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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Globalization of Justice: how many TI's are being pulled into the orbit of the concept of a NWO.

When I first spotted this article my sentiment was 'oh wonderful yet another liberal moron sucked into believing that forced socialism or the like will improve the world- probably a gs advocate as well'. But I realized is an article that points out what most TI's already know: behind the rhetoric of globalization for the good of all, and the destruction of the individual for the sake of group, forsaking privacy for the safety of community- lies what is really transpiring: a bullsh*t con, as usual. Global slavery or at least an entire world wide system that resembles the medieval castle with everyone else outside fairing much worse off.

What you are feeling is real. What you suspect is going in is indeed the case. All the rationales you have been brainwashed with, or its been attempted so, to make you believe that your destruction as an individual is in the service of the greater good are indeed cons to keep you silenced and doubtful about how you've been railroaded. It seems the whole planet is being brainwashed and railroaded:

"The new rulers
Figures on income inequality are even more popularly quoted; while billionaires begin to dominate the new capitalist economies of China, Russia, India and Brazil, major uprisings are now becoming commonplace; the ‘new rulers’ in China, for example, have had to increase the number of armed special anti-riot militia a hundredfold.[11] The numbers are just as stark for the developed world; the richest 50m people, huddled in Europe and North America, have the same income as 2.7bn poor people;[12] the top 1% income share has risen dramatically in recent decades to levels not seen since before World War II,[13] the pay of an average CEO has risen 821 times since 1978,[14] and even a few hundred millionaires own as much wealth as the world’s poorest 2.5 billion people.[15] The most wealthy country in the world, the United States, is also the most unequal; between 1990 and 2000, worker pay and inflation remained approximately equal, while corporate profits rose 93% and CEO pay rose by 571%.[16]
The conclusions, however cursorily the figures are reviewed, are incontestably clear; all around the world, the inordinate gap between rich and poor is getting wider between and within countries, more poor people are sick and needlessly dying than we can even imagine, and despite the affluence enjoyed by the highest echelons of the richest countries, the vast majority are working longer hours with less pay, less creativity, less happiness and more debt."

So our intuitions are correct: something is wrong.

"As written in the Global Trends Report 2015 published by the CIA in the year 2000, globalisation is expected to create “an even wider gap between regional winners and losers than exists today. (Globalisation’s) evolution will be rocky, marked by chronic volatility and a widening economic divide… deepening economic stagnation, political instability, and cultural alienation. (It) will foster political, ethnic, ideological, and religious extremism, along with the violence that often accompanies it.”[20] A more recent report by the British Ministry of Defense published earlier this year is equally alarming; by the year 2035, they warn, the disempowered middle classes are likely to become “revolutionary”, whilst political and religious fundamentalist groups are forecasted to form an “alliance of belief systems” that directly oppose the state, and “brain chips” are expected to become standard for all citizens of developed nations by 2037."
So if it makes you feel any better, many of us are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. And the bastards know it too.

Many of us have questioned, like a beaten child who's parent uses severe abuse for so called discpline, looking up with slight tears on our cheeks and asking what is the motive for all this hard assness and heavy handedness- all done secretly. For if the authortity figure were truly just, it would not have to cloak or deny its actions- to either its victims or the public. What we think we know, even after years of hardcore cult brainwashing tactics to convince us differently or at least promote the constant presence of doubt- this isnt right, we dont deserve this and it cannot be in the interest of the GREATER GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE AND NATIONS IF SECRETIVENESS AND MURDER MUST BE USED TO OBTAIN THOSE GOALS.
Especially if you're murdering dissidents or people who want to assist humanity and not millionaires...and liberating up thier money. Or is it that Targets are some sort of barter in this game? That we must grease the wheels with human blood, to offer up sacrifices to these wealthy and powerful people, to please them or appease them and in return the many will benefit in some way?
That kind of action is not justified by any motive, no matter how lofty or practical.

"Polarised perspectives
What is most confusing about the world situation is not the facts themselves, but the vastly differing interpretations of how to confront them, how to understand them, and whether it is possible to tackle them at all. For every statistic that begets the imperative need for economic reform, dozens of others can be used to justify continuing on the present course. “The protesters and do-gooders are just plain wrong,” writes Robyn Meredith in his new book on the boons of free market capitalism; “It turns out globalisation is good – and not just for the rich, but especially for the poor.”[25] It seems that public opinion in the Occident is split into three opposing categories; the ‘for’, the ‘against’, and the ‘I do not care to know’. As summed up by the Peruvian economist Hernando De Soto, one of the most celebrated proponents of the first group; “I am not a die-hard capitalist… But for the moment, to achieve those goals (of freedom, equal opportunity and compassion for the poor), capitalism is the only game in town.”[26]

The presumption that free trade through liberalization and privatization has “overwhelming benign effects” is taken as a marker in establishment thinking between those “who understand economics and those who don’t”[27]; to question the opposite is not just to challenge the dogmas of orthodox economics, but also to challenge the fundamental belief system that underpins the consciousness of democratic society; that to usurp is to be happy, to compete is to succeed, to succeed is to win, that to consume is to be free. A rejection of unfettered, globalised market forces does not mean simply a rejection of certain systems and institutions like the IMF, World Bank and WTO, but of a whole centuries-old history of aborted ideologies and diametrically-opposed ‘isms’ and creeds; no wonder that “Another World is Possible!” is the current slogan of most campaigners, when defining the ‘other world’ requires a quantum leap of faith into the complete unknown.

That technology and progress has given us the possibility of ending all forms of poverty and saving the environment is the strongest commonality that economic progressives currently hold; that the same values are shared is without question, that we all stand for justice and freedom is beyond mentioning, but what still lacks is an overarching principle that can unite us on the most basic level. The category of thinkers that we are in need of most are not amongst the ‘for’, the ‘against’, the ‘I don’t know’, or any group that begins with ‘anti’, but amongst the newly emerging category that begins ‘How To’."

The view of technology as totally benign just by its nature is totally false. This is extremely dangerous. Its the number one thing that is wrong with what is being experienced now by targeted individuals across the world, and there is a bizarre (brainwashing is always 'bizarre') false ideal of this is all for the good of all in the end. Some factions actually do believe that what is being done to human beings like targeted individuals is either part of or the price of gaining global peace and equality. Its bargaining with the devil, as I just saw a book by this title in the Harvard Coop recently. One can feel the falsehood of this perception. It burns and glows in each person, it exists to decieve. I have seen it in the minds and heard in the words of many a perpetrator. Those who do not take part out of sheer greed and self aggrandizement are so cult mind by a sick extremist liberal view that this is for good somehow. That society must be broken down in order to build or that evil must be brought down upon us to bring about good.
This is all purposeful extremism, which is meant to bring anything BUT peace to its participants and victims.

The young especially make me angry becuz they seem to like living this idea of extremism as a cultural experience. First of all I and others like me were living extremism when it was just how we grew up and it was natural for wasnt pushed or contrived or made into a cult movement. Gen X just was that way due to being raised by extremists in the 60's. Many of us are too damn old to be living 'extreme' lifestyles anymore. It feels like being punished really. We die our damn time in our 20's and we were told if we get clean and grow that we could be at peace and finally start putting forth those values our parents instilled in us, without so much extremism- but as part of a truly new world view. Not one of force or enslavement but one of true understanding between people's. All these bastards have done is hi jack Gen X's world view for a future and use it as a sheep's skin to hide being predatory. PC was NOT supposed to be cult mind control or used against people. All these conditions we believed in to form a more SELF ACTUALIZING society, not one of pretending to be getting yer sh*t together while going in actually the opposite direction. It is, I must say, the most clever move on the chess board for the oppressor. Like a parasite that fools the body by posing as organ tissue to move about freely and tend to the business of feeding itself.

THe kids really piss me off when going through a theatre with them. They just dont see how damaging this is to someone older. But perhaps this is thier little way of destroying the generation before them, which is natural. I hated people in thier 30's when I was young. Dont know why just did. Its a show of superiority and its very easy to get stupid kids who think they know everything to go along with it. That is what the overlords have been utilizing youth for always.

I dont pretend to undstand economics. What I do know about is mind control and cult brainwashing. This article doesnt touch on the exact phenomena that TI's are experiencining: a cult like stance that supports global equality by supporting forces of oppression that utilize mind control tactics and technologies. How they figure they are going to accomplish thier goals is beyond me. Any faction that is cult minded that does not have respect for anyone's human rights is very suspect and questionable in thier methods as well as their true motives. I believe these people we have had run ins with are actually supporting global enslavement..why they would do so is not important.

As surviviors of programmingt know they could be working off of programming from infancy or they could have been sucked into this movment in some other way later in life. The arrogance and lack of humanity in thier actions should be an indication of how mistaken they really are. Its got to be a deception- often the world view of getting rid of selfishness etc to form a better more equal world is put into thier view of the TI. They seem to pushing an idea that to destroy specialness, talent or competitiveness or selfishness in individuals is somehow part of a global new world order. Thier choice of victims makes no sense if this is thier goal.
Its obvious they work for the factions that wish to rule as an elite as is occuring now in above article, also most likely the factions that have infiltrated the 'change' and 'better world' camps, only to use such ideals to THIER advantage.

Rule of thumb: when it becomes cult minded, when its done as an ideal and doesnt require common sense or thought then stay the hell away from it, or at least back the f*ck up and look at it in the light in its entirety before jumping on board.

Anything that feels that good but demands that much destruction and breaking laws and disregard for human and civil rights is not true. Its a deception and many people are comfortable living in that state of being, and can live with the consequences, as they feel none really. In this sense, this modern cult existence is really a replacement for drug use, such as addiction to and living on opiates like heroin.

The good feelings are not real and to be honest as long as one doesnt see the truth one is only half alive. Its very hard for humans to beat this kind of manipulation or trap as it appeals to thier spiritual, physical and intellectual states.

The sheer scale of the stupidity is what surprises me but this may be the result of a large scale massive gs like campaign only not so overt but with the same components: chemicals, psychological warfare, behavioral conditioning methods and of course technologies. If this is the case its going to be near impossible for many people to 'wake up' or break out of this mode. This would explain moreso the need to get survivors of programming under control, not some mamby pamby liberal agenda as an excuse.
One should always question why both the Republican administration as well as the Democratic ones have caused Targets equal amounts of sorrow, distress and hardship- as well as imprisonment in spaces both public and private even while traveling. Its nothing to do with either party's idealogies nor Conservative or Liberals.
Time has shown me that people from all sides of political idealogy can be total bastards towards me and both provide a brainwashing campaign to try to get the target under control.

The victims here may be survivors of programming as that is supposedly par the course of such a person's life experience. But its interesting how many people that see through the lie of globalization being for the common good are targeted. This is what we sense all along, that both adminstrations suck for us as far as being targeted. I dont know which is worse- being tortured under the Neo Cons or being buried in feel good pacification and denial by these Liberal Democrats in office now. I would say Obama is least the Bush administration encouraged a good fight, something more overt than 'Wont you join us in a total lobotomy? You'll be much happier that way! Its all about change!'. I picture sitting at the table with the Mad Hatter, knowing that this party makes no sense, sensing the underlying brutality and insanity but being in a ver awkward postion to sit and partake anyway. This 'party' we are attending has not made any sense since Bush came into office, but at least under him we werent snowed so badly and handled which pisses me off more than heavy handed fascism ever will. Its much more arrogant and obnoxious. During Bush I felt like I was being set on fire and now with Obama I feel like I am drowning- it all equally sucks throughout. The last time I felt any sense of safety on dry land with feet on terra firma is during Clinton and as the decade grew one could feel all this creeping up on our whole reality.

I know I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I wouldnt mind at this point caving into pressure as my body is beat and I am offically tired. But the use of mc tech is so vile, so sneaky and reeks of the oppressor believing they are smarter than everyone else, one just cannot give up. They are not fighting fair. So it isnt fair to just give up. Its not fair to humanity and its not fair to yourself. To settle and make a deal with these bastards by giving in to forgetting about years of abuse and insult...awww am I being selfish?

That is one of the keys right there. They want many of us to believe that standing up for our individual rights or demanding our losses be counted is selfish, individualistic and not meant for the future perfect world order: in other words I am helping to kill starving children if I do not allow myself to be screwed over by this system. That is actually a guilt trip that is laid down on us as Targets and with enough of a beat down and the use of cult mind control tactics, we may just start to believe it..and give in.

There is no reason that any TI living in a wealthy western country has to be forced into destitution, not getting fed regularly, sleeping outside, living nomadically, taking risks with one's life via modes of travel, and being afraid to seek medical care. Unless of course this said system simply wants the person to appear mentally unstable on paper as well as in sightings nationwide.

Burying many of us under the banner of a folk hero or a rebel in global affairs is a perfect way to hide a body and cover for what is basically murder. This keeps the TI busy as well as gives them something to live for--opposed to them being able to live thier lives as they wish. Also penalizing individualism as part of a NWO is a great way to constantly keep the TI doubtful about his or her's own rights to a prosperous life.

In short if the system is capable of doing this to its own slaves, and it still engages in slavery, supposedly as a necessary component to managing government or influencial men's vices, then nothing much has changed and I wouldt trust anyone waving banners just yet screaming for a perfect new world. ONLY WHEN THE TRUE CORRUPTION OF THE OLD WORLD ORDER IS REVEALED CAN IT BE AVOIDED AS PART OF THE NEW ORDER. Unless of course you approve of slavery and the sacrifice of people to the system in exchange for a good quality of life.

The general idea that I have to be destroyed to feed Africa is not only sick its ludicrous. But that is the whirlwind everyone is caught up in. Some of the worst offenders of commone sense are people in social services. I swear they work FOR the oppressor. Often they shun ideals like common sense or even wanting to grasp the reality of the lives of their clientele. Again, manage the problems and keep them walled off from society so no one sees how screwed up it is..kinda like is described in the beginning of this article concerning the difference between what is really going on WITH THE DOCUMENTED NUMBERS TO PROVE IT and what the provided pretty picture portrays.

There are many human rights issues within democratic societies that no one will touch as they cover for other activities. Until people take care of cleaning out ALL the dark corners of our collective psych then any action is half action and corruption is still inherently present.
The ACORN expose vids are a good example of this.

(I cant believe my writing sometimes. I actually wrote this- so to my 7th grade teacher who claimed I plagarized an entire essay once, whereas I only took some concepts from it and stole the phrase 'upward mobility': F*ck You.
I wrote this..awww am I being selfish? Full of myself? Jealousy also is another dark corner of the human psych we must watch out gets in the way of all sorts of progress.)

There is also a creepy axis of stupidity surrounding the spiritual warfare of many TI's. It seems that we are led to believe that the Christians want us burned up so our souls are cleansed and contain no hatred or anger for actions against us (actually the neutralization of an enemy) but conversely we are led to believe Satanists are behind such actions. order to gain the most good evil was allowed to run amok?? These are all deceptions to gain compliance of the victim. Any Christians who believe the Target must answer for something are in league with the Satanic (and Nazi) factions involved in torture, destruction and enslavement. This does not make any sense but rarely do cult mind controlled people ever touch the ground anyway. Gonzo..totally gone. Nonsensical. Its best to not believe in anything if you are targeted with such mixed messages, as it makes little sense that both opposing forces would ask you to be tortured in much the same manner with similar result. In fact if this is the case they can both go f*ck themselves. Why would a Satanic faction assist a Christian desired outcome.

No this is about something bigger. Many people hiding under a veil of such religions are really supporting an elite faction as well as promoting the use of mind control tech as well as tactics and systems partially pioneered by Nazi Germany. Also the military seems to be totally out of control wether they be Satanic factions or Christain ones..becuz they are military first and foremost.
Again cult mind control is the desired result. The push on many TI's to become either Christian or Satanic is indicative of a push simply for a system of control over the person- anything but free Will.


Anonymous said...

Here we go, another one leaves:

After being set up and conditioned to react violently. In my case, a lot of harassment is done very loudly and rudely, like they are blatantly breaking the law yet just don't care. Seems a lot of these foot soldiers know what's up, yet still go along. That's probably why they do it so loud and obvious: because it demoralizes the target knowing that they know they will be protected by the perp giants' lawyers and the system.

Anonymous said... order to gain the most good evil was allowed to run amok??

The sense I got was that they wanted this to be seen as a "tough love" to prevent us from making that bad decision, like, dare I say it, walk down the wrong alley where we.... ok, so we weren't going to get attacked in the alley, so I really never got that point of skits that effectively blocked me from certain alleys. Then I realized there was a subliminal message conveyed, like the location of the alley meant something, like maybe the house at the end of it resembled a house I was thinking about, or maybe tied to some other abstract concept. The street perps carrying out the skit probably were lead to believe the target was going to be doing heroin. And you have to be suspect of a system that relies on huge numbers of "going along with the crowd" type of people and also deception and lies about the target.

Also, what doesn't make much sense at all is that so many are allied against the target. It's like this game where you're placed blindfolded at the center of a large circle, and you've got many concentric rings of dozens of people with spears, guns, and knives daring you to make it to the outer ring. So you basically are trying to make it out of the center where you're being attacked, stabbed, jabbed, and clubbed by the angry mob of jealous people who have been lobotomized and brainwashed into thinking you deserve this. Also, each person doing the stabbing is completely and thoroughly convinced that as individuals, they are trying fighting a fair fight against the target. They don't see it as a mismatch, that the target is blindfolded and has his arms and legs bound to a degree is an unfair advantage for them. And doesn't really see the fact that there are hundreds of others doing the same. And they still have personal grudges against the target, given all of that information? How fair is that? Each attacker has the same chemicals released in his brain as say, in other realm where it would be a true one on one fair match, as though they'd be beating the target fair and square. And all the while they are perceiving the target to have a superiority complex over them, like they really need to be taken down a couple of notches.

It really makes a sense to them, having a huge mob attacking one person, where the knife jabs never stop, all damned day long. And they are still never vindicated, like they have hate and jealousy and as individuals need to damage the target further. Oh but perps are so stupid, they can't see past their own stupidity...

Anonymous said...

The thing I hate most about gangstalking is that it encourages idiotic behavior from everyone. And it conditions the idiots going along with it that it's OK to be a compliant jealous imbecile, who can't handle the truth, and to be the polar opposite of self-actualized. Instead of trying to help people, it instills the notion that it's OK to bully people... that bullying is really a form of dominance. I've observed these people involved, and they have this little competition between themselves, where being "better" doesn't mean smarter or more talented or more physically fit. "Being Better" means who can harass and bully others and make the other feel the most like shit. Whomever feels less like shit is the winner. Meanwhile, this New form of compettiveness excludes any type of talent or wit; who can psyche the other out more is the better person and the leader of the pack. While the entire population goes at it beating the others down with harassment, the corrupt scum are going about their dirty deals as usual. It's a lot like if you want to rob a store after hours, you figure out a way to get the two guards fighting each other and competing via beating each other up, while you go in and rob the place. And of course, the new way to beat people up isn't by really physically dominating the other, but rather spreading lies, rumors, using harassment. Basically, by bullying hard and strong and hope you "win" the battle. It's so nice and tidy: no muscles, brains, or any kind of ability are required. Actually the inferior one usually wins these kind, as they big strong one is more confident, and never saw the need to spread lies and harass, bully, and provoke to feel good about themselves. I believe cause stalkers believe these lies, because it's a way of convincing themselves that they are better by shutting out the truth, and just doing a better job convincing themselves that the others are truly inferior. The superior one gets all beaten up, and the little talentless brainless scruple-less mentally ill non-growing idiots emerge victorious. That's why we have to keep fighting and not give in, because this is unacceptable. Who wants a world where people win by being weaker than the strong? It doesn't make sense. If you're trying to build a better world, you don't do it with lies and convincing yourselves that everyone else is inferior and just screaming "I won! I won!" over and over again.