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Wow. Watching this. Never bothered with Bourne series before. Offended by them, beneath me so I felt (wheres the MK Kids' royalties? Another rip off). This IS extremely nasty, isnt it? Well, after so many years. After all this travel and the recent tasteless badly written attempted frame ups by clown(s) unknown- I realize something. Humans can try as much as they want to 'create' programming or influence of humans. Alterations. Modifications. Programming. Puppets. You arent gods. Im certain of that now. Theres a force greater than all of mankind that is the only solace that any of us have for the miserable approx 80 years we exist here. You can attempt to crack the codes of this force and the natural creation of life. Nothing is more powerful than the force that cares for this planet and it's people. I see now that the natural state of all things is like an eternal sunny day and that the clouds and storms are simply the illusions of darkness put forth by 'evil'. Oh...btw. If anyone wants to try to silence me again or block me from writing then try it. It didnt work last time. And remember this is all theorizing, amateur research and pondering. Maybe its a sci fi project...or a mind f*ck on the public-like the Beatles 'Paul Is Dead'. I do know that I wont allow anyone or anything to interfere with my writing. Ever again. Ok...just got to the motorcycle chase scene: ridiculous but funny.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a note on..or TO Tiger Woods/ pity from onlookers

I have taken note for some time of the tabloids attacking celebrities and their stalking behavior. There are a few examples that are chilling and for those of us who now understand what "targeted" means or the nature of psychological warfare, we can plainly see that the few examples of creepy behavior by the paprazzi has more it than just the glimpses into thier sickness that makes the whole country a sick ass place to live.

I now see that thiers is a large part of the brainwashing of our country..of keeping people desensitized and addicted to voyeurism. Hmm gee, I wonder just who would have an interest in altering or even creating the psychology of our nation. There is a list to chose from and I am not going to print it. Figure it out for yourself.

Social control. Thats it.

If you watch the movie Kurt and Courtney by Nick Bloomfield you will see a plethora of creepy people involved in this film. Which of course makes it great as well as what little of the story fragments we get along. Nick B's films often dig into the seedy
realities that make the lives we see on the surface possible. This I appreciate him doing.
In the film we are introduced to two guys one wearing a mask to avoid being identified. I believe thier job is to get the paparazzi into places that they are not supposed to go. Maybe it goes deeper than just the media taking pics and these guys dont know you thier real employer is or perhaps they are just what they seem which is a creepy but necessary part of this really creepy end of ..ahem "journalism". Look at it like the intel or dirty tricks guys for the tabloids.

Another creepy clip was one I saw of an older guy in the ranks of paprazzi who claimed they all liked Heather Locklear because she plays the game like she is supposed to and gives them the pics and coverage they want. It was more than that. The footage I saw and heard of him basically acting like a stalker while photographing her was just that. Creepy stalking. He was talking to her while taking pics, but like to himself. It was almost pornographic. He was saying things like 'thata girl' and 'good girl' basically this fantasy of controlling her with the camera. The fact that the core seems to like her because she gives them what they want is really arrogant.

This is very similar to gang stalking. The attitude is that "WE have the POWER to make or break people" and its all about the GROUP and its ultimate importance over individuals and thier rights.
I once heard a judge talking about how allowing the paparazzi core to act out in sucja manner had created a "lawless society" and he denouced it saying hopefully one day laws will be made.
This shows a break in the POWER of this group.

See the trick of all group brainwash and terrorism is to make the cult seem all powerful and much peer pressure is used. Then one becomes convinced of thier omnipetance. Then seems that going up against them is not worth it and you become almost with a feeling of being surrounded by this element. THAT is its only power. Illusion. I believe a judge, a thinking person trained in the sciences, is someone who's opinion also matters perhaps moreso. If they broadcast people from the legal and criminal sciences and even psychology having a very opposing point of view as constantly as they broadcast TMZ abusing people and validating themselves the whole time our reality would be very different.
You have to break through all kinds of mind control a.k.a brainwashing daily in order to be free in any society. But its harder if one lives in a society claiming one is free upon waking every morn after birth and until death.

There is nothing wrong with America today. Its just that our quality of life for varying reasons is being taken from us, and like every ancestor in our DNA through times past before us, we must fight to be free and to keep or take back what we consider ours or to gain something we want.Targeted individuals now after Bush, now people having to live with what they have done, see alot of hanging heads, eyes too ashamed at what society has done to us to look up at us as WE look ahead with pride, ferocity and dignity or further persecution via hateful, arrogant or wise ass looks. Society now deals with us with pity, shame or hate. If we felt as bad for ourselves as a certain portion of society does we would be dead by now. F*ck them and dont even give thier pity any consideration, unless you can use it for something that you need to survive.
Its not that sympathy is not appreciated but pity and shame are components of a defeatist attitude and TI's cant afford such a thing to exist in our worlds.
You can always tell the difference between peoples by wether they eminate shame/pity or hate/arrogance. For so long we have dealt with hate and arrogance from the perps during the height of the Bush adnim that we may be able to deal better with this than people feeling bad. I have posted about how not only is pity and shame counter productive but such emotional displays may be manipulation by a perp to get the TI to feel worse about thier situation. LET THEM BE WEAK AND SHEEPISH. YOU the TI cannot afford such lapses in strength.
If people act as if your actions are wrong then they either believe the propaganda that all TIs are mentally ill or they are ignorant of the circumstances. The last possibility is that they are hiding something, they are keeping with the campaign to destroy a target and to mess up morale they act as if your actions are wrong or you are somehow socially unacceptable. Other covert wars have been fought elsewhere around the world and are still being fought...what people dont know can hurt YOU. They are most likely not in tune with the harsh reality that weapons and tech is documented to exist or that we can assume so through logic and deduction or that these methods of psychological warfare have been around for decades and documented to be used readily in many different countries. They are normal citizens with little part in what targets are fighting against. I hate to say this but they have to be ignored. I have posted before about how dangerous ignorant non gamers can be. This is the segment marked as not aware of gang stalking and not in on it either. They may honestly believe cover stories and that makes them dangerou but often useful.
If its people who are aware of organized harassment destroying your life...well the old attage comes into play : 'either lead, follow or get out of the way.' If they are feeling weak concerning your situation they wouldnt likely survive their own so just disregard them and thier reactions. Unless of course they can be useful.
The other two factions are going to be people who are aware of your situation or in on it who like what they see and get off on this or benefit from it somehow. You know what to do with them I hope by now.

There is something going on in the US and has for a time been so that it seems very popular to destroy our most beautiful best and brightest. I dont understand what is happening or why but its most likely connected to the need to shift mass psychology in the interest of what has been coined the 'NWO'. Globalization perhaps. Whatever the motive, Tiger Woods was bound to be on the hit list sooner or later.
First of all he's of African and Asian descent and alot of people dont like that..whites but also people of his own DNA. Some people just dont like 'mixed' people or anyone non white gaining that kind of noteriety for perfection. Being a bit of an elitist I would love to become emperor of the whole world and make it law that anyone with superior qualities be put in a beneficial position regardless of race, gender, backround, class or connections. That would be my perfect world order. Only nature's best not fabricated. Then, based on true quality, people like paparazzi wouldnt be able to make or break jack sh*t. The pure power of quality would be what is paid attention to, not magazines that work off Warhola's Cambell soup can philosofy of replication like media virus. It was cool done by him becuz only he could do it artfuly and only he could transit subltely to other artists and the like the joke that went along with the whole thing he was pulling off.

I was just in a food store and looked at the tabloids as I walked by. I dont buy them or read them. On the cover was this awful pic of Tiger Woods, with a look on his face I have seen too many times on my own face and of other Targeted people.
He looks so incredibly sad and the systems bullsh*t is really getting into his head. Its a downright crime for someone that nice of a face (I am artist I cant help it. His symetry is wonderful) and with a record of that much talent to have a sad look like that in his eyes. Why doesnt society go after other powerful or public people? There is a hell of alot worse going on with some other people I can tell you. I am sorry but I was raised old fashoined which is probably why I refuse to get married ever. If one does get married one should conduct herself with class and sit the reporters down to tea then excuse them from the house and stay married and IGNORE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS. What would have happened if Jackie O didnt keep it together during all the drama? Maybe its a New Enlgand thing but he wouldnt look so sad if his wife were standing by him firmly and treating the press like they deserve to be desperate peasants outside the castle causing trouble becuz they cant live inside the castle.

Dont people see that most of these people are doing what they are doing is to take the power away from the real talent? Have you watched an episode of TMZ? Who the f*ck do these little twerps think they are? Its outrageous. You can tell by the moves they make like who they pick on its all based on how bad they would get their asses kicked or chewed out by the real power players...if they went after someone who was really connected they would be through immediately. They are cowards its obvious. You can tell they go after people who are either expendable, already targeted by the gang stalking system for various reasons or people who just dont have the connections to protect them.
You can also see its about social control of talent. Its exactly like gang stalking for famous people. Its all about intrusion of privacy, shaming, surprise attack all as psychological warfare. It would be VERY interesting to get really deep and find out what the true motives are for each celeb that is harassed in what seems a hate campaign that doesnt make much sense to focus on them opposed to someone else. VERY interesting.

Tiger should collect his wealth and take his wife, if she can act like she knows her place for 5 minutes and get out of this hell hole of bs and go to some other country where they appreciate talent and money and mind thier own business. A woman who leaves her husband at a time like this is to me a person giving in to the group, the mob. And who the f*ck does the mob think they are? If you let these morons invade your private life you are as stupid as they are.

Its sad to see this whole thing go down as they both look like lovely people and a cute couple. And since when has a gentlemen's philadering been anyone's business but his own or he and his wife? Lately it seems like THE MOB is the ultimate in policing, judging, sentencing and execution or imprisonment, in morality as well as social control. This is ALL utter bullsh*t and people should NOT give in to this kind of terrorism.
Every piece of this campaign from the lowest of us to the most high on the list, that allows them power via validation is letting the system ruin the country and our whole culture.

It looked like he was at the phase of really feeling sorrowful about what they are targeting him with and he looks on the verge of that horrible depression that if the harassment doesnt stop as for some of us, you never get out of that depression and it actually, along with stress and fear, does damage to the brain. This is why TI's feel that thier 'souls' have been affected. Its most likely damage to the brain. I was offered antidepressants by a nurse in on it..she actually suggested this for the harassment campaign. I WILL NOT take medication due to a cause and affect process from an organic source. One that should not exist to begin with. It was one of the most severe moments of arrogance and absurdity in my gang stalking history. Besides, its shown itself to be one of the ways of getting programmed people being harassed to snap and either go postal or suicide. Sorry not this one idiots.

He really needs to take action NOW to get away from the source so there is less damage. He also needs to do something so that he heals now not later.

And for those of you who think he deserves this becuz of his extra curricular activity...mind your own business for once. NO ONE deserves harassment or psych warfare as a punishment for moral reasons. This is all about destroying America and its best and brightest. People have to change on thier own not becuz the damn mob wants them to. I dont know what his wife's experience was but perhaps they had an understanding. Whatever the case the way its being handled is NOT what should be acceptable. America has zero dignity at this point and no class whatsoever. It compensates for this with being nasty, throwing its weight around domestically and abroad and ensuring that any idiot who can buy a house, a car has a woman push out some pups and has a truck and a boat has now reached the level of genuis and full social acceptablility...espcecially if he is popular, has lots of 'friends' and is liked by the neighbors. The guy who does 'what you are supposed to do' and fits in IS the new star of our culture. HE is the best and HE matters most.

And I notice something about that. Everyone liked Tiger Woods..until they found out what was behind the front. America doesnt like high quality or true talent or intelligence (if that were true you wouldnt be using child labor like hypocrites due to it being illegal here and legal over in China and the like).

Lets here it America, for whoever provides you with THE BEST FRONT. The best smoke and mirrors show. Lets here is for whoever pretends to be socially acceptable even if their life is a mess inside.

For those of you who dont fear true quality or have a brain that uses more than a mere 15%, its the beauty of what Tiger Woods accomplished that is what should be paid attention to and its understanding the pressures and temptations of fame or money as well as just the natuer of men and sex that is a story to behold, not the morally justified breaking of a talented person just so the jerk offs in the mob can feel like maybe now they are as good as..

You will NEVER play golf like Tiger Woods you peasants. Most of you will NEVER look as good as I did and even homeless I look better than most of you bitches or the fat hags you carry your sorry asses home to at night. You will NEVER be as smart, talented, gifted or good as or strong as the people you cut down- having to do so in large numbers against one or two people.
Especially spiritually- obvious by the actions you take against others to destroy them.

Look in the mirror perp. Without your backup- you aint sh*t.

I hope that every person who has been stalked and harassed heals and gets revenge, especially those who have to deal with thier noteriety being used as a tool against them.


AJH said...

Isn't "Lets here it America, for whoever provides you with THE BEST FRONT" called show business? We like our untouchables until we find the warts. Elton John once said that for a good 5 to 10 years celebrities can do no wrong, and then something causes the paparazzi to snap, and then its the doghouse, even to the point of total falsehoods. He won a court case in the UK about two years ago over paparazzi bullshit about his charitable events. Even those aren't sacred, as they poisoned the news story until they lost in court.

Mack Cooley said...

Excellent post