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Saturday, July 24, 2010

link to gs article/ comments on documentary
I have to argue with one part of this. Many of us that see connections to a NWO are not 'conspiracy minded' or cofused. I personally do not believe that this is rooted in a plan for the elite to take over the world etc. I can plainly see that what was used to program people as well as what has come out of human experimentation from the past connected to the radiation experiments as well as MK Ultra is indeed connected to the police state that has been formed as well as globalization.

Targeted individuals either know something that messes with these plans or they are a threat to them for some other reason. Much of what goes on is connected to ritual abuse. Its very VERY complex of a situation. Our western societies have become psychocivilized to a point. Its nothing new as mind control has always been used from classical artwork to ads. Even statues of ancient emporers in the market place stood to be a reminder of their leader. Mind control or coercion comes in many forms. The only difference now is that the 'elite' or whatever you would like to call the powers that be, have the public at a gross disadvantage that is totally unfair. When men cant rebel within thier own hearts and minds due to the use of technologies that actually reach within mankind that far, then the odds are way ouf of proportion.

If the public knew about such things in existence they might then be able to fight them if they choose, but one cant fight firstly what one cant see and secondly what one might be duped into thinking is really the voice of 'God' talking to them etc.

I didnt understand until now why psychiatry doesnt apply their criteria to religious beliefs, other than overtly going against the constitution. It makes sense becuz then coercion or brainwashieing could then be in the form of a belief in 'god' talking to you etc. I find it unbelievably illogical that one person could believe in 'God' and be left alone but another claims psychological warfare campaign and is labeled without investigation. Its simple: the person believing in 'God' is still controllable- under control and easy to control. Anyone who is the target of sophisticated covert warfare is a threat to begin with obviously and if they know too much and then are also validated in thier seeing organized stalking/harassment/psych warfare for what it is then it only validates them- the point of these campiagns is to discredit.

As for 'the elite' it depends on what you mean. It could be that 'the elite' are behind programming those of us who are targeted due to the scumbags knowing that we are here to call them on thier bs, which makes us a threat. There are different kinds of powerful people in this world. Not every wealthy person agrees with a police state or all of mankind living under mind control via tech to create 'peace' (by creating zombies).

And obviously by the documentary I just posted to the right, the CIA have connections to the sewers - to vices, and many rich mens vices at that. Its possible that some 'elite' dont live that way or think they should have that much power.

Also it seems that the military dont usually agree with the covert factions way of doing things just as the govt bodies like congress dont agree with the military or the CIA. All we can do is prove what we DO know not be illogical and try to disprove things.

What we do know is that there were experiments during WW2 and on from there that are documented to include the CIA and the miltary. We know that much of this is connected to mind control now that seems to be being used on the public at large and also that survivors and thier children seem to still be being harassed or monitored.

Some people also have issues of ritual abuse connected to these matters. All ritual abuse is is the power playing of the psychics and those with imagination. When you take torture into the realm of psych warfare and covert at that you have already crossed the line into the lower levels of magick. So why would they stop there? Why not amplify thier power or use tech to create such powers or chemistry to induce such powers. If humans can use tech to create a reflection of the human mind via computers or tech like artificial limbs that imitate human actions or forming AI programs then why would not use tech for purposes of spiritual warfare? The mental and emotional realm are just doorways to the spiritual. Torture effects the spirit and eventually the soul of a person. Through brain damage one can affect all these things within the human being. Covert warfare does just that as well as alters functions and the way the brain works. Also there exists documented technology that can interfere with, alter or induce emotional states and sexual states within the human animal.

I have experienced this work and I have read about it from other targets. The soul and spirit of man is not untouchable if someone wants it bad enough and with the tech that exists especially stemming from Nazi research which was very connected to what we naively deem 'the occult', things are possible now that may not have been before.

The problem is that if such methods are used on the public at large they cannot question or fight such actions or perhaps changes in thier society that they would normally have rebelled against.

What if I told you that George W Bush won the second election via mass mind control- that many people who would have voted against him voted Republican or just didnt vote at all due to a compelling urge to vote Republican? Would you believe that? Worse would you even care anymore? Corruption has always been and always will be. Evil is part of earth and man's nature. Its when man cannot rebel privately in his own heart or mind, or console himself in war or even think of war in peace time if he chooses- in PRIVATE, that is totally unacceptable. Nature created those borders for a reason. Between each human being a serperate world each.

Your mind should be a complete inner world, as large as a universe- not half wiped out and a ward of the state, interconnected to every other human being alive. THAT is torture.

Humans with psychic ability either have the wisdom to use it properly or at least become criminals. And the only other people they would deal with are people naturally on thier own level.

What is happening is as usual man has found some way to plow over Nature's bondaries without heeding warnings- invade, dominate, destroy occupy and then build a false environment to his liking. This may be fine for land but it is NOT acceptable for human conshusness.

A human being has a right to a personal relationship with a 'god' of his own choice, whether that be a god of a belief system including many people or his own inner spirit or godhead as his guide and comfort in life especially in private moments of sorrow, reflection or fear. What is essentially happening very much like in Nazi Germany or communist countries is that the state is then your guide, your conscience and your confessor, your savior. Like I said, the person who believes that 'god' is talking to him, even though it may be an outside force is controllable. Either way, the state or whatever power is behind this, has access to the human mind- as is said in psy ops "hearts and minds". Now they dont have to win them over, they just torture them into compliance. People are being behavior modified using MK Ultra techniques like brain damage in order to soften them up to be controllable.

From that documentary I now realize why I personally was told that I was in danger of being the next Hitler: becuz they abuse those personality prediction tests or other veils to rationalize why the person needs to be in a campaign to begin with. Also if they are that involved in illegal activities then they dont want mind control victims waking up and recalling faces and places, to play victim witness to what really goes on.

I dont care who is in power or what the essence of 'power' is in any time in society. The very fact I can post this and not be executed lets me know I am still living in the USA. Its not a fair fight but the fact that it exists without resistance being totally crushed shows something for what is "America".

I realize that this battle we are in is VERY American. It just seem more impossible due to it being covert in nature as well as the public being unfamiliar with the subject matter. In a way we are more able to stop bs like this nowadays opposed to years ago where knocking us off would have been the order of the day.

Maybe George Bush in his seemingly mad speech about a NWO is not talking about something we are fighting against maybe he is talking about something that is going to come about due to us fighting as we are right now. We are exposing one of the greatest corruptions of our time and perhaps this will force countries into being more responsible.

More dangerous than Bush or the threat of a NWO is a totally covertly psychocivilized society and psychiatry's role in hiding that fact. Psychiatry is actually much more dangerous in this whole plot opposed to any other faction. There is a strange position they have grown into where they are unquestionable, the law uses thier standards to judge by and no questioning of thier authority seems to be being done. They are closely tied to big pharma. This is an extremely dangerous situation if on then considers the existence of technologies that are used for psy ops or control within the prison system or mental institutions. It is very similar to the kind of control the Catholic Church had in the middle ages over the masses. Through terror they made themselves into a huge wall that kept the public controlled and ignorant while other factions still had access to higher knowledge and other things the public were not allowed to know about. It created massive social control over the public. Certainly the dark ages.

And you see this same wall being built around the public especially the poor by psychiatry medicating every one. And so by medicating people with bs diagnoses for every little thing as 'disorder' and at the same time the possible use of mind control or coercive technologies- that creates a huge possiblility for not only enslavement but another dark age. They are basically covering up the use of tech to control the mass with psychiatry.

How much more obvious could it be? This is what many people who are targeted are on about concerning a NWO. There are people who believe this theory about world events and the forming of one world govt that dont even seem to know about the use of non lethal weapons or psy ops.

You have to admit that the use of facism during Bush was overboard and it was used to assist with further globalization as well as the war on the poor here in the USA. Wartime also covered for alot of corruption. Its not a conspiracy totally but you have to understand the life of a TI. They basically get removed from the being able to play on hte playgroud but then spend alot of their lives watching history go by, life go by and the world go by while they stand still. World events are alot more obvious to targeted persons as they experience the worst oppression daily. When they see this in world events or the timing of things occuring in thier personal campaigns as tied to timing in worldly affairs then its natural for them or us I should say to feel the changes in the big picture more accutely. TI's also experience similar changes in large number with other targets, so it seems to be tied into changing world events. Do you realize how many of us can agree that 1995 and 2003 were major points on the timeline for gang stalking activity? Both seemed to accelerate the activity. And both of those approx time periods were during a shift in the way the country was being run. 1995 was when gentrification really started to take effect, rents either doubled, rent control got voted out in many areas as well as many apartment complexes got sold out to condos and along with this 5 year manditory sentencing came in for crimes like drugs. That is alot for a person to experience at once and for a persons harassment to become obvious during that same time would make anybody 'paranoid'. It also draws more attention to shifts in the big picture. Then the war comes in under terrorism all of it quite suspect along with Bush's ready to be impeached then something blows up and he keeps his job due to a crisis, and by 2003 and escalating anti terror here in the USA as well as the CIA getting accused of breaking all kinds of laws and torturing people brings a full scale 24/7 covert terror campiagn to Targeted persons? What does that tell you? It tells us that if that same agency and others like the miltary are capable of the kind of corruption that got us targeted in the first place, what the hell are they up to when an entire nation is scared to death and gives many thenm and many other factiosn unquestioned power to protect them and provide security. It tells me that Janus still has two doesnt matter which one you happen to be looking at right now the other always exists.

It tells me and other TI's that that same level of abuse of power is possible and the connection back to MK Ultra as well as the extension of Nazi work on mind control and torture need to be looked at under this new era of such total unquestionable authority by agencies that f*cked up so badly and never really revealed that to the public.

In other words what the f*ck are they up to now is what most of us living the nightmare for 2 or more generations has been living. Anyone seeking that much power over hte human mind and to the extent of what was shown tells any reasonable person it needs to be questioned. My mother was harassed into not going to the Advisory Committee, which begs the question how much did they lower thier numbers of survivors of experimentation coming forward on the record by such covert methods of intimidation? Then this leads to the idea that if htey had to use such methods to cover their asses during an investigation then that means that said investigation was null and void due to it being ingenuine. The investigation seems to only have served to close any official acknowledgement of thier actions past, present or future. It also was connected to survivors of programming, mind control and RA coming forward around the same time- only to be discredited as well as creating a questionable 'satanic panic' which conveniently led to the False Memory Syndrome foundation, where its been pointed out that the founders and people involved have CIA involvement or connections. Duh.

How many times does this have to be spelled out? The 'elite' have always dabbled in the occult or used extreme methods of mind control. You dont even want to know the half of it. This is no different from a monarch asking the peasants to release some young women to his or her place for some sex, human sacrifice, torture or perhaps bathing in thier blood to stay young (hit the history books if you dont believe me). Laws dont usually affect people powerful enough to not be seen or caught. The problem here and now is that mind control via tech makes a society that is psychocivilized and unable to think, feel or act for itself. In this new era that ruler's castle will never get raided by peasants in a revolt- and if so the military will be there to broadcast via 'the voice of god' something under the guise of 'peaceful conflict resolution'.
What needs to change is psychiatry needs to be forced to take a walk right the hell out of our lives until society starts taking responsibilty for human sadness and frailty like pollution of the environment, changing social structures, the too quick evolution of technology in man's daily existence and drastic changes in social conditions or political ones. What they are trying to pull off is going to cause growing pains for humanity, but thier method of denying that pain and forcing a generic happy face onto every man's soul is absolutley and totally inhuman. They believe that using such tech and other methods of control will allow man to more smoothly and quickly make the transition.

For those of us who have been through this on a personal level, its like being brought into your own death, forced to live like a dead person who doesnt really exist among the living and then readjusted to exist on a different level of conshusness- like the living dead for life. This is part of the sentiment that many TI's get concerning being constantly kept down and told not to expect so much from life after being targeted. Its very damaging when you are being allowed to grow only very conditionally. A perp actually said that to my face..its torture and its like creating vampires- people destined to live beneath the level of the living for the rest of their human existence. THIS is what results from their behavior modification programs, brain damage, gang stalking campaigns, and ruining of lives.

Any faction capable of that is not to be trusted with the capacity to do so to an entire world. THIS is what most TI's are concerned about. Where does that capacity for such power (or oppression) end? JUST with targeted individuals? Or an entire planet of humans? Since TI's are people who have seen the worst of these actions its natural for us to be concerned about other humans. Nature has instilled in humans the urge to be concerned for the welfare of other human beings, some of us more than others. If this were not so, men going to war would not have to be severely modified to kill other men, they would just do it from birth.

The kind of capacity for control over humans now creates conditions so that man has no fair fighting chance against oppressors or advesaries. Its all done under the guise America always makes claim to: that in the long run it will save lives and shed less blood. With the amount of sadistic behavior, apathy and lack of care, as well as superiority gained by perpetrators its very questionable as to thier motives being that altruistic in nature.

I think alot of this is about greed, control, power, fear and wanting to create a sure outcome on a big gamble. And these are people who most likely dont gamble unless they win. So they are essentially cheating as usual.

The worse thing about being targeted is society's shunning of you. Its probably the most unbelievable thing you will ever see in all of your experience and many of us see alot of unbelievable sh*t along the way.

Its also very questionable as to thier methods due to the fact that other methods were available. Many of us who experience waking up from programming via suicide programming could have gone the route of self healing, deprogramming with the help of a therapist and then reprogramming. It is actually much more simple than the mess they create via gang stalking someone into a lobotomy like state basically. What are they so afraid of is the question? They have to make up all this sh*t about the targeted survivor, on alot of levels, to cover up what is really going on. On one level you've got the public believing its about some mundane simple crimes or mental illness and then you realize that even people in on this higher up seem to believe cover stories that are untrue- and the more they know about the truth the more ridiculous the rationale's seem to get.

Believing I was into pedophilia becuz my ex tried to intimate that by setting me up and exposing our kinky sex life between us or digging up my past is one thing- but a few levels up you've got real sicko's who believe or act like they believe that you are going to become the next Hitler if they dont stop you now, a ticking time bomb or all the way up to questioning why you beat 'preminitions' which then leads you to believe that at this level these bastards know that tech is used to manipulate mind controlled victims. They are pissed at you becuz you figured out that preminitions are simply akin to suggestions from a hypnotist and you decided you didnt want to be controlled anymore so found you can use your WILL to NOT go along with what is basically a self fullfilling prophecy?? That is how sick it gets on higher levels of this, and its always people with a sex offender backround as well. They do indeed have access to the sewers for their people, which is why TI's always notice how messed up perps seem to be.

And if they cant have their damn way all the time then you get framed on THAT level as well as potentially the next Hitler, probably with those ridiculous personality trait tests.

You hear what they said in the documentary about the Shah of Iran? Well the CIA are also on record as saying "We got a good 25 years out of the Shah". What does that tell you? Its time to go is all. If he was so dangerous then why have him in there that long? Oh and Iotola Kulmani turned out more favorable a situation for you did it?

These are all brush strokes to the designers. Its art to them, manipulating events and using deception. But the extent to which this tech can be used and so denied using psychiatry is going too far. Cover ups are one thing becuz at least there is some whisper of the truth but the heavy yolk around a mind controlled persons neck is just too ridiculous. Its too much to ask from any human being. To suffer this much with absolutely NO recognition- thats where you start to see it as extreme ritual abuse. They want you to sacrifice your life and then one can see the reality fo ritual abuse and its connection to the rest of it.

At least after seeing this documentary I can feel a bit better about my situation and the way I handled it. What is most hurtful is being duped and thier use of gas lighting. This is why the public goes along with it probably but what is so obnoxious once again is the need to make the TI look delusional while the public and the TI are fully aware of what is going on. So again they have central control...which is too much damn control and its more than they deserve.

And I notice that revealing statement about victimizing or using prostitutes and similarly victimized people so that if they ever found out they couldnt get revenge. That is what they used in MK Ultra for experimentation as well. Works like a charm dont it?

I think there are other factions at work here besides them. As for secret societies, they could perhaps be countering The Company's rabid stupidities -who knows?
I also see that the way things were done as well as the majority of what was done was largely all for diversion. To cost me time, to keep me 'duped'.

Its interesting that as of my left arm giving out on me recently due to Mary Holiday's dog lacerating my tendons and me having a bit of carpoll tunnel syndrome due to writing so much then today me revealing by text to my friend in SD that I finally found a way out of here due to having a UTI that has gone up into my kidneys. My great grandfather died of that- they probably know that about me too. I cant take antibiotics due to allergic reactions to many things becuz of that Batrim pill and besides I wont go to the doctors I am conditioned by harassment not to seek medical treatment anymore all due to this campaign.
Magically I not only can think more clearly but I now see this vid really explaining everything when i did not before.

For all I know one faction may be trying to counter the actions of another faction that would love to see me become so non communicative that I get sick and die. Who knows?
F*ck em all at this point.

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  1. Here is a timid witness with a case of MPD: Hanover Fiste.

    Haha, note how his "alter" emerges on the stand. His two alters struggle to emerge. He gets bribed in the end, unfortunately, and goes back to his ultra-meek, scared witness persona. I guess that's what happens when you stop fighting the corrupt perps (like this Sternn guy). I suppose Stern represents your typical perp very well.

    I remember this when I was in junior high, and it really must've made an impression, because I remembered this so well... never forgot it.

    The scary part is, this represents perps and their victims so well. I myself have been there.