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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is, how all of these people can get off on harassing the target, knowing so many large numbers of sheeple are doing the same. Isn't taking part in such stone-throwing like admitting you're weak? And they still feel powerful doing this? I don't comprehend this. If you're one of many clones throwing rocks at one victim all day every day, how is it that each stone thrower feels so powerful and important?

Anonymous said...

They've put a lot of programmed-in aversions to certain things. Like for example, anchoring things I am afraid of to everything tools I have to use in my line of work. That sort of thing. Given that, it seems they are working on getting my original personality to implode and collapse in on itself. Also, it's true in my case, I've developed a perp-like reflex to people who aren't involved in this, although it does appear to me that the public at large is programmed. So in a sense, my perp-like reflex reactions to people belonging to a particular demographic is justified.