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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Finishing this blog perhaps

Yes the vid is old. But if I wasnt so isolated suffering long term damage from that mold exposure I might still be good at researching some new stuff. I also dont talk to many people who have access to what is going on in the world. Thanks to BU kicking out the poor from using thier computer systems basically in thier library with a soft approach to 'fuck you, get out' (Jeannette support THAT but you cant support a REAL activist? I guess 'coffee table' books about reality protect clients and abuse and corruption moreso than expose them to the public. How typically Boston.)
I dont get to mingle and talk with students anymore to get the latest on what is going on in the world, something I used to enjoy thoroughly and use alot in my activism.
There is no place for the intelligent poor in Boston.
Or in the country its a threat now with all the crap they are pullling.

Right after I posted those two vids my aircard went orange. I am in a major metro area. This is nothing more than overt harassment. Of course to anyone who hasnt been threatened for years overtly it seems like happenstance. Believe me its not. But as long as non targets have doubt...the gang stalking system is safe from exposure or consequences.
With what I wrote its probably the local cops or authorities in this case. They are all pretty arrogant here and with so much money and power concentrated in this area, the authorities have been bathing in 9-11 glory and resources and still serving thier masters in organized crime, old money and the sound institutions here. Someone like me is just a laugh to them.
That interruption in service was a warning: shut up.

I am kinda done with that now. Its over. I am dead tired and my memory will be so bad soon functioning is going to be impossible. Its time for the suicide mission's final stretch.
To deliver the info to its final destination.
And whoever reads it can have it and use it. Whoever wants to keep insulated from it and keep being petty laughing at me for cover story bs can go on with thier lives thinking I dont matter or they are better than me.

I am not stupid. I know that authorities are playing a game that appears like they are leaning on the poor kid who will break before the rich kids. Or that its a new form of interrigation and this is ALL about my old associates.

I KNOW that is total bullshit. If my mother is a documented survivior of human radiation experimentation, MK Ultra being a related project, and records were destroyed so that people have no clear idea the scope of these projects as well as sub projects, then one can deduce the way I have been handled is more about MK Ultra than it is busting a bunch of people that they could have busted already. Its such bullshit.

In St Loius I had people keep shoving in my face this newspaper which had a story written by a retired cop, perhaps a seargent I forget. But it was a warning about "new interigation methods" being used unethically.. alot of it appeared to be helpful to a targeted person who was being gang stalked. But it was so...placed there on purpose. One doubts that most of the people who want to 'help' in this situation really arent just part of the 'matrix' and conditioning or continued psychological warfare.

These arent "new" interrigation techniques. These are ancient ones with the use of new tech. Also its never mentioned that specifically the 'techniques' used on Targeted persons are MK Ultra 'techniques' which brings one to the conclusion that that TI must be a survivor of PROGRAMMING as the 'techniques' involved would only work on, or be necessary for breaking down THAT kind of person.

As in MK Ultra much of this is power games where people get to get off on breaking someone, it seems women and children espcially. As in the video it was very much about children.

Everyone knows what this is about I just dont think anyone cares. I am actually supposed to believe that the harassment was started due to a small timer like Dan Desecca who I wouldnt sleep with or that it was about the federal investigation nonsense 10 years after that. People like him and the other sh*theads I was surrounded by need to sell someone out in order to keep doing business illegally. I looked up Dan's business records with Waltham, City of...there is no record of him ever owning anything which explains why he paid everyone under the table. He used to give Joe Malone boxes of free cigars. You know, the guy they suckered into taking the fall for that lottery bs. And like a good Italian he'll take the heat and keep quiet even though he's getting screwed. Probably has a family to think about.
Everyone knows too but that code of silence crap is so strong here. Really its so local cowards can watch someone go down, know the whole story and get off on the power of that. In a way, the Code of Silence IS about a mob. The mob acts as one unit.
You got totally ignorant nobodies at NA meetings saying "oh it was cool the way he took the fall for those lottery tickets" or whatever. Total slobs from Watertown, who will never leaver Watertown. And these are the sexist f*cks that sat by while I was being exploited and destroyed. Expecting once again, that someone would be suckered into taking the fall for thier local bs. And thier male machismo crap.

Its been hard this 4th. I am not positive anymore. I am considering stopping this blog and starting another that is the total antithesis of what OnGangstalking was. Its not what it was anymore anyway. I am becoming unable to do research do to memory interruption. Something about going into anaphylaxis and now constant allergic reactions, though mild, has something to do with it. Its like my overall health and well being has been weakened. Its more than just not taking my herb and vitamin regimine. When I have a more severe allergic reaction I can actually feel my body feeling..strong again and full of life, like before the first full blown anaphylaxis.
It must occur on a cellular level and effect the human being at that base level. It feels like my whole 'being', physically, has been...subdued from this induced condition and I come alive really when I have a reaction. Its just another step in the downward spiral. I just thought I could get some structure of that book together before loosing my mind really. I am sure that this system wants very badly to ensure that piece of info never comes into existence in this realm. already exists in another...why wouldnt it be able to be manifested here?

They hate artists. They hate the artists ability to make physical what is an idea.
They hate TI's that have ability lets say..there are plenty of artists who are in on this bs. Maybe thier sense of business is just as good as thier talents.

Watching all the young girls, thinking how I used to be attrative as well and that I wished I could have aged naturally and not due to having to fight this hard over many years time. Having time cut out of my life is not fair. The energy that has been put into altering this time line is just ridiculous.
No fun for me just more thankless toil and fending off ignoramuses and perps in comments and hate mail. Reality has been totally ruined. I just look at people now and see how stupid they are.
I mean I hated 'man' when I was younger, in a typical Luciferian way of seeing humans as very stupid, slow and society lacking. This is typical when certain of us are young. As we age many of us begin to see the value in human life or societies. This seems offensive to something very basic and root in our nature. Its like there is a split where some of the other like us stay on this straight line and just keep a coldness towards humanity. Whatever is going on right now, and especially since 2003, it doesnt tolerate the other branch of the tree very well. Its like someone somewhere is trying to return me to that early state of hating humanity. When we are young, its possible for it to be natural. When we are older the danger of this is that we are not growing forward from that we are being cut down and destroyed in order to make that possible again.
There is a difference between feeling a coldness towards humans for thier stupidity, imperfection and lack of speed and feeling superior to them, and becoming an emptied vessel or hateful of humans due to being made INferior to them. The first state might produce someone who excels naturally and to prove just HOW inferior 'regular' people are. The second is self destructive and hateful of people borne out of being abused by them so severely that nothing is left of the person.

The thing that does the most damage is lack of privacy. If the TI did not have to encounter random people in public who at least hail to the cover story of the smear campaign, which is knowing a bit of something about them from strangers, then they may be able to process this situation within themselves and deal better. But having to deal with an ignorant public who is engaged in bullying someone for a cover story and then knowing its a lot deeper, scarier and sinister puts such heavy pressure on the person and thier mind that they just rip apart and fall to pieces in time.
And TI's that do activism are actually trying to help 'the public' understand that many times thier mobbing instincts are exploited by the powers that be to get rid of people who may have had thier best interests at heart or were worth listening to on the subject of thier whistleblowing. They are screwing themselves really in the long run. Back again we return to humanity being surprisingly stupid.

In time one just cant take it anymore. With females they definately take advantage of menapouse and peri menopause along with adrenal burnout etc to destroy the target. It seems that they use this natural process against the female by inducing it too soon or making it worse than it would have been or even attacking the women during a time in perimenopause where she has not become familiar with the changes yet or how to live accordingly.
There is something extremely threatening to this system about certain females coming of age in 'sexual peak' if you will and life experience. Its like they make sure they just decimate them in thier early 30's into thier late 30's and the rest of the processes will take its toll. Its as if women have to handle this time very carefully in the interest of their futures and many American women are kept totally ignorant concerning the nuances of womanhood. Its "Our Bodies, Ourselves" and thats it. I bet all my great, great grandmothers from the old countries could have given me advice that was worth gold and avoided this whole scenario..concerning the world and being a woman in it.

I want to start another blog. Something really negative that is purely for expressing my anger and spitting venom. I think I have done my time with helping others and activism.

The thing about gs is that once you pass key points early on, the damage is irreversible. Also, after figuring everything out, nothing never recieve the help you need, the support or the therapy for being terrorized as well as if mc was involved before the campaign nor do the guilty parties seem to get my knowledge. I have seen some very stealth stuff go down over the years where it seems some people might pay. But 'the people' never do. All those strangers that ruined your life. They will never have activism becomes pointless.
Justice never gets served. Except for all those morons who believe that "Ha Ha you deserved it."
I dont take much heed in what a 20 yr old rich kid Jew has to say coming out of a posh (new) hotel in Kenmore Sq from a Barmitzfa. Sorry dude, deflected.
By the way posh and new in a city this old and respectable means no cred. Put The Ratt dive club back there and maybe we'll talk REAL Boston culture.
You want posh? Go to the piano bars and nice hotels downtown. Thats what they were their for. Leave the neighborhoods alone.

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