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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

escaped Phoenix/why TIs get no justice

Geesh stay out of Phoenix, AZ. Its bad there.

The harassment was concentrated in certain areas.

The usual with AZ is to use a large number of people all at once to engage with the target. This is the mo in Tucson as well. This is also true for some parts of Abq NM. A large number of people for a duration of a few hours.

What TIs call remote influence is very subtle here but effective and is used in measure with in person organized stalking and harasment utilizing large groups.

This approach is very effective in breaking down the target or diverting them from thier planned activities or travels. It is also effective for time and money wasting.

Phoenix is also a place that seems to want to keep the TI in the city by any means, by disrputing travel plans as well as encouraging spending. This seemed to be for the purpose of continuing the remote influence/harassment cycle which is essentially brainwashing in the form of behvavior modification.

Also the air quality is terrible. It seems better becuz its dry but there is something about the city that always affects my health adversely.

I always end up helpless in Phoenix, it induces a feeling of helplessness. It seems to weaken the Will, strenghth and the ability to resist outside influences.
Life seems meaningless.

The status game here is used against someone like me. If your TI profile is anything like mine you might want to take it into consideration.

People in general prefer to blend in to the herd here, they make special effort not to stand out.It seems very corporate in nature.
The 'Anglos' or whites are largely in corporate jobs and the Mex population do a majority of the labor. If you are being harassed by whites predominantly in a group who is doing a session on you as target you will find an air of superiority about them. Cars are usually used like I said in large numbers.

I now recall that police did not harass overtly last time I was here but they did do what they did yesterday which is to go by and give an arrogant smile or smirk as if to be amused that they have all the power and no one is going to stop what is happening to the target.

The psychological effect of such a large number of people some looking arrogantly better than and men going by learing especially the cops being arrogant is a blow to the targets courage and resistance. Beware of an assault like this as it may have permanent damage on any healing you have aquired or any resistance you have built up.

The remote influence here for behavior modification is very subtle and done gently as if by angelic influence or a strong female presence. This may make it easier to influence some targets who wud respond better to suggestion or persuasion from a female 'entity'. There is a strong feeling of 'the group' urging one to conform, even down to ones sexual habits or thoughts and a better existence is promised by giving in one's Will if one wud only conform and join the herd. Safety, security and other 'perks' are promised if the target voluntarily gives over his or her will. With the use of sexual stimulation coupled with angelic or maternal love this remote influence is very hard to resist. For those with a difficult sexual past or lifestyle I think the system knows that such people only want to reach a 'home' kind of like the Emerald city in the Wizard of Oz. Survivors of mind control slavery often want to 'go home' or often focus on things far off in the distance as a safe place that is there but unreachable. Such targets wud ultimately seek safety, security and a safer person like a parental figure or husband/wife to care for them.

As I said before this is all fine and good IF IT IS BY THE HUMAN BEINGS OWN WILL AND CONVICTION. No matter what the system throws at you no matter what deals it makes or what kind of refuge it offers one MUST resist. It always comes back to social control and the triumph of THIER WillPower over yours as a TI.

I now believe that this may even be a computer system or program and not even human intervention. Either that or it is psychic handlers or perhaps a combo of both. As far out as it sounds it is the only logical explaination for any of this.
Another incident that makes it stands to reason that this is technology; I was riding along the highway and my host pointed out a camera on a truck. I saw it just as we past the offical looking vehicle sitting by the side of the road on the right. As I asked "Is that radar as well for speeding?" we past by the vehicle and I was hit with a sharp pain on my left side chest cavity. This resembled every single other incident where similar pain was 'applied' in response to me either having thoughts that were disapproved of by the system or by me gaining any kind of relief via confidence by victory; usually if something occurs where my response is going back to my old confident and original self I get hit by something to return me to a state of obedience and compliance, or 'kept down' conshusness/state of mind, spirit, emotions. It is usually pain in a very specific place like the hand, the arm, the leg. Once in Boston where last summer the system was especially brutal with me I was burned on the inside of the vaginal canal near the entrance on the right. This was shocking to me as in most cases my harassment has me being revered as a sexual worship object . I dont like the system doing that but all my life I have been put in a position of childlike female sexual goddess and this might be the only true affection this system has ever shown me. It isnt a perception that I wanted to maintain for life, I wanted to grow up and help people-but its love all the same and reverence and I could not BELIEVE that my sexual organs would be attacked in such a manner as the system seems to revere me for being female, sexual, animal and attractive. It was the first and last time anything like that happened.

All the same that is what is done to keep a target obedient to what the system wants for them to think, feel and hopefully eventually BE.


Of all the complicated crap that goes on with being targeted when you go into your core, which over time is where they are trying to get to, you find that its ONE doorway and ONE switch and ONE area that matters. THE CORE and you final destination of the Will. ONLY YOU CAN HAND IT OVER TO THEM but if you do for some reason they need to make you really believe that YOU are doing this willingly. It seems of ultimate importance that the target give thier Will over to this system of thier own accord. Of course this is bullshit due to the fact that you have been harassed, attacked, betrayed, crossed, abandoned and left in the clutches of this system so how could you possibly be doing anything of your own free Will?

Alot of this is about taking energy from human beings. I know the metaphysical part never gets discussed and when it does it is very murky with all kinds of ignorant BS like 'satanic' and 'Christian vigilantes' , mentioning of Masons or Illuminati and ...ech- black 'magic'.(groan). It is the typical childish mindset of Americans to view the occult in this manner. The occult is always skimmed over carelessly in this culture and people play with it but never really fully believe or accept. Its like cotton candy or some other thing you arent supposed to have that often that is totally out of place in everyday existence. This along with the psychiatry field claiming that any belief in the supernatural is a disorder makes it difficult for people to understand the subject matter clearly.

Its been obvious to me that what is happening is the not so mysterious use of technology with the occult. This is an age old norm but rarely do most people read about such theories of a system existing like this.

I know that this is how they are attempting to deprogram survivors by force, and it reminds me of the movie Tron which I didnt understand until now is very similar to a deprogramming. It is the breaking into of a computer system and it would be similar. I also have listed Tron as one of my favorite movies on my blog and I shouldnt have as I should have learned by now that EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION THE TARGET PROVIDES WILL BE USED AGAINST THE TI AT SOME POINT.

This is probably another reason for forced confession or to tortrure and isolate the target so they communicate through confession. Lou Ghepetti told me I was a communicator. So how cruel is it to isolate me and ignore me. The system also knows that I have a natural show off side that seeks to be at the highest ground or in the spotlight or to be seen is a natural inclination for me-when I am not in my other mode of wanting to be invisible completely and exist privately.
The system knows this and is using it against me. They know my ego has kept me alive for years so they trap it and hope that in order to show off or show how smart I am I will do- prettty much everything I have been doing. A perp in a CA hospital in San Fran intimated that I have a desire to please authority- this has been used against me for a very long time and only adds to me trying to be better and better at being a target..most likely in order to gain freedom or relief.

Simple psychology and psych warfare. I dont believe any of this is or was necessary- its all out of jealousy and simply becuz the people involved can get away with it.

One high profile survivor of programming claimed that she heard some handlers discussing putting her in a snuff film to get rid of her. This system will profit off of an expendable programmed person as much as they can. Its like that is your only purpose is to be used for profit. The people in this system really do not see the survivor as a human being. They most likely are either programmed themselves or are conditioned to view the person in this manner. In Boston an arrogant young kid came by on a bike with a friend and as he whipped by he said " Freedom isnt free". The typical Michigan cult types who hide under church groups are always involved in this and one of them was looking at a computer in a shelter in EL Paso one day, he said something about the kids "earning the priveledge (or right) to use it". All I cud think of was how hard these kids lives are from Jaurez Mexico and how many of them have only a future in jail- if they live. How marginalized they are cuz they dont speak English nor do thier parents AND HOW THIS IS NATIVE AMERICAN LAND TO BEGIN WITH ANYWAY(dumbass). No logic or understanding at all, just hardass nonsense that comes out of a pure unadulterated POWER TRIP. You have to remember alot of people use discipline to get thier own shit off not to really help another human being. If such a thing is done without love or true understanding or Will and its done out of someones own issues with authority, brainwashing or bad experiences its no better than identifying with the aggressor and passing on the limitation and misery. Its utter bullshit really. What all these kinds of people have earned is my total disrespect and wrath. A system of control freaks that are all to cowardly to stand up to their own oppressors and face thier own truama history.

F*ck You.

THIS is exactly why you or we as TIs can never NEVER allow the system to win or to rule over us. It is unjust. Not UNFAIR, unjust. It is illegal and if not it is doing something lawless by having to operate above the law and under the radar-covertly. Other peoples power trips should not be our responsibility. These idiots are basically coming to us begging to heal them or have us take on all thier bullsh*t for them so they dont have to face thier own sh*t. This is why bullies or nasty hurting people go after healers or other spiritual types. Only strong persons are decidedly evil or dark and negative..that can be excused as they may be comfortable with thier life choices or they mind thier own damn business. But if someone is masquerading under Christianity, moral decency or reform for a common 'good' or some kind of world peace that is probably more dangerous than someone decidedly evil coming after you. Yes there are people who take part in this essentially due to the fact they are assholes. Thier motives are negative and they like to mess with people and destroy or they are sadistic. At least you know its them and thier shit nad you dont get confused that its you. The worst people in this ordeal are the cause stalker types...they actually believe thier own bs. The only thing that matters at all is THE HUMAN WILL. The preservation of Self.

A person will naturally 'reform' or heal doing deed by thier own hand. No one needs to be brainwashed. The system that is set up now is purely all about behavior modification in the interest of conformity, social control and power tripping not to mention personal and collective gain. ITS ALL A CON JOB.

Think about it logically: if a person was not in line with healing or wanting to reach a home or security THEN HOW COULD THE SYSTEM BAIT THEM WITH THOSE THINGS? This system wants to break down anyone who is a percieved threat and use and abuse the person for reasons only they are aware of.
When it comes to survivors of programming the system will do anything to not admit that programming exists officially, they also seem especially paraniod of having certain survivors get hypnotized and recall memories.

The only way for them to get out of this is to systematically ignore the Targeted survivor and claim they are delusional.

There also seems to be a great fear of ancient peoples, pagan belief systems especially concerning female power connected to these things. Anthing that grounds us to the earths natural powers it gives us and our ancient ancestry are considered things to destroy within this system's operation.
Why is it so important to get people into a Matrix type system and away from the power of the earth and other human beings sharing an ancient heritage?

It may be for very practical reasons and this is why they feel validated in what they are doing- things such as packing up human conshusness for long term space travel or having to live underground (alot of tunneling going on read up on it.) Perhaps someone is trying to actually fit human conshusness into machinery or robots so that a human-tech hybrid wud be able to survive any changes in the enviroment that wud kill off humans with the bodies we inhabit now.

My biggest concern is that an elite may be trying to see if they can take thier slavery of human beings 'on the road' and actually want slaves that are human-machine to do some sort of service during long space travel. It stands to reason if some factions cannot get rid of the idea of slavery as being natural to them then they wud try to recreate such conditions for themselves wherever human beings may end up in the future.

This is the greatest downfall of man's perception of technology. People see it as some begnign godlike creation that only serves man in the greatest capacity for good. You have to understand that all tech created by man is going to either be used for all his traditional vices or its going to reflect his value systems even recreate them. Life isnt going to be perfect just becuz tech makes it that way...logically one would be recreating the same struggles that go on now. I know for sure that destroying a human beings mind in order to create something new that is more desirable as if the person does not exist or have any rights is not a good use of technology.

What is done to targeted individuals especially those that are targeted due to being survivors of truama based mind control programming is not ethical nor is it the best and most productive use of all the assets of that human being. Its sole purpose is cover up and to silence a victim witness.

No MATTER WHAT the system convinces you of through whatever means it utlizes you must resist for this is you only true quality of being human- your Will. It seems very important to this faction to get rid of the animal in human animals. Thus earth and nature become unimportant. Old systems and beliefs fall off into non existence. They want to re define what human means by interfering with tech and power. Technology is best used in harmony with nature as this is essentially what is done with coupling occult power with technology. Its use from there depends on the nature and the value systems of the people using it.

The greatest ideal for whoever is doing this I believe is what my mother said to me while having me trapped in the car in the driveway that day at the family home: "you know Rachael when I was dealing with the syndicate, I always took the harassment to mean "know your place bitch"". The only goal it seems of this system of harassment, stalking and essentially behavior modification is for its victims to 'know thier place'. Think of how easy it would be if only I wud give over my WIll to this system. Think of how much relief I could gain or how much pleasure is being promised via years of manipulative use of sexual stumulation. Pleasure becomes associated with giving in and submitting the Will to the systems wants or desires for shaping your life and who they want you to be and operate as in society. Its probably the only reason any human being wud give in and it is the most important key to striking down the human WIll- SEX. Without the use of sex and torture no human being would ever give in. So powerful are the nerves in the body and thier connection to the spirit world of humans that hardly any human being wud be able to resist thier manipulation.
This is why so many people either dont see anything wrong with this system, have given in to it or dont want to know about it. It resembles the actions of a systematic rape or a child molester. Both are used to control people. This is why so many TIs claim that this system goes back to pedo rings and onto other crime from there.

Pedophiles have to work extra hard in these modern times to make sure the public either dont know they exist or are so intimidated that they will go along with the official line that they dont exist. Its not about sex its about power and control. And in Phoenix I could not believe how I was being coerced into the idea that I need to grow up and realize that this is 'real life' or 'the way the world works' and go along with it. That I am wasting time fighting something that is never going to be resolved, that in reality I have no rights. All this may be true in fact but it isnt the only truth or perception and I find it most suspect that I am being coerced into taking on a belief that isnt the only 'outcome' or option and its being marketed to me as good for me or the best moral choice. For 'the good of all'. That I am being irresponsible if I do not take on this belief.

I am tortured with that alot- that I am not responsible or that I am not living up to my potential, that I am wasting time or being lazy. That I am not doing my best.

If that is so then why is most of what is happening to me against the law offically or should be?

Someone was talking about that blonde girl who disappeared in Aruba a few years ago- I think she was a Christian. Very pretty. The person told me he thinks she got sold off into white slavery and thats why no one saw anything or there is no body.

I thought about my own situation. It seems logical according to the rules of business and crime that the attitude would be one person isn't worth risking the exposure of such a profitable underground network--its very existence first of all and secondly actually busting people in the network. I believe that is the attitude towards all TIs. That people are not going to risk the exposure of a covert network or anything connected to it just for one person who is victimized or any TI for that matter.

That is why we dont get justice and never will most likely. What is one person compared to the money and power of the rest of the system? If you look at this from a purely business perspective instead of legality or human rights you will see just how the reasoning is worked out.

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