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Saturday, January 2, 2010

another seemingly stupid TV show that promotes spying and deception as fun, normal and socially acceptable: "I GET THAT ALOT"

Another show I ran across:


Same bs, hidden cameras from all angles, actors pretending not to be themselves and basically harassing people making it look like innocent fun.
Notice how in the photo from the above link everyone has shirts on making them a 'team' or group. Again we have the hive mind or herd. And the celebrities have given up thier fame and individual specialness to come down from the house on the hill to play with YOU on YOUR territory! You should feel special! Dont be flattered or fooled just becuz they are famous people interacting with commoners. Especially with Jessica and her blonde tresses with her big smile. That is also the promoting of a fantasy- that she might work some regular job and YOU could talk to her.

The episode I saw had some guy from SURVIVOR playing the role of a super market cashier. He was not as recognizable as Jess Simpson or Mario Lopez so he seemed to get away with messing with people more. He got this one woman very stressed out by over charging her for items as she got a phone call it got more stressful and the editing got faster with more technical events (more camera angles faster and faster) reminded me of a porno. To a sterilized deadened society this IS the new porn. And young kids are being trained basically to see this as fun and socially acceptable. It helps to promote spying and/or voyerism as well- in a very big way.

The Survivor guy made sure he recapped with saying that no one got angry or upset and everyone was nice to him even though they thought he was screwing up and that his faith in humanity had been restored due to this.
It reminds me of a lollypop after you get a shot at the doctors as a kid.

And its prettty obvious to those of us who understand what is really being promoted that he is actually making something sound OK that is not the neighborhood pervert after he gets all creepy uncle on yo ass.

Organized stalking and harassment, which is also theatre by mediocre actors, and also premeditaed and also (most likely) filmed for entertainment and/or human experimentation, actually has the OPPOSITE efffect after a while. You lose your faith in humanity.
This is the difference between TV land and reality land.

In reality land where those of us being targeted have to live, no one stops the act and is nicey nicey about it (to avoid lawsuits or complaints) and tells us what is going on. And no if they did not have to show this to everyone on TV I bet you they wouldnt even care about the victims they mind f*ck at all.

These shows promote fantasies about control. Its sole purpose is to break society down further by encouraging spying, lack of genuine communication, deception, control and mind games and disregard for individuals and thier privacy.

When you dont know about the sinister use of such activities you are naive to the dark side of human nature. What is being done in these shows and what is being toyed with is extremely dangerous. This is why its so controlled so people dont have heart attacks or freak out on camera. I wish just once someone would.

It would be nice to set up these people, to purposely freak out or fake a heart attack. Just to sabotage thier operations- but then youd be as low as they. Besides they probably have some expert profiling people down to thier fingernails and shoes concerning who is a safe bet to mess with and who is volitile.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about or reading about celebrities. Hollywood has been providing the public with fantasies to escape to for years.
Slaves historically become inward thinking people and have rich fantasy lives to compensate for what they are kept from having in this life. This is a normal function of the human mind to keep the spirit and mind alive-but when manipulators start using your fantasies to promote something like this its to fool you not to provide you with an escape..I often wonder if any thing Hollywood ever provided was not about social control and behavior teaching or to influence the mass in some way.


Anonymous said...

From my own situation, it seems people are dispatched and sent out to wherever I may be. It's not quite like that show, as each group, family, couple, individual, etc. seems to have a very specific and narrow script to "follow". If you start questioning them about certain things, they appear "lost", so I can tell they were instructed to play certain roles. It's the perps directing the show, not really individuals going around randomly harassing me as a TI. A small percentage seem to be doing just this, though.

I believe each individual "accepts" his own role and his it approved by the Perps themselves before carrying anything out. Like I said though, there is always the random population that seems to be just going along with whatever. I call those people "extras", because everything is so highly directed and scripted in my case.

I can tell The Perps are the ones in charge here. If I get mad about anything "psy-opped" like in newspapers or wherever, they dispatch gangstalkers (players) to direct laughter towards me. At first I thought it was because The Perps were having a secret laugh at my expense. Then I started to think it was a behavior modification tactic to get me to not react, but to rather accept their harassment tactics and psy-ops without anger. Seems they want me to accept everything they throw at me, and "realize" that they are "taking care of me".

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I despise shows like this. They would be so sorry if they did that to me.