. You are being prevented from seeing it due to being brainwashed into blindness. The fact that people STOPPED questioning the tools of social control within the system is a bright red flag and no one can now afford the TIME to question it nor can they afford to appear rebellious in an climate of paranoia about dangerous mentally ill lone shooters and suicide bombers.
Dont worry child. Big pharma and the oppressive system, with the safety of corporate sameness, will protect you from all the uncertainty we have created...oops I mean that is out there today from those random events.
To quote Gen X our most impressive statement yet:

'Well, Duuh.'

``They see their fate as intertwined with the fate of others in a way the generation before them did not," he said. ``The generation before them believed that if you earned enough money you could insulate yourself from the fears of society. . . . This generation is much more likely to seek out community."
This is total bs. First of all its always true that if you earn enough money you're untouchable. And what are they talking about, Gen Y or X? I think all of the prior generations felt that they could attain walls against the unpleasantness of the outside world through building those walls with a family or money. How are the Masons going to protect anyone from "the fears of society?" Once again its the era of getting these kids into group think and cult mind control just by scaring them or medicating them into herding.
Also what they dont tell you is being raised in daycare centers made them group minded as well most likely.

The 80's made America greedy and then in the 90's big pharma really started to control people with bs diagnoses so that was something to run from with legitimacy or getting into an alternative lifestyle. Then things became so expensive that one had to work harder probably around early or mid 90's.
Everyone seeks out community in one form or another. What they are inferring is a large gang or group not community. Its creepy is all I can see.

And of course at the end is the true reward for joining:
"Stone, the rock 'n' roller, offered a less idealistic reason for joining, as old as any other. This fall he hopes to open a bar in Malden. ``It never hurts to network," he said. ``It could be good for business."
Rock on dude man.
By the way 'rock and roll' as you coin it this is an ancient concept as well. Its primitive fight. And 'rock and roll' is basically dead in this society but anyone can express its essence by being stubborn enough to stand by what you believe in. Rock and Roll is war music. Its militancy. Today they want this human urge tamed if not medicated. 'rock and roll' is something that is in you not a club or a lodge or a vocation. I have seen some of these kids from Berkelee gotta get your balls out. You cant be afraid of terror or 9-11 or any of this sh*t. And that goes for any time in history.

And we are all searching for something larger than ourselves. The problem is that in this era they have engineered it on purpose so that that goal is unattainable. Everyone in thier 20's is searching for something.

Join a lodge if that is your free Will but make sure it is your Will and if they get weird with any kind of gang stalking activity or targeting people or anything out of line even if it is for someone's own good or the good of the community don't do it. It's as sinister a plot as creating the conditions for you to be this freaked out to join the Masons to begin with.
And I must be cautious to NOT accidentally join the conspiracy club myself. To be fair I am sure that many of the lodges are benign or even provide help to the community in some way. But if it goes further than males finding comfort in comradely or enjoying being part of something greater, when it interferes with justice, truth and the law then it is something that may Do Harm.
I also just dont like the lack of discernment in recruiting in this manner but if that is what modern lodges want to do, then ?..

Personally I have experienced a covert operation in the USA to purposely destroy the 'ME' generation's attitudes..which might not be so bad if it wasnt also destroying 'MY' right to privacy, sanity, and my birthright to everything that IS mine within ME, and as an American, my right to use those things to make my life fulfilling. Keeping me down so that some sort of weird metaphysical or psychological communism can become the norm is not only bizarre but very wrong.

I have actually experienced via subliminal messages a campaign in many cities to bring up some groups that are percieved as underpriveledged in order to better the world, or a false feeling of goodness concerning me being targeted so that others may be brought up in the world instead of myself. This might be a good idea if it werent done so sneakily and for it to be done so sneaky one has to wonder why it must be done covertly. Also changing people's attitudes is one thing but validating abusing people as well as keeping them from medical care and basic necessities is NOT evolving humanity. Once again the fundamental cult mind control tactics are being used to try to enslave a population and its being done in a way that interferes directly with the human WillPower.
This time they have gone too far. Now I understand the full scope of Bush's mad speech concerning the NWO. "..and we WILL be successful". Its hard to NOT succeed when you are using tech like this as well as other forms of cult mind control like gang stalking.

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