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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

trying to get west

Its hard to get around right now due to it being cold around most of the country. Trying to find some place to get allergy assessed, to find out if its permanent damage from that Bactrim. Still living off crackers,mints, and a few fruits. My body starts freaking out over things that it doesnt make sense..how is an allergic reaction triggered by pineapple opposed to apples or oranges? Every food is potentially dangerous. I also need by herbs back in my system. Staying in areas where allergies arent common.

Tried to go into So Cal. Not impressed at all. The place is a disaster..none of the charms of dirty big cities back east. Just seems like a regular dirty city, nothing special about the area. Even LA downtown just looks..actually small and in this valley. Maybe what goes on there is what makes it special not what it presents at first sight. One thing I liked about it is, like Vegas, you can smell the f*ckin money to be made there. Something in my veins started stirring there and I was glad to have the truck get out, down the highway and away from another place in distraction to my writing.

Just had a ride from someone who I didnt want to stay with as he fibbed a bit about his travel plans and after realizing I wasnt going to put out OR be his girlfriend on the road it wasnt fun anymore and I wasnt going to be pleasant and a nice travel companion. One of these stereotypes from the south, had Jesus hanging from a cross on his cell phone but turned into a bit of a learing lech and that is not the kind of ride I want. He was trying to be manipulative also which I cant stand from a male as it is them trying to prove they are smarter than women.
But like a southerner he was very protective when the bitch manager of the TA in Kingman AZ gave me crap after I asked for a cardboard box. Some places get an immediate persecution attitude like its policy when they think you are a traveler who is alone. She told me I couldnt walk back into the parking lot and my trucker friend gave her hell for just staring at me. When I went into the TA and bought something my butt got kissed and it was really stupid...like this TA's attitude towards travellers.

Went to the other truck stops instead.

Caught a ride from someone that is trying to get me to go to Vegas before my final destination..plus he is a hardcore Christian who does nothing but constantly vent and talks too much. I finagled my way out of that very sweetly.

Hope I get a good ride soon.

DOnt get my wrong there are Christians who have been helpful but its the ones that are dishonest and use the belief system to hide that piss me off.

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