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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WHAT NOW??!!/ Relief is gotten going underground

On train now. At that train stop outside college I had yet another experience.
I was given the idea that I am being targeted due to people truly believing that I was involved in hurting a child. And for a moment I was really convinced that if only I confess what I did and finally tell the truth I will be better off. That I should finally convince.

O-kay assholes what is it now?? WHAT!!?? What piece of evidence do you have that is totally bogus? What whispers from untrustworthy sources or bs from crooked cops?
What evidence do you have that actually shows me doing something like that?

That same college computer lab that I got so much done yesterday was made very difficult for me today. Notice the delaying me in physically getting there, then getting hit in the lab, and even the kid at the desk was different. And his attitude was different as well. It wasnt positive like last night. I discovered that by just saying thank you when leaving. The look- either that or he's one of those annoying elitist millenials (as well as being nationalist and conservative) that floods our country nowadays like a social cancer. They make June Cleaver look like Janis Joplin. What did they put into those kids innoculations anyway? Thank goodness for the young people rebelling that I meet travelling. Kids today see college as means to an end and thats all- an investment in thier future. F*ck becoming well rounded or 'educated'. Who can afford truly evolve in a fascist Capitalist piece of sh*t like the USA is now?

I will tell you something else as well. I went past my stop and came into Boston, which requires going into the underground tunnels to get there. I lost internet while writing this and GAINED RELIEF FROM WHATEVER SYMPTOMS I WAS HAVING. Its exactly like every other time I come here.

I also took down the mold lawsuit to censor it but reposted it due to having issues getting the censored version uploaded. One of this system's greatest advantages is my knowledge of computers being very 98 plus my natural affinity for computers- which is how I figure things out for the most part anyway. Smart and uneducated and kept down gives the system the ultmate advantage along with someone fun to destroy as smarts makes you aware of whats going on as well as you fight longer.

Its the same as before. I also think that the work I was getting done on that computer was too threatening to the system. I'll have to go elsewhere I guess.

Its interesting that it took so long this time to get me 'hooked into' being tortured. First they had to screw up my sense of security in my home (squat this time), and then have my male security/companionship turned against me as well as used to break me down. After fully returning me to a state of abuse and re associating me with that here in Boston, that identity I left behind NOW they can fully start in on me again. CONFESSION AND SUICIDE AS WELL AS PRODUCING INSANITY seems to be the main staples of the campaign here. But its interesting to note how much longer it took them this time due to my cultivating an identity as a traveler and having life experience that defined me away from this area. Its been very important to isolate me socially here. It could also be chemical pollution as well as the heat here producing such results or assisting in that result.

But me feeling relief after going underground is not only a sign its tech, most likely something like microwave that cannot go through the ground- it also is once again following a formula that this geographic location seems to retain.
These f*ckers know damn well that this city provides more resources to get my book done than many places across the USA. Go to the west and forget about being able to use their computers. You get totally cut off from civilization there. THAT is why its so important to drive me out of here this time.

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Anonymous said...

Typical experience with me, too. People are nice at first, then all of a sudden start acting "funny", i.e. suspicious, mean, rude, whatever. Usually if they're still nice after a while, I'll find out they're an informant. Like "yeah, so do you have any brothers or sisters?". Then comes family related questions, and in one case the informant asked me "you never molested a child or anything, like never molested a little boy?" I guess if I said yes, the campaign would use me in a different way. I suppose had I committed such an act, then the system would try to make me a perp or informant as a way out of jail time. Of course I said no, as I have never had any sexual contact or intercourse with any children.

Then one time I was supposed to confess to stalking this one girl I was in regular contact with. I simply asked for proof, and the informant said "well you can't say that now because she is gone". And then the informant tried to give me the girl's phone number, like literally forced it on me and I kept telling her "no I don't want it". I was told she did this to cause trouble, to get the girl all scared if I did call her.