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Monday, July 12, 2010

Noise Campign at Squat Spot

Firstly this is the answer to everyone's question "Why dont you get a place? (housed)". Becuz I know, at least that if I do so in my hometown where all this bs overtly back in 95 then constant in 2003, it seems that trend here has not stopped. As I have posted many times there are some things within gang stalking that you can be sure of. Some rules of thumb. One of them is that, at least in my experience, gang stalking groups have styles or certain tactics that they seem to retain over the long term that are part of the city, town or region they are located in.
It doesnt do them any harm that a TI discovers this becuz in thier opinion a TI isnt listened to by the mainstream society anyway and most people will consider the TI mentally ill and delusional, even though they may be putting together what is happening and documenting it and it makes perfect sense. This is obviously due to the general public not having a grasp on the nature of psychology, behavioral conditioning, psychological warfare or abusive behavior modification camps. From what I can tell much of my harassment in this area stems largely from crooked cops, connections either to my ex or my old associate who runs a crime ring. The people involved seem to be drug dealers and crime connected.

And though there is some behavior modification being done it seems that the statement made by a kid in Abq rings true moreso "They want to keep her on the run with the harassment". So its nothing to them that I figure out the way this works and document it. That I can tell you or the public how this works. I do it for other TI's who feel they have had enough of being harassed in one location and travel like myself to gain some perspective on this or figure out how to get around it by traveling. The perps feel that they are winning the game by keeping the TI 'on the run'. They also feel thier system is infallible due to no one believing the TI and them remaining anonymous throughout thier actions.

Why should I get housed if there are going to be such disturbances. Its true what I have been told. That they want to reduce me to average down to thier level, so if I did attempt anything in life like school or an art project I would have to work as hard as someone who was NOT very talented due to the harassment blocking the ability to use talent.
This expresses the extreme jealousy of the gang stalkers. I was told also that "they are jealous of you" and "They want to bring you down to thier level." All those statements were by three seperate informants, perhaps even perps who take part but think the people in the system or the persons who paid to have it done are petty assholes so they rat on them and make fun of them while taking thier money. There is some help you will recieve from perps who are just out for the money and get as much of a goof out of the backers as they do out of messing with the TI. Think about it: if they take money to harass people then why wouldnt they also turn on the people who pay them? Duh.

Secondly this is why I cant live here specifically. Due to Boston being a place with little hard ass tech used like in San Diego or St Louis for instance, and much access to resources- its the land of plenty in many ways, especially freedom of thought and a free hand to create- due to this the gang stalking has to be fairly consistent to keep someone down. Its not overt anymore as it was in 2003 til Bush left office but there is a balance of tech and in person harassment that is very effective at psychologically destroying a person. That is also due to me being from here and they have lots of wounds to work on. Feelings to manipulate.

Just like starting in 1995 there is a noise campaign here outside the squat. It consists of cars and trucks creating noise by beeping with a frequency that is not normal. Occassionally I get a beep twice as was the anchor of the origninal campaign starting in 1995 in Waltham MA but they seem to have abandonded that for something alot more 'mixed'. Perhaps they are going for the appearance of somethig more random due to the kids here being smart about corruption (Harvard polices its own governing body with students) and it being a very public place for tourists and locals alike.
However the timing is really overt. There is an obvious campaign to make noise during the day probably so I cant get sleep if I need it. There is also an overt use of noise to get me up in the morning usually around 8 or so. This is so damn old. That was back in 2006 even. There was a tactic being used to get me up at 8 am every morning but it was tech. I would be shocked out of sleep at approx 8 am every morning by a wave of heavy anxiety that included tremors. Also a woman who claimed to know my "whole story" and what was going on told a mutual friend that I should be put on a schedule to wake me up every morning at 8 am. This friend rolled her eyes when she told me due to how disgustingly controlling and obsessive it was.

So I dont doubt my experiences along these lines. No where else but St Louis and the Boston area have I ever gotten woken up in a manner that was overtly gang stalking related. And like I said every city has its style and tactics it uses and that doesnt seem to change.

Part of the noise campaign has also been people having very loud conversations around 8 am over the squat spot. My fellow squatters have been wondering why all this strange activity lately? And they noted how unusually loud that conversation was. This is an indicator to the Target who knows whats happening that they are probably right about thier assessment of the situation. When regulars to an area begin to notice changes or unusual trends. Dont discuss gang stalking with them- you need them to remain a neutral force as they can be used to gauge changes in the environment. As soon as you move on it will stop anyway. Unless its a campaign to harass the local homeless out of the area. As far as this area I noted it to be pretty peaceful before this started and the other squatters indicate that as well.

Yesterday, Sunday, was the worst. Boston usually screws up my sleep patterns and its always been that way. I often end up sleeping during the early hours of the day as well as being up at night or just waking and sleeping at odd hours. I have never figured this out as to why but I actually feel much more rested over time if I just let my body do as it likes with timing. Also I am probably very tired from years of traveling and this is after all my home so I probably am able to rest here harder, really let go and REST. The perps dont want you to rest remember (during writing this I am getting repetitive visions not only of my former associates, my aunt's husband Jimmy, my grandmother and my mother but now of President Obama. What is the damn deal? Is the system trying to tell me something? Especially with my family, that these are the people responsible? This is another annoying thing that occurs in MA. Repetitive inner visions usually of people. It happens in MA, has been documented by me to occur here consistently and does NOT occur in other locations and of guessed it, only occurs from 6 am to 12 midnight.)

Its much queiter now, within and without as I have written this. Of course it is. Becuz THIS is MK Ultra and I just 'told on' the system. I just confessed, I revealed information. All any of this is is torture to gain information. Its used on someone like me to control them. The more I confess the less privacy I have and the less secrecy I get to have. These two components are necessary to the creation of artwork as well as power- the system wants to ensure I create neither.

Why else would I be treated this way? True ti makes sense that my situation involves mind control and then MK ULtra used to interrogate programmed persons, especially since my mother is a documented radiation experimentee and those projects are not only performed at hospitals that were MK related but no one knows the extend or scope of projects due to desctruction of documents. It is recorded that many of the experiments were terminal and many were obviously power games and sadistic bs. Kinda matches my situation huh?
Hey many of the people who exposed MK or realized what it was ended up 'falling' out of windows and sh*t. I'm doing pretty well so far but thats becuz , as one perp told me, I have no cred. I am not an Official Person that The People are going to listen to. Its easy enough to write me off.
Would YOU believe that Nazi's lived and are running the country? I wouldnt either if it werent so damn obvious. And its not like it was in 19whatever. Many factions seem cooperative. Like Jews for instance. Hell, why not? Its predominantly thier people who provided experimentees, why not use the results for world 'progress'? Thats how they have always rolled.
If you think that assessment is crazy or sounds childishly conspiracy like then read up on the origins of MK Ultra and read up on the Nazi connections to Bush and the Royal family etc etc.
I dont talk about it much becuz its old hat. Its obvious that someone found some merit in thier research and its profitable (and fun for sadists) to continue these projects for profit and progress. It may even be continued by private companies with no connection at all to the original fascist regime(s). Who knows, who cares? But I can tell you that is where the origins hail from. Hail..that was funny. Heil I should say.
It doesnt really concern me who my enemies or destroyers are exactly...just know they are pissing me off and in my way. The politics of it doesnt necessarily concern me. If it wasnt them it would be some other idiots-pissing me off and in my f*cking way. All of which need to get out of my face and be cleared from my path and that IS the way I will have it. Story ended.

Yes, Sunday was a glory fest of assholedom here. I cannot believe that so many people could be near this squat and not pass by mind you but HANG AROUND and be so noisy. And in weird ways like making bizarre noises. What the hell is this a Skull and Bones performance? You have to familiarize yourself with cults, and cult brainwashing tactics.

It was like hours of noise and I was trying to sleep that day. Sunday and Saturday nights are usually the worst for gang stalking in this area. The biggest problem is that I actually sleep during this kind of harassment and the effect is kind of hypnotism or conditioning while asleep or in a sleeping state. It helps internalize all the negative stuff they want y

These jerks will not be satisfied until I am going around the country spewing what sounds like conspiracy concerning Nazis running the country and outlandish sci fi experiments to totally discredit myself.
You already have survivors doing that, its time it was done differently.

I will not let my bastard family win that easily. Often I think about that blonde Christian cousin of mine who gets to be a genetic engineer while I live in a tent, traveling, getting torn up and old being harassed out of any kind of future. Oh...wait a minute. A blondle Aryan type who is Christian who plays the game with the system by being a genetic engineer. I see now why she is exalted. It was always an insult when that idiot at Mass Rehab would tell me I was expecting too much of myself. That is passive way of telling someone they are too screwed up and stupid to do anything or use thier talents. I never listened to that idiot either. I am just as smart as any of my family and much more creative and artistically talented and I aint afraid to use it either. They need a scapegoat and my cousin is conforming to not piss off the system as well as easier to control. She told me how controlling my uncle is of her. Pedophile families who have been in trouble with the law need to play catch up and clean up like this and a sacrifice is often needed. I was also going to start delving into my own past as well as disclose the famlilies past in therapy and with a hypnotist years ago, which is when my mother screamed at me "I WILL NOT BE CONDEMNED BY YOU!!". So I had to be condemned first I assume. That b*tch always did think of herself first and foremost. If my cousin was her kid she wouldnt be a genetic engineer right now thats for sure- nor a Christian and THAT is for certain. She would have been damned to a life far from Christianity knowing what kind of crap my mother was involved in. Kiddie porn and was nothing to her. She had photos of me she let this idiot take at night. I should have grabbed them as evidence but she destroyed them. Her excuse was "You have to remember this was the 70's.." blah blah blah- that infamous Baby Boomer Book of Excuses that we Gen X kids had to grow up with. That damn book of excuses they spew explains away why we cannot do anything they got to do as well as validates everything they did, that no one is supposed to do. They suck. They still suck. The only redeeming quality about them is that in the times we live in they may just be the last generation left who actually believe in fighting the system instead of those horrid Gen Y and Millennials who either side with it or dont bother.
I am generalizing of course. Every squatter kid I meet is at least not conforming- though they dont exactly do anything productive either.

At least I have the validation of others who are very interested as to why its so noisy lately. They have said that groups go by alot on Sunday that are noisy but usually they dont stay and make noise.

What is also interesting is the effects of the combo of noise campaign and vision. It amounts a brainwashing session with the use of behavioral conditioning as well as tech (obviously). And I am not going for it.

Once again one of the main obsessions of this system is getting me to go to UMASS. Last night was hysterical with an ideation that even the cops are routing for me and everything will be alright once I go to UMASS.

You have to remember that the KEY to going to UMass would be forgetting everything that happened and leading a life not based in activism or having to keep the activism on the backburner while getting an education. It would also totally obsolve Olick for the moldy apartment considering it shows I can work and function. It would also establish my new level of dumbed down averageness as my norm opposed to me having established a higher level of talent and intelligence to compare it to before years of brain damage, psychological damage and physical damage.

There is no motherf*cking way in Hell that I am going to skoot off to college of all places just to placate this system and erase years of damage. I notice that my family, weak minded as they are, have a tendency to- after years of 'bad luck' and non productivity, tend to move on in such a way, like good little victims pushed into DENIAL and its summed up best by one of my aunts sentiments: "That was a long time ago, he's (my uncle) not involved with those people anymore and has changed his life". Blah blah blah more excuses. One is NEVER far from one's past in reality. And one is always associated with 'those people' one used to be associated with. This system wants to reform people in the interest of profit and protection. I personally will NOT be reduced to a happy ending story which would be so typical of Boston anyway. Its part of a good life here to ignore reality. To be part of a good Irish story, the Irish being very good tellers of tales. They also have a foundness for drink and denial.

I understand this makes life more pleasant but unfinished business is not pleasant for some of us and washing it away cannot be the answer. The sad thing about Boston is for all its power and all its resources it has a very bad habit of reliquishing power and bowing down to circumstances in the face of oppression by putting up its hands and saying "what can you do? You have NO POWER", and then being satisfied with knowing one's place.

I AM sorry but did my great great grand mother shut the shades on Victoria coming though the streets so that I can now give in to oppression, largely which might be being directed by the Crown in unison with Nazi sympathetic parties or old investors in the party intergenerationally? Continuing human experimentation under a new corporate name or contractor name is still sympathetic and investing.
And as someone that possesses even a bit of Italian DNA do you honestly think the slight of taking me away from my family and my home, though rented STILL MY HOME is ever going to be mended by anything short of the blood of my enemies? Come now. We all know better than that. And I think the Slavs just fight whatever is in thier face thats in thier way blindly, or that is what it feels like. And if any blood runs in my veins, via Ireland or Germany of the men of the North, even the Nazi sympathizers know that I will never be kept down by someone demanding I give up what is mine or be ruled by some outside form of belief or culture. And its not blind and brute like the Slav DNA its very very aware of what is going on and well, it likes to fight really and has no problem doing so for life. It seems a surviving force unto itself which refuses to be changed or occupied.

Now do you understand why rock and white music with primitive energies had to go in the NWO? The truly primitive among us- we dont make good slaves.

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  1. Yeah, that's one thing they used to do here... with the weird noises. I remember being in Wal-Mart one time, and I thought I was in a jungle... it sounded like something gorillas make when conversing... a bunch of pops and clicks whatnot. Like being in a zoo.

    Another tactic is the "obvious hypocrite" act: having a family standing around, with a little bitch doing a directed conversation "complaining" about some guy "who just sits there". Interesting, considering they were obvious gangstalkers, doing their job, just standing there. So that was supposed to piss me off... someone complaining about me just sitting around, when they were in fact just standing there for like how long. Probably they were there in position like the dummies they are for a good while before I arrived, just so I could hear this directed conversation about me just sitting there. Interesting that someone who even gave two shits about me would find standing around for 2 hours an interesting hobby. Oh, and the other gangstalkers just stand up for these bums. True bums, that's what these people (perps/gangstalkers) are. That's why I call it psychological welfare, because they don't want to do anything to gain or fix their self-esteem problems; they have to mooch it off of the target.