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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My theory on motive for being a targeted individual

The reason I am harassed, blacklisted and destitute are difficult for many people to accept. I tell what Ive experienced to assist others and remain unconcerned about what most people think.

America has been mostly unaware of MK Ultra and black projects and budgets and I would say it will remain that way.
Its like a letter introduction. To whom it may concern. Unfortunately the decievers usually convince a naive public of cover stories. Nowadays it seems getting and keeping MILITARY CONTRACTS is one of the main motivators. In very contractor rich areas people behave as if they are destroying a Target to protect the United States and preserve the economy of their country, state or city-even company.

The truth of my being a Targeted Individual is becuz I  am an intergenerational human experimentee connected to the MK Ultra project.  Many TIs don't know why they are targeted and in this way I suppose I am fortunate.

-My mother is a documented radiation experimentee both parents US Marines. (Her father multiple stints and  my grandmother a  Marine reservist.)  These experiments are connected and aligned with MK Ultra  and many experimentees have given testimonies claiming that many were crossovers-used in MK Ultra and radiation. In the 50's at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland USA she was given radium suppositories as well as other 'treatments' for tonsillitis. They shrunk but grew back and had to be removed surgically.  

-She and I are the only two women in our family to have the autoimmune disease endometriosis.
 Mine has been chronic/severe from age 16, deemed unusually young. Multiple surgeries were done as only later I understood there is no cure. In later years my mother began having typical radiation related issues like thyroid problems and had to have her uterus removed due to fibroids forming.

-My mother began speaking to the Dept of Energy in early 90's about the discovery of her status as an experimentee. She found her records just as they were to be destroyed. She claims she was intimidated out of  the class action lawsuit and testimony testifying at the President's Advisory Committee for Human Radiation Experiments in 1995.
 I began to notice circumstances that I now realize are organized stalking and harassment that were overt in nature around 1995.
 Circa 2003, post 9-11 and war years during Bush the harassment and stalking became overt, aggressive and "24/7".  Looking back I realize my mother had been harassed in the same manner since this time with many strange instances occurring as I recall in childhood. Only she can attest to the full range of her being a TI.

Unfortunately as with many MK Ultra and RA Survivors there was a  cover story on me and that was used to try to get me to become an informant and as I understand it through sources like Ted Gundersen when he was alive- this is a typical set up to create a cover for GETTING A SURVIVOR KILLED. Hey, you were an informant. You died. That is all that happened.  I am very fortunate that my own intuition as well as assistance from unknown sources within the intelligence community prevented this.

During this time there were home break ins and the typical leaving on of the gas on my stove. Same things as other TIs have attested to.
However it becomes more complex as much of what occurred I consider to be connected to continued MK Ultra experimentation or some party interested in MK Ultra experimentees.  I was told in recent years in an email that  someone is "interested in seeing how programming breaks down".
 In short the apartment I was in was purposefully made moldy and I was kept in it using mind control tactics. This may have been to cause BRAIN DAMAGE to induce programming break down but it also aligns with MK Ultra's use of LSD. LSD is synthesized ergot. Myself and many other TIs who were terrorized the worst during Bush have reported perps spraying targeted people with some sort of psychoactive or psychedelic substance using spray bottles or perfume bottles. This seemed to improve the performance of the technologies used on Targets.

Activists have claimed that chemtrails serve this same purpose by making the tech used more effective.
I also believe that LSD substances make the mind more able to be shaped or reformatted or makes behavior modification programs more effective.

I was then chased out of Boston not knowing it was Gang Stalking and believing the cover story. I also suffered badly from psychological warfare and believed I was a bad person and was going to commit suicide with the money from suing for the moldy apartment.
I was fortunate to have help and was guided on the internet to understand this is a SYSTEM not real life. Its psych warfare in part and it can be fought and countered.
I was also chased out of town so that I could be part of a MILAB and other forms of further experimentation in desolate parts of the United States like the mid west and south west-where there are alot of military bases and not alot of people around.

 One of the major motivators for 'gang stalking' involvement is that people are in trouble with the law. This includes anything people are doing that they dont want to be exposed for in the first place. I was surrounded by people who all had something to lose. My mother had some things but I think it was just that she was so much more controlled and abused as a child that she is more easily intimated. Just as in East Germany with the Stasi control of society if you are too much like a parent that is a 'problem' you will be targeted in  a similiar way.

My father was allegedly labeled mentally ill years ago for making constant claims concerning a secret govt project involving the military, the CIA and my mother's family. YEARS after hearing that,with all the events that have come to pass in this way..when you reassess his claims with this new information: How is he wrong? He's not. My mother has a history of revealing things and then forgetting she said them. It may have been one of those moments she revealed to him her suspicions or he found out some other way. I suspect he is a target as well to discredit his claims.
My father  is the kind of person that wouldnt take hints.

They tried the same thing as my mother with me and now they are doing as they did with my father.


John G. said...

Hello, my name is John, I live in Phoenix, AZ. I too am a victim of gangstalking, most likely because of criticism of oil companies, support of the anthropogenic causes of global warming, and my research into UFOs and ETs.

I can remember that it became noticeable around 2003 then gradually escalated in 2005, increased sharply in 2008, and just exploded in 2011, when I began posting about UFOs and ETs on Above Top Secret.

I too have experienced many of the same events as you have. Directed conversations, steady mobbing in stores, cars honking only when they pass me, online harassment via advertisements, and suspicious videos on youtube, and worst of all, the ability read my thoughts at a distance.

For me this is the worst, since I am a Phd physics student, my ideas are my life.

John G. said...

I too am a victim of gangstalking. I live in Phoenix, AZ, though I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. For me it began around 2003, escalated sharply in 2005, sharply increased in 2008, and just exploded in 2011. Also, as I started digging deeper, I have some evidence that I was monitored as far back as 1990 and 1996, when I was in high school!

I believe that my criticism of oil companies, support for the anthropogenic causes of global warming, and my research into UFOs and ETs led the power elite to gangstalk.

I've developed many ways to defeat gangstalking I'll post them separately.

John G. said...

1. most consumer electronic devices built within the last 20 years most likely have some form of monitoring devices. I have also experienced that furniture has also been bugged. So pick a room or a spot in your residence and get rid of everything in that room. So all that is left are the devices on your walls. So put up some heavy drapes and boom, visual surveillance is degraded.

You can protect yourself by placing all small electronic devices in a thick Iron pot with Lid. For electronic devices that require a remote control, simply run a "remote control extender" into the Iron Pot.

Lodge Iron Pots are inexpensive and work well:

To protect yourself from large electronic devices like Flatscreens and the like, simply plug them into a powerstrip with an On-Off switch and turn off the powerstrip when not in use. If need be, large electronic devices could be placed in an armoire or a Flat-screen armoire constructed of 99.999% Pure Iron, 3mm+ thick.

2. Most of the modern devices transmit data using radio waves, more specifically cell phone frequencies, so to defeat these simply buy a powerful all-signal cell phone jammer,

Do a search on google for "ultimate-eight-band-wireless-signal-jammer"

Be careful to fine tune the power on the jammer, otherwise neighbors may start complaining about loss of cell reception and wi-fi. You may also consider getting a portable cell phone jammer, so you can take it with you in public.

3. Lock all doors with a hasp and padlock from the INSIDE very difficult to break in. Use a Mul-T-Lock padlock, nearly impossible to pick. Otherwise they'll plant bug that transmit at frequencies outside your jammer's frequencies. Don't forget the roof and air conditioning vents, any entrance to your house from the outside no matter how small must be blocked from the inside. Lock all windows with window locks from the inside.

4. They also have remote neural monitoring devices, they can monitor Thoughts! To defeat this build a room with walls made of Pure iron 99.999+%, 3 mm+ thick and build extremely powerful Helmholtz coils (inside the room), combined with a random noise generator 0-100hz and a good high powered audio amplifier. Make sure to keep the iron walls clean, they sometimes like to break in and place sensors on the walls defeating the purpose. if need be take the iron to a foundry have it melted completely and cast again with the correct purity and dimensions, just to make sure there are no sensors. If you have disposable income, you can, on a regular basis, like 3 time a year deconstruct the Iron room, have it melted completely in a foundry and then recast with the proper purity and dimensions. Make sure to keep the Iron both solid and liquid in direct eyesight at all times!!

5. If you hear "voices" in your head, and you are reasonably sure you do not have any psychological maladies then build an Anechoic chamber that blocks a broad range of acoustic frequencies and/or build a room underground using vaccumm paneled walls.

The Iron room also protects you from any electromagnetic radiation. If you believe that "they" are directing some type of microwave radiation or other type weapons at you, you can build the appropriate antenna and trace back the source of the radiation, and take the appropriate measures. Given enough power they can still deliver significant amounts of microwave through thick metal, so I am researching materials that can adsorb microwave energy at the molecular level.

To jam higher frequency transmission you may consider looking into the material called ECCO-SORB high loss microwave absorber, just do a search on google.

Since technology changes, so must the jamming frequencies, anti-spying techniques, etc. I am still researching other forms of electronic harassment, like V2K, Directed Energy Weapons, Window Laser Audio devices, infrasound, etc, so that we can find ways to defeat the technology.

I have tons more ways to defeat their technology, just email me