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Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is going on now

trying to get through the sw and there is an arctic cold front coming in from Canada. Everyone from the north east thinks the winters there are the worst..I have experienced this arctic cold in St Louis it comes down from the north every winter. It is worse than any snow storm, mostly due to the fact that there is no snow for insulation. The cold feels worse than anything I ever experienced in the north east. I used to wonder how slaves ever survived outside in this weather or any one else who was not indigenous to the area. You just stand there waiting for the bus and you start getting sleepy and can hardly stand up, all you want to do is just lie down on the cold pavement and go to sleep. This is the chill out here now, but never as bad as in the midwest.

I have to be realistic about the shock allergy reaction from that one Bactrim pill. I still cant eat anyting other than very limited foods or I get the same symptoms starting up again. I had to get out of a ride yesterday due to the trucker hauling tomatos from Mexico and I started having symptoms only after the refer was loaded. the weight on the heart area is the worst of the symptoms. i still have to live on benydryl. the doctor said 10-14 days..its been that long. it only adds to the trauma of the rest of my situation.
i guess i didnt process having to go to the er.

on tv a woman who i believe is homeland security was talking about 911 and how the cisa has to be accountable for not processing info given to them.

so now obamas administration is going to solve 911? people have been talking about this on the interenet for years.
its probably to provide closure- a little slap on the wrist to the system and some fall guys as usual and then case closed. Everyone on any level that matters already knows the way this has all been played and has allowed many things to happen since 911 with thier knowledge.

Now that various parties have gotten what they want or need from the past few years, now they want to close up shop and go on to the next con or exploitation.
I highly doubt if any of this is going to include people being put on lists for investigation becuz they are inconvenient to powerful people or human experimentees for weapons. Survivors of programming or MK Ultra connected activities aint gonna get sh*t ..becuz Clinton had that investigated and paid off a few experimentees and case closed- then the creation of the false memory syndrome foundation-case closed.

This is what the system does frequently. There has been such a screw over and exploitation of the American public over the past many years that they HAVE to have a nice clean up ending for the history books or to put an end to obvious questions.

In my experience targeted individuals never get justice and expendables especially will never be recognized. I just dont believe that the system is doing anything other than covering its ass on the obvious, glaring screw ups.
Concerned parties have made thier money, done thier deeds and exploited as many people as possible in various ways throughout this era. No one is going to admit to human experimentation being done during the war if they dont have to. No one is going to admit to any of the things they have done if they dont have to.

On a more metaphysical note:
The timeline has been altered and now its time to seal it perhaps. I believe this is why its so important to alter TIs but never kill them. It seems very important to keep certain people alive but drastically alter thier actions from what they would originally be according to thier own Will.

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