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Saturday, July 10, 2010

gang stalking in Kenmore Sq and Cambridge/ Bush and Harvard sittin in a tree..

Its still on here as full force as they need it to be to match how much Will I have left or how much damage is already present.
Which means they dont have to do as much work as before.

State and local police are in on gang stalking in every city and small town I have been to. There is no doubt about that. That is a fact I am 100% sure of. Berkeley CA was the only place I did not get messed with by cops and I reported an obvious perp who made the mistake of being overt in stalking me and it was put a stop too right away. Then again I was traveling with people who had a bit of a connection so I may have been favored at that time.

Boston and Cambridge are not places I receive favor. They are two of the worst places for me for gang stalking but I have business to attend to here what can I do? And I cannot allow myself to be driven out every time I return, that would only make the damage of what they did to start with more permanent. It would help the sysetm to get my to lose my sense of Self. I cant allow that.

The Harvard U cops were on my ass alot along with State and Boston police in the beginning and nothing every changes with that. The Harvard U police are still a problem as far as stalking and harassment. However they arent being overt about it due to me not having a home base to stalk me at anymore.
So they do stupid sh*t like make sure they are somewhere I am going to be and when I enter the establishment they play psych warfare with me, like looking at me as if I am a suspect person. This worked for a long time for years to get me under control.And the more that civilians would mess with me the more that I really thought I was a bad enough person so that when cops joined in on guilting I couldnt deflect it. Basically they are murdering someone. They dont give a shit though. Boston hates me and wants me dead like everyone else.

I caught a Harvard cop thanking another Harvard cop for psyching me out when I was smart enough to avoid the first on by going through another door. When I looked back and caught him he stopped very quickly and put his hands in his hair. The younger and healthier these people are the faster they are going to be at this game.

Only in a moment like that does the TI wake up from constant brainwashing to realize that it IS indeed gang stalking. Plus it helps that its after 1 am here.
Let me explain: Cambridge and Bostons style is a non stop constant contact with the TI and its all subtlety mixed with overt nonsense like that cab driver the other day. They have alot of money and numbers here. Its by far the most stealth system I have seen yet. It helps them that I am from here and they can easily use old feelings or ties against me. Open wounds are then worked on. Also like every other place tech is used. Tonight it went until 1:30 AM which is the latest I have experienced it anywhere. And its like the in person tactics, its constantly on a cycle, it doesnt stop from 6 am to around midnight nor tonite 1:30 am. Even after the tech stops on schedule (and you dont know what time it is until you ask someone and sure enough its between 11 pm and 1 am. Usually 12) one will still get tactics but due to the tech being off or not in use its easier to see what they are doing to you.
Like tonight at that shop with the Harvard cops. I even thought I was imagining things but I caught him and he flinched. I then realized that there is nothing about me that should make people look at me that way and I get made uncomfortable wherever I go far too much in this city as well as Boston. Its not normal. It can only be the later stages of gang stalking where they are out to continue to destroy the target with psychological warfare.

Tech in use from 6 am to approx 12 midnight makes it very hard to see psych warfare for what it is. That is why this program is so successful.
Take me for instance. I obviously know WHY I am targeted, WHO is behind it, WHO is doing and HOW they do it and WHERE, as well as WHEN. But still I cannot stop from being sucked in and victimized. Becuz until whatever the remote influence is is turned off or stops for the evening there is no way that anyone could fight and win against this system.

Over time the more the TI fights in fact the more damage occurs which is another reason this system is so successful. You cant fool yourself, though you can try just to get along in life.
I have to be realistic: the police hate me in no uncertain terms. THey are sexist to begin with and many come from the military. Youve got militant guys with training that now function as criminals for criminals. Rich ones.

They must hate a poor female from a family that is not wealthy but ridden with criminal pasts. What use is that to them? They need people who validate thier existence and support thier unions not freedom fighters to stand up against the rich who keep them sweet. I never realized how miuch they must hate me until tonight seeing that cop being so full of sh*t. He reminded me of how sneaky my mother is like that which explains why she was in with cops. Sneaky and full of sh*t. I dont understand why some cops are helpful. In some areas there have been helpful ones but Cambridge hates me. Staties are really into this in MA and usually I dont see that except for CA where highway patrol was present a few times. Strangley I see little of the Boston police in on this unless I am near district 14. Staties, Cambridge cops, Harvard police and district 14 Boston. The MBTA transit cops were heavy into harassing me in the beginning but now I dont see them at all.

There has been alot of beeping twice near the squat and of course this was used wherever I lived in this area. It does no good now I am immune to it. But there is more to it than just classical conditioning. Something is used to make the TI, myself in this case, sexualize or associate sexual arousal with the beep twice cues creating a stronger conditioning. I fight this due to understanding what it is on top of its old. Its been done.
What was frightening about it is that it began to make me switch into a persona that was sexually dominated and that was by using the beep twice stimuli. I simply switched into a persona that validates me being in the squat and has no connection to Boston, my past or sex work. It worked. But what was disturbing is that classical conditioning is being used to form alters in mc survivors as well as force them to switch alters or personas or to disassociate altogether. What I started feeling was a very old shame, mixed with extreme sexual arousal and then it turns to this pushing me into thinking I should just give up and through my life away with sexd work as its all I can do and they will never let me go etc. This torture, manipulation and coercion has been done to me for years and Boston as well as Phoenix AZ are the worst offenders in the USA. Brutal really and always using sexual domination.
Thankfully I have created a few other personas that cannot be destroyed or coerced as they have nothing to do with sex or the real me.
And I wouldnt doubt that getting me to blog is part of thier practice as now they have my perspective to work off of as well.

People DO sell human beings into slavery or human experimentation. I have seen it with my own eyes. Its nothing for people like my mother or sleazy people like cops to do such a thing to someone. Why would it be so outlandish? Greedy, sick abusive people who support anyone rich or connected.
My old associate had clients from MIT and Harvard anyway. That might explain it or better yet MGH is Harvard affiliated and they have a nasty record for human experimentation. Or it could have to do with Cambridge being the second place where Jake got busted at the Middle East rock club and his guitarists dad was their lawyer (and in the same building as my bs mold lawyer was as well as graduated the bar the same year. All from Newton MA. Someone dared to intimate that one of the people I just mentioned was into using the kiddie network. I wont believe that without proof though)

I panhandled tonight and made enough for laundry and some Mex women gave me food. Of course the Mex took care of me they always do. I must have been Aztec in another incarnation.

There is no other way to get back at gang stalkers especially the cops as society kisses thier ass and fears them. The only way is to expose this system. I understand it make me look crazy to make such claims but I dont care really. In the context of psychological warfare what I am claiming is NOT so far fetched.

I do this as my last effort as I slowly become more damaged and eventually will die due to gang stalking. Its a death sentence- as long as you dont give in to giving up it WILL kill you.
They know damn well that survivors of mc will fight until the death so they use that against the person hoping that an unwinable situation that leaves them killing themselves really will cancel this behavior out. Its better to die trying to regain what was taken from you or that which you should rightly have had.

Oh I just found something here. Before I go to sleep perhaps this will explain why Harvard would be up my ass at all especially during the heavy harassment I received during Bush. I always assumed Bush went to Yale. Here ya go: Pretty good article huh?

I will now sleep much more soundly due to that article.

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  1. That's one thing that surprised me, that state police are in on this. I have seen numerous theatres involving State Troopers. E.g., someone was pulled over, the location was a little odd, and the conversation between the cop and the driver seemed faked. Another example is when I'm walking, the town cop on duty will be doing the slow patrolling, kind of "watching", and I'll see the State cops go cruising through town as well, and maybe do a little patrolling as well. Interesting that I see the state cops so much for such a small town, where hardly anything happens anyways. This is probably in itself psych. warfare, and another target mentioned about cops "flipping the block", doing the watching thing. Kinda creepy, like making me feel like I did something wrong. I always thought it was my punishment for standing up to the perps.

    I stood up to another neighborhood watch Yankee type, getting into an argument with him. He accused me of "roaming around" in the the area, and then tells me outright he is going to following me home. "I wanna see where you live. I'm calling the state cops and giving them your description. Now get your fucking ass out of here!!!!" The next day, I saw trash dumped over the fence. Real classy. Some stupid hillbilly goon getting off on neighborhood watch. Yeah, people like that really make the town safe. Idiot. He knew I was helpless to say anything in response, because of my targeting. What started this is: he was doing the stopping and watching, I gave him a mean glare, he asks me "You got a problem"? I ask him back: "Do you"? He says "I might". Then he explains how there are kids back here, blah blah. You could tell where this was going, like I supposed to be one of those types. Stupid vigilante indeed.