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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

More gang stalking action in Cambridge MA

There is some kind of tech in this area that I have experienced each time I come here. It happens every time and its so powerful that I often cant wait to get out of here and vow I will never return. But practicality forces me to return.
How do I know its tech and not mental illness. Cuz it doesnt happen anywhere else in the USA JUST LIKE IT DOES HERE. And I have been stalked and harassed long enough, as well as a victim of ongoing psychological warfare to know what they are up to. Its mind control, brainwashing. Due to my mothers status as a radation experimentee its fair to say that its intergenerational.

And the symptoms that occur are exactly what is documented to be either in existence or in the works (which means its in existence on a level they believe the public have no business knowing about as THEY have the power not you peasants and believe me- the feds, military, CIA, FBI and cops are that arrogant nowadays as they always have been. As far as they are concerned you work for them. To fund thier toy chest...which is used of course to control the public and manage public perception. A revolt is long overdue in the USA and it will never happen due to mind control tech as well as the weapons they have in place if civil unrest were to occur.)
In this area its always been very easy to get me aggrevated, self talking to relieve anxiety (which I was told was used to already discredit me as there is footage of me "talking to yourself in public" What am I discredited from claiming is the interesting question? I didnt know I had to be discredited to begin with. These f*ckers give themselves away every time.
Its the arrogance of them knowing what is going on and the Target being gas lighted.

Who wouldnt be totally half out of thier minds with what has been done to me. How can you discredit me from claiming I have been driven to such a point? And due to help from factions unknown to me, I know exactly how its done as well so its not like I am some blabbering idiot who is claiming to just be followed. I think my mothers status as connected to MK Ultra pretty much validate my claims as well as all the nonsense from the Bush era to where we are today. The public isnt stupid. You can intimidate people into silence but you cant MAKE them stupid.
I was actually told directly this: "I am surprised you are not out of your mind already considering all the things they have done to you". So what does that tell you? That its as bad as a target thinks it is as well as everyone claims it is.

And when this occurs, this ability to make me feel aggrevated and angry I can feel something, like its coming from something in the small of my back in my spine. Like the system can somehow get this emotional response by stimulating either an implant or by using tech to hit that nerve area in the human spine without an implant. This area is also infamous for me starting to self injure like beat myself upside the head. Much of this is done by making me feel hurt, desperate and adding sexual feelings to that. People who hit themselves are usually doing so as a result of sexual abuse. I NEVER had a history of doing that until a few years ago and its ALWAYS in Boston or Cambridge. Also I can tell when its coming up, when I am getting to that point where these induced feelings are going to make me act out which is how I have avoided the assh*les in this area from getting me to act out and get put away, which is obviously thier goal.

They use a combo here of tech and antagonism based on what was done to me here, what was exposed about my life and used against me to try to destroy me. They work on the loss of my family, freinds and me being shunned out of society as well as basically reliving the old Pilgrim tale of having to wear an A on my chest for life. This place is still capable of that kind of puritanism in THIS day and age. Mostly men are used as its based on sex and shame. Male domination is necessary for their ends.

I have been encountering much tactics in the street such as people walking past and hanging thier heads which isnt aggressive but its to destroy my morale. Its to make me feel that I lost already. Why else would people be doing that? There are not that many people who feel that bad stilll here. Its a tactic. The thing about this area is the sheer number of people in on harassing a target. It must be either the mob, cops or the CIA/ covert homeland security something so that terrorism cant occur here and if I was put on some list due to trying to get rid of me as a TI or a human experimentee under false pretenses (or some a-hole trying to fit a quota) then they may just be doing what they are told or believe me to a threat in some way. It personally feel its an abuse of power and they dont give a shit due to being covert power so who is going to stop them?

The way I have been tortured is outrageous. And considering I didnt do anything its more outrageous. They must have a hell of a fabrication and I bet even THEY know its bullsh*t.

I was antagonized in the Harvard Sq train station until I acted out. I use the bathroom to fill some jugs of water and battery acid had gotten on to the inside of the top section of my backpack and its was impossible to get that noxious smell out with one washing so I just washed it out.
I was feeling more and more aggrevated as the last few days have been lots of beeping and yesterday was obvious gang stalking noise all day long. ( I checked the traffic where I stay. There is alot of beeping that is natural in that intersection due to the way traffic flows. Yes that is natural but yesterday and this morning were not. When its constant and especially when people do it as they whiz past NOT to get someone to move in front of them thats a bit obvious as well)

This guy with green eyes was watching above the escalator. The key in Boston is to make me feel I am being watched especially by authority. Its a shame game. Like that cop in AuBainPain the other night. I was suspect, I wasnt approved of by authority. (Then the other cop thanked him). I am playing a very dangerous game here and I often ignore that. My old associates clients are not just business men. Many are Chinese mafia and one guy named "Ceasar" on the phones should tell me I was dealing with very nasty Italian Mafia probably. There are so many factions 0f power here and so many people interested in getting rid of me I just dont know who is doing what often. I know I cant trust anyone thats for sure. And the cops seem to hate me, even staties as much as the criminals. And I was basically told that I am going to be harassed due to not being able to pay people off.
Of course this is bullshit. When programmed people try to break free this always happens- even if locals are told its about something else. They must have been told that becuz they REALLY hate me and I cant figure out what I did.

There are plenty of lies, smear that could have been told, and there is not much I could do about that other than tell my story eventually.

Cops and criminals are practical people and would probably prefer to believe something shitty about a person they can relate to other than believe in something that scares them or that is above them. Either that or I am simply very powerless and they all know exactly what this is about and are simply cashing in to get rid of me.

The guy above the stairway mumbled something when I looked up at him. He was busy looking out into the crowd as if something was going to happen to them. Another thing they do to me here is to make me feel as if I am a dangerous person, like that cop did at Emerson trying to convince the librarian that I was a dangerous person. The female security guard put a stop to this and told me she did NOT feel I was a threat. But that didnt stop a retired cop (probably on the take old school) from harassing me abusing his new position as Emerson Security.
I have felt 'watched' by Cambrige police for days now and today as I looked through trash barrels for food a cop car drove away. Whats the matter dude? Dont like the REALITY of what you people have helped do to me? He didnt want to see THAT I guess. Reality is going to hurt real bad when the whole thing comes out so get ready and prepare. You are in the sh*t more than you care to realize. I will bring light however and with it, hopefully, destruction.

I felt very intimidated by this man somehow at the top of the escalator. When I came to the top to leave, the guy at the Italian hot dog stand was in on it with the guy standing beside it, looking over the crowd. The jerk off behind the hot dog stand was smirking at me and basically doing what everyone does here which is to intimate that they KNOW I was f*cked over and exposed and its funny and I am a loser or whatever. THEY win is the basic message. I then couldnt take it anymore so I just lost it, which is what they wanted. I asked him if he was a cop due to overseeing the crowd as such and asked the jerk off behind the hot dog stand playing games as he drank his soda what was so funny. THE DEAD GIVEAWAY THAT ITS GANG STALKING IS THAT THEY BOTH IGNORED ME AS I ENGAGED WITH THEM. This is not only the style that is common in all my experience here its a signal that the jerks doing whatever they are doing to the TI know they are messing with you becuz a normal, reasonable person would look up at you and ask you, the target what the hell are you yelling at or talking about. This is the SAME action taken by the MA state cop that used to drive by me at a bus 57 bus stop in Brighton across from where Kmart used to be. EVERY single time like clockwork a statie would drive by and act like I was being 'watched'. The state barracks were down the street I believe so it made sense. This is during when I lived at 335 Washington, the Olnick property. It must have been 2004-2006. My point is that I got sick of it and actually went up to the window, pressed agaisnt it and yelled at him what the hell did the cops want from me? As I did this the same reaction as today. Total silence, total disregard and totally ignoring me. A reasonable person that was NOT atagonizing someone would have reacted and if it was a statey, he should have locked me up or asked me what the hell was wrong at least. He was like stone. Like I didnt exist.
These bastards KNOW that I am a person that will confront my problems so they cause trouble to take advantage of my dog like nature to attack. Then they act like I dont exist which is a dead giveaway that they are perps but the message is that I dont matter, I dont exist and THEY have all the power and THEY not only WILL win, they HAVE won.

So I stated something that they cant ignore:"Fuck you and fuck the cops. "I have the dirt on Julia R------ B----, and I am going to expose it, so f*ck that bitch and fuck you".

I said it out of being pissed off but also to see how he would react. First of all he flinched a bit when I mentioned that name, especially her whole name. Yet, he also looked as if he got exactly what he wanted. And then I considered the fact that these might be feds or cops. They could also be mafia of some kind trying to get me to ratt outiright so that I go right into the plan to get rid of surviving MK victims. Ratt then be killed for it and no one asks why.

The thing that I felt after saying that was relief from all symptoms. Which is again confusing- Do they WANT me to give them info? Incriminate myself? For what motive? Or did it stop due to them realizing that I havent quite forgot my old friend and I WILL use that to keep them off my ass in Boston. I can embarass a hell of alot more important people than I did muttering to myself in my apartment believe me.

The idea that law enforcement of any kind would want me to tell them anything doesnt make sense. They must know that I dont really know all the important ins and outs of it. And that the authorities protect this woman not try to bust her. None of it makes sense. It has GOT to be a set up to trip me up directly related to MK Ultra. Nothing else makes sense.

First of all I cannot allow any revealing of info due to that would be giving in to MK Ultra interrigation tactics and I wont be destroyed that easily. Also, the way I have been tortured in my own country does NOT warrant itself. There is NO validation for what has been done to me the way its been done compared to how little I know as well as its easy just to look at taxes, banking, phone records etc to see that I am just an associate that is not privvy to much info and was basically kept out of everything especially the money end. I was kept in poverty by rich criminals. And so now I deserve to be tortured the way I have yet SHE can still work and I was told by Scott that Jake was still allowed to deal pot. SO what gives? Why would authorities validate such incredible torture of me, a nobody who has nothing as one can see from records, and allow the real criminals to still operate? Of which I know little about and havent seen in years.

There is something very very screwed up about that. And if they ARE protecting that b*tch they need to leave it alone. If this is about some personal vendetta then I have no idea whats going on so its kind of pointless. If its about my mothers family you can drop that as well. That stupid woman is so negotiable its ridiculous. She's a nothing and we all know it. Who does my mother have dirt on or what is she connected to that could make her THAT powerful as to get people to mess with me THIS much? If its not her then who is it then? Some idiot I offended in one of the organized crime rings? Like Italian or Irish? Oh forgive me I AM JUST FIGHTING MKULTRA AND THE MOST SERIOUS CRIMES OF OUR CENTURY THAT CAN POTENTIALLY BE USED TO ENSLAVE MANKIND, THATS ALL. I would NEVER mean to step on your royal f*cking toes in the quest to help save the godamn world!!!!!

Listen you stupid mafia premadonnas. Unless you hold some financial investment into these technologies and WANT to see the world enslaved then get out of my way and let me do what I was programmed to do. If you ARE totally into allowing govts and big business destroy human life world wide and make people into zombies who dont give a shit then I guess its partially your job to get rid of me then.

All I want to do is write a damn book and I am outta here- suicide. But NOT before that book is done. The public has a right to see, and for those that dont want to see, screw em . I did my job.

And I will live in tents and live off the road for as long as it takes to expose this.
I say its bastards who know exactly what they are doing trying to get me to put myself in harms way so I cant get that book done. Screw you- NOTHING else matters but that book.

Also, if hte feds or the cops torture someone THAT badly instead of present a subpoena then this govt deserves total warfare from its people and stop paying your taxes all together. If the feds would persecute someone like me for useless info then it is time to bear arms against your govt. In fact I think its been past that for some time now.
This place is not so corrupt as it is arrogant about looking like its NOT corrupt as a clean cut cover. THAT is whats wrong with the USA. They have it down so well that they want to appear to be heros to kids and all this wholesome bullsh*t AND be totally sleazy murderers. THAT much power no men should have over people's minds.

Keep it up local clowns and I will keep on writing. You aint sh*t by the way. I dont exist for your cheap male ego trips.

Keep in mind that they will have a good laugh at this probably. To them it only matters the idea of business and money. Anyone less than that is a joke to them. Human life means nothing to the cops here. Money is what matters and more that that power. There is too much concentration of money, power and cred in this city. And it makes people in authority destroy human beings who 'dont matter' or dont have the power to defend themselves a luxury they can certainly afford.

Like that statie who arrogantly stated "So you have to make your life seem meaninful in some way". Who does this fat f*ck think he is? My mother was not lying about being intimidated out of going to that Advisory Commitee. That is some serious subject matter. I dont care HOW poor and ignorant I may be or seem, for the situation I am in I have done pretty damn well. I guess he is the only one who has not been informed that I am, or was before years of damage, highly intelligent. I guess he thinks his lard ass on his motorcycle is smarter. Better,smarter, richer. More well trained to smile in my face and kill. If yer lookin for respect dude you no longer have it from me. I bet he does have all the material things he bragged about but I bet his wife left his fat ass years ago and if not she is a piece of fascist SH*T just like him. They probably have little Nazi children that they will raise to oppress the masses with a sense of superiority just like they have.
The fact that pig knew who I was to begin with is illegal or should be.

When someone like me has such a focus on them, thier lives are destroyed so completely, the people pulling it off may want you to THINK that its just random, just a casual abuse of power but that is part if the psych warfare. For this much attention to be put on a relative nobody like me who just wanted to recall her childhood before the age of 6 that she could never really remember, then become a therapist to help other struggling women get out of the adult entertainment industry, and perhaps do some art projects on the side- for someone like that who is relatively harmless and unimportant- to make such a big production out of destroying them is very very suspect. There has GOT to be more to it that is hidden from the target as well as the general public. If you actually believe that the cops and other abusers of power would expend this much energy randomly and some nobody just to destroy someone dont be fooled. There has got to be ALOT more behind such action to begin with.

Do you realize HOW much money it takes to do what has been done to me? Its a fortune they have spent on manpower etc. Its ridiculous. And that goes for just saying they are Satanists as well. Satanists wouldnt waste this much money on such a thing. Not unless there was a pratical end to it, Satanists being very practical people.

You have to ask "what are they getting out of it?" No one just gets to destroy a citizen of the US becuz they feel like it. The authorities are NOT that powerful. If that were the case here, it would be a total mess like Africa, Mexico or India where corruption is rampant and human rights means sh*t. You cant just go doing that in the USA. There has got to be a damn good reason behind it. Either that or this is a private company who is behind this and they enlist the help of official authority.

It seems like its the same thing as they did to my dad. I guess he knew more than I thought as it was very important to destroy him mentally. I believed he was just nuts but after my mother being a human radiation experimentee....well he wasnt nuts. He just didnt have the internet back then and he also stayed with his family who I believe are also suspect. Who the f*ck is so connected like my grandmother that they insist on telling me that they have a guy in the family that did secret service work for Kennedy? He looked too young for JFK thats for sure. Suit and reflective glasses. No wonder my dad went mad. Even my mother's mother commented "that family is crazy". Yes, they are. And there is something markedly psychotic about the Cedrone family from Stoneham MA. Listening to my grandmother, and seeing my aunt go off once or twice you get the feeling that they are capable of a huge amount of totally psychotic violence- which makes my mothers claims they are a crime family even more realistic. My mother's family are...sick in an emotional way.
The difference is that when my mother's family does wrong they show signs and patterns of extreme GUILT. This is at least healthy in the sense of somewhere in their minds they know the difference between right and wrong. My dad's family seem to lack any feeling or remorse for what they do to each other or to outsiders. They were really scary.
So both sides are scary in that my mother hurts others out of a terrible violent urge to survive due to being abused, and my fathers relatives just seem to perform acts of.... violence or misdeed as par the course of living.

And when society sees that your family has written you off they think they also can do as they please.

I have 'family' that you dont know about. All of which dont need to be seen by me to protect me. I also have road family wherever I go.Boston, with all its delusions of ultimate power over my life can drop dead.

I am not going to retire to the street permanently just so a bunch of arrogant jerks can feel that their legitimacy buys them superiority.

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  1. I get crap like that all the time. It's so constant here, I do feel like just going off on somebody. But that is likely an engineered outcome, to just go off, looking like some kind of crazy nut. And you can bet there is some sort of "eye" on us when that happens. Look at Google maps, how you can see clear down into people's yards in some cases, with amazing clarity. Now, consider that is what they are allowing the public to see. Now then, imagine what the big time criminals and connected people have access to. No doubt, they must have perps with access to such high-tech surveillance watch us at any time, especially high-profile targets. So it's a safe bet those reactions are being watched and also recorded at all times I suspect. They probably are always watching and recording footage. They probably just discard the boring stuff where you don't react.