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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TI's fighting circumstances that are easy for others

When someone has been tortured and beaten down as a target has, its very difficult to behave normally or fight usual daily battles or social circumstances as most people do.
The target has essentially been trained to NOT react to things to become very non aggressive. But due to the way it was done, the person no longer has normal skills to fight off normal preditors that they would like normal people do.

The reason that the TI is conditioned over time by torture to behave this way is to ensure that the system never has consequences for what they did to the person. Many people like myself have anger issues or issues with acting out or striking out as we have been harassed all our lives on a low level without realizing what it was. For years I have been harassed by 'rude' people on a daily basis especially Boston and RI. I have also been constantly controlled, lied to, and kept down but it never went full scale until around my early thirties when I started questioning and then remembering-then suicide programming was activated.
Over a llfetime this gives the targeted survivor a rep for being a hot head and flying off the handle- making them appear what nowadays would be considered 'mentally ill' but just 20 years ago would be considered a person with emotional problems, trauma or probelems at home. Its very dangerous how society is accepting big pharma and psychiatry creeping up from behind and labeling anything trauma related as 'mentally ill'. Its ridiculous and its for social control and to cover for corruption. Its amazing how society wants zero tolerance for acting out but we are not allowed to demand zero tolerance pertainig their thier waste and corruption- we just had an administration that we should not have tolerated but this is the very meaning of the oppresssion we are fighting: a brainwash through trauma based mind control to get society to comply with what is obviously grossly unjust.

A targeted person who is realizes they were programmed usually knows no peace. Over time the abuse as well as the harsh judging of the person makes them harmless and nuetralized so they can no longer be angry about what was done to destro thier lives. But just like in the very accurate A Clockwork Orange, the person is now totally unable to defend themselves from normal life's threats. Or if they do it stresses out thier system and does more damage to thier adrenals, their memory etc. The person is left with a body and mind that can no longer respond to threats in a normal manner and if they do it may damage thier health. This makes them seemingly peaceful people but its murder really.

When I have someone mistreat me rudely in public I now react with such a surge of adrenaline that it does damage. Also with my condition induced from going into anaphylaxis taking that Bactrim pill, it starts to cause a bit of a reaction. The doc warned me about becoming fighting mad kind of angry- but after being gang stalked for years and having to learn control, every time I am threatened I get THAT much adrenaline. I also start to shake. Its very unhealthy you can see it in the way I look when just a small thing is thrown at me. I turn white as a sheet and shake and do my best to use my mind calmly while at the same time tryhing to supress the reaction so I dont get go into anaphylaxis or an asthma attack or whatever that is.

The system probably convices people that the person needs to learn to control thier temper, they are dangerous or too aggressive. WHat people dont know is the person is living under duress constantly as well as having had a life of being traumatized to keep them under control and eventually lead them to suicide.

The gang stalking system forces the person to stifle all this and eventually hopes to liberate all that energy from the person, like vampirism, by squeezing the life force out of them, by making them so angry yet stifled that they burn off an entire lifetime's worth of energy. Illuminate, eliminate.
Then you are left with the perfect lobotomy patient. No longer a threat to the system or to thier enemies. Of course the person deserved to be angry but the system does not want to pay for its crimes or be exposed. Nor do they seem to want the victim to have any energy at all left to live a good life or built something for themselves.

Its all about THEM remember and what they need and want. Slaves are not supposed to have rights or be able to be angry with thier oppressors.

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Mike C said...

What I found is that when a gangstalker attacks with harrassment if it be personal space invasion, or NLC (nuero linguistic programing, or NVC (non verbal communication), self centered rudeness, or most other forms; Burping, farting, blowing them kisses, even waving to them as if there was something greasy on my fingers often gets THEIR levels of adrenaline pumped. It is quite funny, and it is laughable watching their reaction. Sometimes they pretend it dont bother them but if you look close you will see it really pisses them off, as ME goes happily on MY way. Sometimes practicing your right to free speech can help too, I personally like to publicly state my opinions on issues that are often insult, and not received very well by the masses. I learned that from seeing someone else in public who stated someone told her that two male politicians in the area were having anal sex together, and she said it so people around her can hear while actually naming the individuals. Another time I seen this pissed off lady arguing with some other lady, and she yelled that she dont care about the victims of 911, and that she forgot 911 soon after it happen, and then said too bad more a-holes like the person she was talking to should have perished with 'em. That situation caught my attention, but more so was the reaction from the surrounding people, most scoldingly looking at her for unloading like that, as some nodded in agreement. So as they started to move in on her (probably to make a big deal about it), I told them to mind their own business and she has the right to say and think that about you a-holes. yeah ya got to make the best of it. I learned to have fun with the whole situation, if you can just teach yourself to find it funny it really does become that, funny by of course making fools out of the gangstalkers.