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Thursday, July 8, 2010

This morning..possible gs?

Forgot to add that this morning a crowd of older women were in the place I go to eat and shower. The young girl there said it was very unusual. And my backpack made it hard to get around me in the small space, so the minute I was in there women were on both sides trying to get around me constant activity around me in the kitchen. I just stood my ground and got my plate. I ignored requests to get by me as it was becoming ridiculous. Then one of the older women wanted to start up about it and defend some other bitch and I just put it down "Thats my perogative so drop it". It may have been what that van was trying to warn me about due to the van pulling overt tactic just outside this place.

I told them I would eat in backyard due to it being crowded.
Later one of the women had an attitude out of the bathroom. This frequently occurs in Waltham and Cambridge with females or older women who frequent these places. I believe who I am on sight is known to many of these people as well as that I am targeted. No one enters a place and is that ill treated right away. I say its in the very possible file for a gang stalking set up.

It could also just be the typical over priveledged Cambridge/Waltham homeless population are spoiled rotten in this area and Boston as well with clothing give aways as well as decent food. They should be forced to be homeless in less fortunate places like I have and see just how messed up the rest of the country doesnt work for them. Ship some of these bitches off to San Diego or UTAH. Then we'll see how grabby and demanding they are then. HA!

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