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Nothing like co-opting the likes of Malcolm X crossed with a bit of preacher, who eerily resembles Anton LaVey to further the deception of Artificial Intelligence. Humans can't even preserve the natural environment provided for us that keeps our bodies nourished and healthy, why could be possibly be trusted to create life? It's becoming apparent that the future is going to branch off into two factions of people in the west or even globally-those who will buy into this enslavement and those who wish to live alternatively to that world being created.

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Please be advised that this written work of mine is only THEORY. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no belief in anything posted here because if I did I would have had legal action taken by now-until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

This irresponsible behavior from activists really pisses me off. Gee I wonder why everyone leans on us being mentally ill and why we get no results or not taken seriously. Even I had to see how absurd this subject can be made out to be when its presented this way.

I mean if the person was doing it to keep a timeline of real experiences as I do, to show how insane this gets, yes this would have merit..I cant think of anything that would let someone fall off the sanity wagon THIS far however.

Let me put it this way...if you have resorted to this you are a goner.
Yes, I realize I am guilty of losing cred by utilizing heavy metal in my music selections and by swearing and posting sloppily and so on. I do this to illustrate a timeline. Also, certain music acts as an actual shield if not to dispel the effects of long term psychological harassment.
When I get up and the whole world is normal I tend to sink into a depression as this is kind of like being systematically ignored, even though it's just that you cant reveal your true situation to most people. After all the loss and the abuse it's as if the world has left you behind and no one cares and your reality is just this nightmare you have to keep to yourself. It's worse if nice, happy, very American relaxed music is playing like R &B or worse if love songs come on...your heart might just finish itself off right then and there. No, once you enter this dark world there is no coming out of battle until victory is achieved and if not death. Those are your least MY two choices. Playing heavy music reminds me that I was tortured into ill health and emotional duress that is so bad I may as WELL be dead, which is the gang stalking system's little joke on how to create Zombies like in Haiti, but without the mess (or the disclosure/evidence). (If you don't know what I am talking about you could watch Serpent and the Rainbow but you'd be better off reading the book about THE TRUE STORY of a Harvard professor with occult leanings who searched through Haiti to find how zombie making really works. It was discovered that the venom of a puffer fish causes the body to appear dead by vital signs. The victim, believed dead, is then buried basically alive and brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain. The voodoun then digs up the person and they are his or hers for life. Their soul is captured also and kept but you may not believe that part.

Interestingly, years later, during my stay in my apartment in 335 Washington st, on the radio I heard an add for a fundraiser, I believe it was connected to a local hospital, perhaps Harvard was mentioned I dont recall. It was a mysterious new disease where the patients appeared dead or lifeless but were actually alive. Harvard U. is in Cambridge, just one town over. Knowing how sleazy this country has been with its history of human experimentation I just couldnt help but discuss my theory with others. This is around the time I suspect my apartment was wired as from this timeframe in my life is where most intel seems to be used by the campaign-things no one wud know unless they were in my apartment.
Then as we know I was targeted 24/7 around that same time frame. I do not recall ever hearing anything about this new disease again.
It's a long shot but who knows?
I wouldn't change a thing. I hope I was right in my innocent actions and shut down some sinister crap they had going on. The only thing I would change is that if I actually realized the consequences of my actions I would have formulated my accusations or suspicions more quietly and more completely and then made sure my case was iron clad before getting a serious inquiry going...oh and major news coverage as well as appealing to all of Harvard's long time enemies, of which I am sure there are many just salivating at a chance to break just one of their great big hairy balls. Bust em up good. I would make it into a comprehensive attack and I would shoot to kill this time. Same goes for that old bastard who scams with Save the Children. If I knew what I was saying would go public, I would have gone for his sagging jugular and not stopped until my prey went limp in my jaws. Nice ad recently, the one where he overstates the name of the starving girl "Raquel". Bite me dude.
He got busted for tax fraud or some sh*t a few years ago. Just be fortunate that my innocent musings were used to get me targeted, you jerks, and not attacks knowingly fashioned to take you out and make you broke...clowns.)

OK, OK, I am totally done leaking bitter venom for one day.
Enjoy the goofy blog pages.


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