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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Central Sq Cambridge MA harassment, stalking

Central Sq is again starting overt harassment. I was fine when I was just a squatter and a travler but since last nights past I am getting the full treatment as I recall. Cab drivers, civilians on foot, police vehicles.

It started mildly last night after that post.

Today I got a drive by 'warning' which is typical in this area for harassment or as a counter to it as it may be due to old connections or family connections trying to assist. OR it may just be more conditioning which I dont like either.The van that did so this morning had a glaring single bumber sticker praising Duval Patrick, Obama's boy who is govenor here now. It could have been random but what wanst random was me just 10 minutes ago sitting in Central Sq on a bench. I should have been tipped off as it was a largely African male operation this time. A cab driver who was staring yesterday stood right to my left from the bench against the wall, there is plenty of other space to do that. When he tried to attract my attention I ignored him and he then asked if I needed a cab. I had earphones in made it easier. He then looked over at two Afircan men who were sticking out of the 7-11 one of which worked behind the counter as I had just gone in 10 min before. The cabby put his hands up as if to say "I am having no luck with this" towards the two African men.

The went back inside I thought it was over. I should have left as a white male next to me got up and left probably sensing something was up. But I wont be intimidated out of my city by these people espeically NOT men.

I thought it was over but I should have paid attention to the vibe which was increasing not gone away. There is an energy to gang stalking and its vaguely like being touched by someone without them touching you physically. Like being stalked, becuz thats what it is.
Then a cabby was to my right on the street. Cab number 172 from UTS cab, Cambridge. African male older. A latino looking male with dark glasses and earphones who was heavyset, with a black t-shirt that said "Rockers" on the front in faint blue letters, stood on the wall to my left just as the cabby had a while beforehand. I knew there was something wrong with his presence but when it gets to this stage me as a TI, I am usually paralyzed. Like I cant get out of it. As if a snake has bitten me and I cant move away from the siuation. Slowly the target becomes closed in by the perps and this energy that in the end becomes very sexual as if a rape is occuring. You definately feel very uncomfortable and intimidated.
Since I have dealt with this for years as well as the use of very destructive tech (is what is seems like via the descriptions of what documented weapons can do) or whatever sysetm they have here in Boston its effective. I usually cant get out even thought I know subconshusly very close to the surface that its a perp or its going to turn more aggressive, I cant conshusly get out of it. that is becuz its not NORMAL for anyone to have to deal with this camapbin anyway. If I lived hypervigilante all the time I would be mentally insane. And you never know when its going to happen. The only way to stop being victimized by this particular system is to fear it and become a different person to avoid it. Which is why they do it for behavior modification. SO either way the TI loses as they cant espcape the attacks and if they did stop getting attacked its becuz they became silenced or changed the reality of who they are. Niether of these is accpetable.

The Latin looking kid on my left, omce he showed up hte cabby to my right waved at him as if he knew him, but it didnt quite register firstly becuz I was probalby relieved that the other cabby left and this one hadnt done anything yet. Also it was very clever putting rock and roll or musical content type shirt he was wearing which of course would make me immediately comfortable with his presense. Its obvious by my Youtube accoung and anyone who knows my past that I was dating a musician and grew up partially around artists as a child.
This is proably why it didnt register he was a threat. This is one of the greatest things for the perps is that you are a mind contorl victim and can be terrorized or captured so easilty due to being a survivor of mind contorl and now terrorism.

The Latin guy to my left just sat there staring and I could see him behind me in teh reflection of my computer screen which they knew I would use as I used it to see the last cabby who stood there and asked me if I need a ride, due to after ignorin him I turned to face the other way to not allow him to intimidate me any further.

I felt intimidated and it became more obvious that it was a perp. Just then the black male African cabby on my right who had waved to him upon arrival then stared right into my eyes. HIs window was open. I tried to ignore this but I could see the Latin guy on my left in the computer screen and the guy on my right couldnt be avoided. I became very nervous and uncomfortable. One of the reasons that a TI cant ignore this is that its not normal. There is something about the energy of certain perps that when focused on a target its ovcious. Now recall that the usual in this area is always to focus on my vulnerability as a female, from a bad family that abuses and doesnt protect for two generations of women, as well as involvement in the adult entertainment industry. And its been focused on with foot soldiers as well as tech through torture and suggestion to get me BACK into the business. This area has focused heavily on using sex as intimidation and at times wiht more severe attacks, to get me used to being a submissive, which makes sense if you are trying to drive someone back into the sex industry.

(Also the campaign to get me comfortable with black men has been for many years across the USA, especilly in certain states. In So Cal there was strong ideation and not alot of gang stalkig within downtown SD. One of the ideations I frequently encountered was pertaining to African Americans, having to get along or to sacrifice my liberties as well as right to life or focus on myself to help move blacks up into the social system. Something about making the world fair for everyone ane they need our help and all this crap. I fought it and raged on that and that ideation not only ceased but someone, somewhere was very VERy UPSET that I not only balked that but that I had the Will to do so and that I was unpredictable.

Recall what Mary Holiday said years ago upon me arriving in her home to get off the road in MI near Port Heron. "Well at least if you stay with me, you wont be being chased around the country by a bunch of (n-word)".
And that comment dropped out of nowhere in ABQ New Mexico by that Rockabilly kid. "See. blacks think that (you) Italians are thier own race".

Anyway, I could not move and finally had enough. Most of this shit is done so that I will react and look crazy in public or dangerous or difficult or a racist or a man hater. And if I DONT react I will have succumbed to THIER Will which would be me starting to give in to trend [and brainwashning and harassment of the entire country] and go either with a black man or at least if they can get me back into the business where I will no longer be protected by a WASPy female type but probably sold off by blacks or wont have so much Will power at all. They want to break me down so that outside brainwashing then replaces what internal programming had once done. They figure if they harass me enough, treat me like a piece of shit and sexualize that I will be ready to be reborn into a new life of sex work where this time there is NO danger of me trying to get out.
The message is that not only does society reject me and treat me like a nothing, but the perps make you internalize that so that you can be easily worked again. And if the only stimulation or company you get is their abuse and sexualizing intimidation, they figure you'll give up after a while and become thier b*tch.
Boston is hard due to people jugding my possible vulnerability on my past as well as teh past of certain sex worker family members who, unfortunately for me, let black a black female pimp them.
I do much better in other parts of the country where the idea of this more disgusting to whites even if they gang stalking me anyway for whatever thier reasons.)

Note that the cabby closed his window at one point while still staring and being intimidating. This is important as its used very frequently with me as a f*ck off. The meaning I always get out of it is 'you are excluded, you are shut out. I or we all shut the door on you'. This works very well considering I have been shut out of my old social scene as well as shut off from my intimates and family, my old apartment etc. Its been used in the past sparingly but it works when it is used. I know what they are up to however so it takes the power away from it.

I finally went up to the cab and asked if he had a problem. As usual he plyed into it. And I told him not to stare at women in public like that. He dismissed me as of course this is all part of the mind game.

It continued until the cabby got some business and he did NOT take customers. I then asked the Latino guy if he was waiting for someone and he nodded slightly yes.

When the 'spell' was broken due to the cabby being interuppted by customers the Latino guy after afew minutes, walked off quickly. I caught sight of him walking towards Boston direction. SO what happened to waiting for someone?

Also the cabby would not pick anyone up until a bunch of very ethnically dressed African males came by and then he took the fair. Towards the end of this he kept looking at me in the sickest way, like I had little value as well as no one was going to believe me and most of all, this amusement, this power tripping he had. No one is going to catch him and he has all the power. He was a shady sketchy kind of guy anyway and you could tell that looking in to his eyes outside of what was going on tactically.

His eyes changed to friendly and sociable when he had his countrymen in the car.

These may seem like situations that are easy to get out of or that these people are just jerks who play games with someone they know is targeted, but no matter what thier motives its connected to a very sophisticated psychological warfare campaign that includes the use of tech for torture as well as in order to get the TI this sensitized, the system would have had to do alot more direct and aggressive things to the person for THIS kind of thing to have effect. Most damning as evidence is in the beginning when strangers attack the TI in large numbers and know details about the person that they should not know, that can only be accessed through an intelligence agency from a faction that has alot of money. Maybe govt or maybe private contractos.

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