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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tired of getting allergic shock reactions to foods, inconvenient for travel

how can a plain burger and 3 fries from a non fast food place cause what feels just like the beginning of anaphactic shock again? I took two Benydryl so the reaction was contained but WTF? HOW IS THIS MEAL AT ALL CONTAINING ALLERGY FOOD? Its ridiculous. I get symptoms from raisins, diet coke f*ckin everything now. WHY? The only thing that seems safe is apple sauce and mandarin oranges. I am scared to eat anything else. My liver has been hurting and whatever is on the left side as well. During taking that prednisone I could feel my damn kidneys...

Does having anaphylactic shock to Bactrim cause permanent damage? I only took one damn pill and went into shock within 20 min or taking the damn thing. If I dont eat anything that makes me have reaction symptoms I am shakey and all hyped up. What the hell is going on?

I do not have the time nor the luxury of getting a doctor to follow up on this. I dont want to go home to Boston where I know where to go for docs as i do not want to be homeless in those ghetto shelters (ghetto used to be livable but now it totally sucks in the new millenium.) in the damn snow.
This is honestly the first time I do not know what to do. I have no idea how to deal with this. I am also perplexed as to why one pill would cause this.
I am also not understanding why the hospital in CO, where some of the staff were mean to me, didnt give me meds to leave with as the doc in Phoenix told me 5 days of meds to cover further reactions was standard.
Does the body take super long time to go back to normal or is this permanent?

This is the most inconvenient thing right now. And now I cant take my herbs for health maintence as I wouldnt dare do so unless I was in an ER waiting room so I could have a bad reaction at least with pros around.

Upon eating my burger (i tried one of the fries and felt a reaction and took more benydryl) two sheriff deputies or cops sat down to eat at the table next to me. I was never so glad to have two persons like that near me in all my life. I knew at least they would either have something on them or be able to do a trachiotomy or something at least.

It pisses me off...I told that female doc that I had mycotoxicosis from a moldy apartment and told her antibiotics make me feel 'mold sick' again. I also told her I had hep c and even filled out a form saying so. That is the LAST drug I should have been given.

its a joke when a TI sues people. WIth my mother and grandmother being sue happy everyone probably thinks that I was the same way or targets just dont get treated fairly and given the same rights as other people. The system feels it can do what it wants and the person has no recourse. It helps that I am poor. I assume this makes me not count at all in thier world.

This country and culture has wasted my life. I wish I had gotten out like everyone else who is more European by nature in 95 or at least when Bush stepped into office.

Being a TI though I know what is the experience of other targets: everywhere you go and anywhere you go, you will be targeted, harassed and blacklisted. It may take a day in some places and others it takes a week for it to start up. In FLORIDA there was a tuck waiting for me right off the bus. But it will happen.

I guess in order to make TIs discredited the system has to be consistent as a TI claiming it happens only in certain cities is a dead giveaway that it is NOT mental illness.

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  1. You are evidently sensitive to penicillin-group anti-biotics and to similar moulds on citrus fruits, as well as to other household moulds.

    It is the common practice of American farmers to add antibiotics to cattle and pig-feed, to make them grow faster and bigger by changing the balance of intestinal bacteria.

    This practice is completely banned in the EU, to the extent that UK Horse-owners aren't allowed to give their animals certain drugs in case of illness or injury. People object to being banned from treating their million-pound racing nags merely in order to render them safe for French people to eat! There is no faster way to get lynched in the UK than treating horses as food, but Medawar finds himself digressing.

    You could be reacting to traces of anti-biotic in the beefburgers and so on.

    I think Brazil bans anti-biotics in feed unless the animal is actually sick, so they can export meat to the EU. Argentina tends to farm to please the USA, though.

    A lot of restaurants use cheap far-eastern shellfish, tiger prawns and so on, which are raised in converted vietnamese paddy fields swimming in anti-biotics to stop the creatures being killed by poor conditions.

    A lot of beef in tinned form is going to be Brazilian and probably safe: corned beef and beef stew. Brazil does attempt to produce to EU standards. With fast food outlets in the USA, you cannot really tell what you're getting.

    Try sticking to lamb (especially New Zealand lamb, if anyone in the USA stocks this) and sea-fish like cod or haddock. At least until your system settles down a bit.

    The fries might have been cooked in beef-fat: okay if you're in Yorkshire, where the beef dripping will be anti-biotic free, but dicey in the USA.

    This is difficult, I cannot recommend American chicken if you are reacting to American beef!

    Don't go vegan: there's too much danger of moulds growing directly on all the grains and pulses you'd have to champ through, and about a tenth of the western population is actually allergic to, or at least intolerant of, soya.

    What you need, my dear, is a good fish and chip shop, preferably in Whitby.