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Friday, July 23, 2010

gang stalking forces one into dependency and caretaking

Got perped the other day on the bus by some skinny young college age rich white boys.Very overt. One kid was thrilled afterwards becuz due to it being so overt I told them off in a way that went for thier weaknesses as I am very good at this. The kid with the glasses, beard and dark hair ignored me like a pro. The blonde kid was bright eyed afterwards and leaned into the bearded kid with a smile, looked like he was saying how great that was or to get me to react.

Last night I told this squatter kid who watches out for me that I pay my boyfriends phone and bus pass every month even though he's in another state.

He said "Yer too nice baby, too nice". He's not a jerk at all like the other kid I hang out with and someone giving CRITIQUE not criticism was nice and it had an effect too. It made me think, and realize that I am 'nice' out of desperation and not having any real support. I am too nice becuz I am targeted into being too nice. I was forced into it by my circumstances.

I dont have a choice but to act this way. The gs system will make you feel so badly that you let others walk on you still, even though you should have wised up at this age. That is one of the reasons they come after you when you try to gain true self respect and want to become independent. 

It helps keep you an enslaved child.

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