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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Criss Angel has Cirque apologize for him
Do celebs do this for publicity but are secretly friends? I hope not, I hope this was real.
I don't hate Criss Angel becuz I am jealous and I don't do it for shock value.

I didn't even know exactly who Perez Hilton was until right now either.
Maybe I shud start reading his blog after this..if Angel hates on him he must have some redeeming quality.
Its a joke if no one understands how f*cked you have to be to cooperate with Vegas. I have heard time and time again that when the mob was in charge of that place, it was great. Now its the worst corporate America you can imagine and everyone who used to go there complains it sucks now.

When I got mugged in Vegas in 2001 the detective who was on my case was incompetent, perhaps on purpose, and actually pointed the pic out to me of the mugger like he knew who it was and proceeded to give me the guy's name and address and where his family lives. Talk about trying to set up a TI so they will take action themselves and screw themselves over. He also claimed to be too busy due to having to deal with some exec at MGM's daughter being kidnapped by her meth dealer as she owed money to him. You wud think someone like that wud have thier own 'people' to take care of the problem instead of some local flatfoot. The case was so easy I cud have solved it. I picked up the mugger's cell phone he dropped as he got into the getaway car in the lot after they took my bag which had all my ID in it, even a ss number. That shud have given the Vegas po po more than enough. The guy must have been playing games on behalf of the system or he was sniffing some sh*t from the evidence room and couldn't think straight. Its interesting how people become mysteriously incompetent in the presence of a survivor who is targeted. A common stressor to put on the target is to make it so the TI has to keep the people that are supposed to be helping them in line. I had to do this with this detective and I also had to do this with therapists and my lawyer for the mold exposure case...nuff said.I didn't know I was a target then but I had been had gang stalking activity since my mother was harassed out of going to the Pres Advisory Committee for Radiation Experimentees about 1995. Things got hectic for me in 2000 and I could sense it but didn't understand it. There are plenty of Italians left in Vegas believe me...a cab driver asked me "So are you going to take care of this the official way..or the other way". Only one culture would say that to a stranger and expect them to know what they mean.
The OTHER way..hmph. I love my DNA.

Anyway, in order to be in Vegas working as he does I am sure he has had to do something to earn his keep and protect his position other than full bunnies out of hats. If you have lived in Vegas you know what a dangerous place it can be off the strip. I mean scary and for me to say that its got to be bad. Especially intriguing was the Luxor light, allegedly the brightest light on the planet, shines directly up the the full moon over head at exactly 12 midnight on Passover.
This place is full of symbolism which is perhaps why I felt so comfortable there. Its a Disneyland for adults.

Anyway, its too bad he didn't have to kiss butt himself...I would rather pay to see that than him perform any day.

The greatest thing on this page is the comment section at the bottom. (DON'T GO TO THE ORIGINAL PAGE ITS UNSAFE ACCORDING TO ANTIVIRUS)
The Criss army comes out to defend him, hysterical.
(GOTH 'type'? Listen your into it or your not. Its called being a poser. The first few generations of Goth kids I recall in the 80's were NOT happy nor socially acceptable...I noted they were also much smarter than the herd kids. Best to keep to oneself .)

Hmmm, Britney Spears, Holly from the three mind controlled slaves....I mean Hefner's Girls Next Door...this guy likes programmed blonds I assume. If Marylin were alive he'd be sniffin around her too. I always loved how obvious that one Girl Next Door was, the one from Oregon of all predictable places, who likes to lie in coffins and has an obsession with the macabre.
It was great passive aggressive gift giving when she was hanging out with her mom (who is typical in how proud she looks of her asset..I mean daughter) at this horror convention and she came back to the Mansion and gave Holly a packaged brain and the other one a packaged ripped off face. So great.

A tune for another American fabrication labeled as genuine talent:
"Who the f*ck do you think you are?"
This is a definite PARENTAL ADVISORY for lyrics on this song
I just checked out his blog...predictable.
With what is going on today in the US it seems that Perez shud be the least of people's worries. Unless you live in Vegas searching your anal cavity for white rabbits and aren't in touch with anything outside your bubble. I used to have a safe bubble too but unfortunately that was taken from me.
I am proud to say that I did not know who most of the people were on his blog. This means that
a) I have been exercising good taste in recent years by ignoring US media
b) I shud have left the US like every other alternative person or artist or activist or anyone targeted back in 2000....I just didn't listen (and I wasn't a traveler and was poor)
c) I shud leave the US asap becuz I am an expat abroad mentally/culturally anyway.


  1. I was talking to one officer here in town who had his cruiser parked by the side of the road. Two guys in a truck rolled past, and the passenger gave a smirk as he rode past. The officer encouraged me to go after the guy, confront and start yelling at him, and ask him what the f--- his problem was. Odd advice coming from an officer, yet similar to what you're saying there. I've noticed certain traps where the gangstalker doing the harassing will seemingly have a direct line to police, whereas normal citizens have to dial 911 and wait 15 minutes before anyone gets there. If I call police about harassment, I've noticed they never show up at all. But if I DARE go after a harasser, they're on me like instantaneously.

    Given this, isn't it any wonder people smirk at TI's so much? Some people know they have the luxury of hating on TI's and having absolutely nothing happen, because they know the dispatcher probably is trained to dismiss the calls from a TI's phone number. It's a loser's dream: free hate, with no retributions from the TI's end.

    There is this one troll stalking me; he seems like the same person every time, or else just different losers with the same programmed mind set. Probably thinks he's some hot sh*t perp getting off. This person used to harass me on gangstalkingworld forums back in 2007, and it looks like he was back a few days ago on another forum a few days back. The harassment he posted correlated to harassment I saw on TV last night. By TV harassment, I mean the harassment the perps embed into the script/plot/acting.

    I guess it's either very strategic harassment, or it's yet another perp trying to get revenge on me. It sounds like the perp was trying to wedge some destructive programming me with the aim of getting me to self-destruct. I've noticed some of these perps are very aggressive with their intentions to go after TI's on forums via their idiotic trolling.

  2. Here's an interesting site I haven't yet thoroughly reviewed.