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Friday, January 8, 2010

news story on rape in juvinile prison

The system lies once again and plays stupid to support corruption.

Story on El Paso news station about rape in juvinile prison. THIS IS WHY ABUSE IS A SUCCESFUL PART OF CORRUPTION. THE SYSTEM PLAYS STUPID AS USUAL.

It has been common knowledge for many decades that young boys are a prime target for sexual abuse in prisons, jails, juvi hall and even in the homeless population. When I sleep outside in some city that is tolerant of travelers or houseless people I always end up with young boys as road dogs...why is that? Becuz thier mothers arent around and they feel protected, at this age i get to play mother hen i guess. As a woman I can relate to them being harassed and victimized as sex objects. I was shocked to see how many perverts treat them as an woman would be treated. And many of them are just 18 or so and still havent the ability to defend themselves totally. Men will literally follow them down the street to try to hustle them until they give in I assume to their attentions.

I am old enough now to handle any kind of jerk that comes along.

I cannot believe that people still insist on playing naive when it comes to this subject matter. In a way this is not a good thing, this obvious reform. Becuz the underground pedo networks that are so successful in hiding thier very existence much less thier activities cannot be regulated. If the sytstem does not admit to these networks and the covert activity related to them, then when and if the system claims that it has cleaned up overt corruption all together, offenders will just run to the underground system to get what they want.

At least they explained that the kids being youths that did something wrong provides discreditation for the victims and good cover for the perps.

People need to wake up to the reality of how violent humans are.

the newswoman was most annoying saying "youd be surprised at how often it goes on"...well duh lady.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of "reality shifting" going on, i.e. false realities created as a means of deception. You have to look at the big picture, though...The criminals are trying to manufacture a false front, but this is probably all about this New World Order we keep hearing about it. The criminals controlling everyone is just one side effect. The bigger picture is there must be some BIG controlling entity that is pushing for this NWO.

Anonymous said...

The roles of Masons and Free Masonry in general keeps popping up everywhere. I can tell that's just more phony bullshit they have going on. I have seen actual Free Masons and descendants of Masons get full-blown targeted. So that to me kind of exonerates Masons and Masonry as being behind all of this. There must be some rich families with ties to governments or are able to influence governments that are able to pull this off.