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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, January 21, 2010

tried to go to TX now in So Cal..shud have stayed en route 2 TX

was en route to south TX 2 weeks ago. Cold front down there. Was discouraged from going. Went to So Cal instead. Now raining and windy here...TX is now 70 degrees and sunny.

Its strange that in trucks i ride in i am often targeted with remote influence after being in truck for 1 day and nite. Usually wake up with some brainwashing going on...not so always in buildings. Perhaps trucks have satelite radio or a satelite tracking/message system. what if they dont? Then how is this explained? What could be in a tractor that could cause this. This is what I wrote to be posted yesterday as more Jesus content and urges to go Christian were present as I awoke in a truck yesterday morn..the suggestion/ideation went away the mpment I left said vehicle and went to truck stop to shower:
"satanism and teror is being used to comvert people to christianity for perhaps the purpose of social control.
now the gang stalking campaigns are being used to go against religious freedom. yert another part of the constitution disregarded by the system
hermetics is very discouraged as is any belief system where the person has any will of thier own. DO NOT BE FOOLED THIS IS ABOUT MIND CONTROL NOT TRUE SPIRITUALITY.
I find it humorous that my opressors religious affiliation changes with my leanings.first the system came after me with alot of connection to LaVey and the satanic bilble, they really tried to scare me or mind fuck me. Then when the perps discovered I had a dual system and now it can be described as dual boot programming now I note its Jesus conversion constantly.
This tells me that its all about destroying what is inside the TI naturally that makes them who they are or the true self. I bet you if I was a Christian or Jesus freak, an army of supposed satanists would start messing with me and my dreams or remote influence would contain satanic content.
Its s obviously bullsh*t. The fact that I had some occult backround (which the perps did not seem to know until I aced the games and posted why I could do so) made me disregard La Veys work as partial plagerism and the contrived works of a self hating Jew. There are other satanic factions that have written that he made satanism into something they did not like or agree with. I really dont know much about it other than skimming the surface and whatever might be natural knowledge.
Its interesting how my belief system influences the perps so much. I recall in AZ one of the idiots on a bus asked two questiions: "Do you believe in God?" and "What do you think of George Bush" during his presidency. First of all go f*ck yourselves. I gave logical and adult answers to thier childish cult bullshit.I have heard from many people "what do you think of George Bush". I also find it interesting that "GOD" is asked about in the same coversation as "george Bush" Gee is someone trying to associate themselves throgh mind games to be "god"? Like I said go f*ck know who you are and if you dont then screw the cronies who peddle your bullshit. That guy from that shelter in El Paso asked me what I think of George Bush and I recall his mothert said in spanish that my mothetr was too resttrictive. He was also tryintg to get govt money finally for his Mexican woman and child clearing house
I almost could swear I heard in spanish that the president personally gave some order for my harassment or something related to it. Why not? GB senior head of CIA when I was a little kid. This whole thing is a joke by the way.And NO ONE behavior modifies me to thier liking. Its not gonna happen. You can keep playing tag games that move as I move, change as I change always on my ass. Freedom will come. I never relinquished it and the day I do youll have a dead body on your hands."

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