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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Perp weakness in psychological warfare/ the 3 main points of attack from the gang stalking system

"For a nation composed of many cultures, the United States has never had a deep understanding of other cultures, perhaps because it was never a major colonial power. This has shown up whenever the U.S. military is engaged in cross-cultural conflict. Often American strategists “mirror image” the enemy and build their campaigns based on what they feel would cause Americans to surrender without taking into account the psychological differences between antagonists."
This may be one of the only reasons that people like me or other TI's are beating this system (having said that keep in mind that the enemy is reading this as well. I'd say that isolating the target and forcing them into disclosure via interrigation via activism as one of the only avenues of self defense is simply forcing the person to help the overseers of the experimentation. Every time I post something I am letting everyone and anyone know my thought processes.

Recall at the start of the most severe harassment my own mother said in a very creepy and sinister way in a phone conversation: "I am very interested in the way your mind works". This is a woman who would definately sell out her kid for a thin dime, and a local tarot reader basically intimating with disgust that my mother would do anything for money, is enough to know that the people in on this want the TI to furnish as much info about themselves as makes their job easier and anything you say will be used against you.
We have all realized I think at a certain point that this is a call and return system- that its basically interrigation by various methods to induce the TI to lose control or composure and to reveal any information which the system picks up and uses to further control or destroy the TI. In the beginning when a TI has resistance, we encounter alot of torture and truama from being harassed heavily by people who know who we are as well as personal details they should not know. They then basically laugh in our faces as an easy way to get favors or make money as they try to con us TO OUR FACES and either entrap us, con us into certain situations/actions or pump us for information as being traumatized is a way of getting the TI off guard.
This is nothing more than torturing someone so they will talk but instead of using the info to solve a crime or fight an enemy in war, its used on the person who gave the information.
And it does induce insanity and it also puts the gang stalking system in the position of unltimate authority..WE know where you are at all times WE know everything about you, WE control you. WE will get information out of you and then WE will use this against you to our advantage. WE- RUN-YOUR-LIFE. That is the message that is engrained into the target through repitition over many years time.

Also other things are used on the person at the same time like systematic ignoring, torture, inducing disappointment in the person's life and then either making sure the target sees perps being happy about it or ignoring the target's pain and suffering. This lessens sensitivity in the person and helps to make them into a zombie that expects nothing but abuse out of humanity so does not want or feel or care.
Also sexual arousal is used which over time bonds the target to the oppressor and lessens the bad feelings over what is being done to them. Pavlovian or Classical conditioning is used but seems to be dropped from the program once they feel they have gotten deep enough into the person and have a good hold on them or control over them. Thier is a point where continuing to fight with the TI in these ways would only continue to strengthen them as the TI learns to do battle with perps and win. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO KEEP FROM THE VICTIM/TARGET IS VICTORY OR ANY SENSE OF GAIN/SUCCESS. I suspect that due to this being about getting total control over someone, the only success that the person is allowed is whatever they beg the system to give them once they are controlled to the point of pandering to the system that has now enslaved them.

I believe that the only way out of being enslaved (or for those of us who are survivors of programming, re-enslaved) is suicide...and dont be too sure that isnt something they want just so they can brainmap a target as they die just to further use them as guinea pigs. If Rowanda could be watched through satellites by people with that kind of access, then a death could be experienced via the methods used to mind read experiementees. The human brain continues electrical activity for months after the body is physically dead, just as nails and hair still grow. I believe that instinctually many targets know this and it explains the need to use a gunshot to the head in suicide.
I understand that men tend to use guns for suicide moreso than women. A female plan may include ensuring the body is burned so as to destroy any conscousness via brain activity and avoid pain and or further intrusion by outsiders.

Many TIs drown themselves and this is unexplained , unless my theory about parasitic infectious disease being used as part of the experiment and even perhaps for control of its host, is correct. The parasite may well mind control the host to drown due to it continuing its life cycle in a body of water.

I am very suspect at times about experiments utilizing infectious diseases as this is also documented in the MK Ultra era of human experimentation. Parasites within the human body have been found to produce chemicals that can control the host... such as making them sleepy or giving them cravings for certain foods. Its also very suspect that the medical field claims that an American citizen can only contract parasitic disease by going to the tropics or outside the USA in certain countries. This is contrary to simple research that shows that many residents of poor urban communities as well as poor rural ones within the US have an instance of the same parasitic diseases as in third world countries. Also never considered is the common sense that parasitic disease existed in the Native American population already existent in the USA as well as in the African populations brought here as slaves- which would explain the old southern whites demanding that 'colored people' have their own bathrooms and water fountains. Also is other countries with prevelance of parasitic disease such as eastern europe and this might include Jews of eastern European extraction who are not observant of Kosher and other eating traditions which actually would reduce the instances of parasitic diseases in humans.
Lasty are the populations that may contract and carry such as anyone having intimate contact with foriegners who may be infected as well as persons going overseas and returning untreated, such as military personell. Perhaps nowadays they are protected or treated but I highly doubt that this was the case with vetrans coming back from the jungles of Vietnam and before that Korea, the Philipines..or any country of foriegn soil.

Parasitic disease may account for a certain amount of medical conditions as well as so called 'mental illness' which is a vague term from a profession that refuses to take medical cause such as organic brain diseases into consideration as a cause for humans to go insane or appear sick in thier minds.

I even had a thought once that certain families are chosen for programming becuz perhaps that disassociative quality over generations was induced by parasitic diseas or other brain damaging conditions. Its been presented that the truama that is required to program someone causes brain damage that is actually desired by the programmers as it causes photo memory and other useful abilities.
It may be that parasitic disease is one of the ways to destroy the mind of a survivor of programming via destruction of brain tissue. I understand that its gruesome but parasites have been with us and evolved with us for thousands of years.

I am also quite aware that in certain facilities there seems to be a special cup of ice water one is given upon entry to the facility where one then feels much calmer, and also then a white and watery substance is excreted in ones waste upon defication. Once the staff no longer provides the patient with this water drink one realizes that the feelings of anxiety, stress and illness return. This may be that all programmable people have a weakness to parasitic disease or its a way of the system introducing the parasite to be hosted by a deprogramming person as to help destroy their mind and thier health. Its easy enough to infect someone I imagine. And I discovered that the taking of birth control pills such as progetins which mimic the human bodies first 3 months of pregnancy heavy with progesterone, make a woman more suseptible to getting infected with parasitic diseaae- this is why women are warned not to empty cats litter boxes during early pregnancy due to Toxiplasmosis being carried by cats and rats in its life cycle. Toxoplasmosis can cause schizophrenia and the instances of that 'mental illness' rose greatly as cats were introduced as pets to co exist with humans in thier homes.
Also someone like a survivor of radiation experimentation or their offspring may be immuno comprimised in some way and have a weakness to being infected by parasitic disease.
I believe also that the trends of the 1990's such as no chemical agents in soaps and organic produce may have increased the likelyhood of parasitic disease in the generatios that took part in the organic craze.

Gang stalking is a complicated system and one must look at all possibilities as to how the system would gain control of or deteriorate a target.

Other than these theories above we all know from research and experience that psychological warfare is the main method used but gang stalking a sophisticated and complex in that it seems to utilize 3 main componemts:

-in person harassment and stalking by human beings as well as betrayal or ill treatment by associates/intimates. This is akin to HUMINT or human intelligence or use of live human beings for covert activities opposed to utilizing technology. This includes betrayal and ignoring by intimates/people the TI knows and trusts as well as the TI seeming to then get 'handed over' to a network of strangers that introduce themselves into the persons life via having intimate details that strangers should not posess. It also includes active and passive gang stalking. ACTIVE gang stalking is harassment/stalking/info gathering and any attacks in person. PASSIVE gang stalking is when people are negligent with the target- people dont do their jobs or the target gets unfair bad performance from professionals. This all falls under Psy ops.

-the use of chemicals. Speaking about this will get you labeled as paranoid so many TIs leave this out. But if many targets told you thier whole story you would understand why these actions are feasible. Many TIs tell similar stories about chemicals used to damage their respitory health and capacity such as suspect gas leaks or unexplained waking up in the middle of the night unable to breathe due to obvious use of a chemical being breathed in. Over time lung damage occurs as well as possible brain damage. Also, being dosed with psychotropics or psychadelics which seem either classically derived from molds or synthasized 'light' or mild psychedelics. The former seems to be used with the intent of destroying the mind and inducing insanity and the latter seems to be used in instances where the gang stalkers want the TI more receptive to suggestion or brainwashing.
Its interesting that this is most unbelievable to modern people due to the fact that this is what is classically recorded in every story of foul play, assasination and spy craft in every culture around the world. Its the 'old school' method of getting rid of one's enemies. Like ancient civilization old school.

- Technology.
There is proof and documentation of non lethal weapons in existence and use that can do much of what targets claim is done to them in these campaigns. The experience is more suspect of it being technology due to the influence experienced stopping and starting at approximate times according to a schedule as well as changing conditions like environment (no cell phone reception areas, buildings that behave as Faraday cages would due to being concrete and steel, going underground such as a basement in a building or two levels down in a public train station. All of these variances would be experienced by someone on whom microwave technology was being used on as this is the reason for cell towers being above ground- microwaves cannot go through the earth and this is why wires or a system is not routed underground such as with elecrical wires or fiber optics. Also TI's report that different locations express different content in what seems like remote influence due to these weapons- that same content is repeatedly experienced by the target in those same locations. This makes thier experience so NOT random and particular that it would by logic be technology not mental illness or imagined. Often the TI forgets what their experience was in a particular location until they arrive thier again only to find the same kind of 'targeting' going on as they recalled before in that location. An example would be that Boston has a different effect on the target than say Phoenix AZ due to each city looking perhaps for a different outcome or the 'perps' in those cities having very differing ideas about what they want for the target or how they handle their Targeted persons per that city or town or state. This seems the best explaination for the remote influence to be always consistent according to location, but varying due to differing locations. One may get the same effect every time one goes to Boston but the effects of that brainwashing program will cease once one has left that city but if the TI returns once again they will experience the same effects in that location once again.
This is perhaps the most confusing for outsiders to understand yet it is the most consistent occurance in the TI's life. Its easier to be sure of your sanity when it becomes obvious that only tech could produce such results as mental illness, imagination, hysteria or delusions dont make any sense with those circumstances.

I am sure if psychiatry is given half a chance they will do what they always do which is to work backwards and invent a disorder to explain away symptoms and circumstances. This is why psychiatry is so hated by Targets..its not that they are trying to escape a mental illness label or they are crazy and dont understand that, its that psychiatry is actively helping to cover up for the use of these weapons used domestically on US citizens. Many TIs have had trusted professionals attempt sloppy frame ups by outright lying and suddenly making claims that go against years of what records would show about the TIs condition. Psychiatrists have reputations to keep and families to protect, they are to be least trusted as they are most vulnerable to black mail or coercion.
I firmly now believe that in order to keep psychiatry alive as a profession considering their track record of unethical human experimentation, thier covering up of diseases of the body causing mental illness or changes in our environment like pollution and thier habit of handing out questionable drugs to cure things that may be cured in other ways- in order to stay established in the modern world they must cooperate with factoins that are abusing citizens, assasinating people who know to much or conducting human experimentation- now conducted in public spaces.

The article above may well be why there are 'perps' we observe seeming frustrated or confused by a Target not folding under pressures or tactics that would usually work on your average citizen or person.

This is why I have taken so much pride in my DNA, not becuz I am a racist but becuz I have noted along the way that much of my DNA or cultural backround seems foriegn to the people in the gang stalking system and this has been to my advantage. Find out where you come from and what cultural backround you have that is not the norm in the USA. Boston is certainly not your average US culture and it almost seems like the system didnt take that into consideration. (When the Hillside Strangler case was being worked on here in Cali a German detective tipped off American authorities that they wud be looking for two brothers of Italian descent. This is who the murderers turned out to be when caught. It was based on a knowledge of cultural even racial attitudes and behaviors. It was based on the way that the bodies were always faced official buildings of authority like City Hall and done with sexually overt posings.)

Also go abroad mentally and emotionally. If you stay rooted in American culture you will surely die. There is much in your DNA that the system has to fear. This country if you look at it realistically is a fabrication- an eternal Disneyland. The land had Natives living on it which whites genocided in large numbers. This is never mentioned as much as the 6 million Jews who perished at the camps and it happened right here, on the land you are standing on. That is obviously becuz it would mean all those treaties would have to be honored and legally ownership of land might not stand up to investigation. This is stolen land end of story and that is the truth.
The country consists of many differing cultures all of which have had to forget the ancient wisdom of their ancestors to get along with everyone else they have to rub shoulders with. Religion helps do that to begin with, taking people from thier pagan cultural roots, but now you are taken from any cultural roots in order to be harmonious in the culture of America.
We also now live in an era where increasingly, foreign immigrants dont want to assimulate fully into being American- they want to live and work in America. A natural born US citizen should not have to struggle with a counter person or cashier at a donut shop in the morning to have their order understood in thier native language but Americans feel that these are people who are assimulating to the culture so its only fair to meet them halfway. This may be true but in some instances these are people who dont wish to assimulate and it has helped to destroy the fabric of America. Its all about citizenship and how much you own or how much money you have. America has long been a whorehouse and Alaska its warehouse. The newfound sentiment brought on by the last war is touching but it was born out of self interest, religious fanaticism, racism, sexism and other neo con negative attributes. It was also brought on my fear, intimidation and good old fashioned brain washing. Every a-hole who had anything to gain in that witchhunt all of a sudden had yellow stickers on thier cars and was all for the troops and the war. Its ironic that many of us who truly are patriotic and are fighting for freedom, often at the cost of our own lives, are the ones being targeted. There are people who join movements for the wrong reasons and they do what all good con and criminals do- the 'blend in with the crowd'. Situations like that are seen as opportunities to get some very nasty business done by people who have criminal minds.

If you want to survive being shut out of your own country and out of your own family, social circle, town, home or culture in this modern type of covert warfare you may have to actually live as a stateless citizen- physiclally, mentally and emotionally even spiritually. Nothing can change your original love for the United States but the defintion of what the US is has changed so radically that you may find you in want of a divorce. Living abroad culturally is like being seperated and avoiding your spouse as much as possible in the family home.

Many TIs speak of gettting harassed outside the US anyway as this seems international. Moving physically to another culture might prove useless, if only for the benefit of a language barrier where you wud not understand being harassed in another language, but this might prove an even more isolated existence than being targeted in your homeland.

Just go down into your DNA strands and see if there is anything there that is culturally different from what the perps expect.

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Anonymous said...

Certain vaccines are contaminated with mycoplasmas, I'm convinced of this. And certain of us got THOSE vaccines if you get my drift. The demineralization that happens to a person under adrenal stress is what opens up the oportunity for the parasites. And yes, they definitely affect consciousness through biochemical exchange within the body. Depending upon what type of parasite, the symptoms may be very severe. Even YEASTY people are very "needy" I've noticed. My own personality issues are so rooted in the biochemical crap and the parasites trap the mind body in negative cycles of low seratonin (esp. in women since we make less of it naturally than men). Seratonin does what? Creates feelings of WELL BEING. Low seratonin women are so easy to control through drugs, shopping, sex, food. The challenge for TIs is to get GROUNDED and lack of seratonin is a trap that prevents this. Long term = no sleep.

And those of us with "native american" blood are extremely difficult to permanently mind control. Hence, they killed most native americans off, but of course the DNA survives.