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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How in the f*ck does a piece of chicken set off an allergic reaction

This is too much pressure...this is why I am falling apart. This constant allergic reaction due to just one Bactrim pill which induced anaphylactic shock weeks ago is too inconvenient for a traveler. My health espeically my liver is affected as I cant take any of my herbs due to fear of a reaction. I cant take advil for pain and I am often in pain due to the damage from that damn moldy apartment as well as endometriosis or issues.

How does a piece of chicken breast differ from store to store? I have had fried chicken at two other places and it was reaction at all. Now I eat one piece at CHESTER'S CHICKEN at a Love's truck stop (Love's has a good track record by the way..them and T&A have been the most helpful and gracious to travelers in my experience and truckers seem to prefer them) and I am thankful I took a Benydryl when I got up just to have it in my system and now as the reaction takes its course I have had to take another one to calm it down. What is most frightening is the light headedness, the rapid heartbeat and most of all the feeling of a slight closing of the throat or an aching around the neck, like where your jungular veins are. The heaviness on the chest if no fun either. I should have known something was wrong when my liver started getting pangs as I finished the chicken.

You just sit there wondering if the reaction is stopped due to the Benydryl or is it another call to 911, and as a TI, as one can see from the way I was treated in Colorado opposed to treated properly in AZ by the doc I went to in the ER days later- you never know if the staff in the place you are going due to various circumstances are friend or foe.

This is the problem with having a health issue like this introduced into the picture and knowing I am fighting a system that contains many factions that wud love to see me harmed or set up for a claim of suicide.

When EMTs show up at Woods Mullen and are attending to a woman gone mental, then one of them turns around and talks about attempted suicide by walking in front of a cab and that was the harassment of that day- a cabby trying to run you know you are f*cked when it comes to at least some members of the medical profession and it seems law enforcement and firemen for some reason made themselves THE most obvious in the most obnoxious way possible. Real men all of them huh?

Why do they hate targets so much? Dont we suffer enough? What exactly is thier problem?? What the hell is this- END OF DAYS or some sh*t where there are Satanic cult members employed in key positions to get access to people they need for thier belief system? Or is it that they covertly help support UNETHICAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION so therefore help the medical field to contain or rid themselves of an experiemntee whos hip to what the deal is?

What is thier deal is the question. They just hate TI so much it doesnt make any sense..

I suppose I should talk to a lawyer anyway but we all know that TIs suiing people is always fixed...the system likes to keep us a joke and ineffective no matter how serious what happens to us is.


Anonymous said...

I just thought about this last night... the whole system including the lawyers and judges are probably already paid off in advance. I have informant types all over the place trying to figure out who my lawyers and doctors are. I guess they can feed the info to the perps so the perps can bribe or threaten them.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking lack of smarts is part of their hatred. You tend to hate anything you don't understand. I guess hating/destroying/sabotaging people is better than having to "deal" with them. Also it's likely they hate TI's because they (ti's) have the guts to stand on their own two feet, whereas everyone else (the haters) have to live their lives knowing they're controlled by a corrupt govt. and society. Possibly they've absorbed the attitudes of their controllers and just said fuck it let's just let them control us and tell us what to do. Everyone outside of the system they hate because of this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael,Ive been reading your blog for some weeks now.i can empathise with wot u are going thru.with regards to ur reaction i am not a doctor but i have been poisened many time especially when i travel andim being targeted.i bought some fried chicken from a take away recently and it made me feel really nauseated and sick a few hours later so i threw the rest away.i think they are unhygenic the way they prepare the meat.i noticed some nasty waiters will be sly when serving and some others will try to warn u that soemthing is off or been contaminated.i donno if they do this to the food in general be cautious.everytime i ate out when travelling esp if the food was prepared in a kitchen id be poisened and feel sick and some waiters have even told me so.u cant trust the food being served.i think its more extreme now esp for targets than a normal visit to a bad restaurant. id stick to packaged food if u can, like grocery stores, like cold pasta or sandwiches.i wish i could help u, ur plight is very upsetting, and i know cos im going thru it too.perhaps ur allergy is to the antibiotics or the drugs, u should stop using them asap. let ur system clearifu cant breath use a paper bag to breath into if u get a shock reaction. antihistamines may help, id buy any natural detox, u can find , like hot water and lemon juice, a jar of honey, eat raw onions, ginger, let ur body detox and only eat natural sparce food like bread. 1st step drink loads of water to flush ur system, yogurt has some natural bacteria that can help stomach pain and bugs. id keep it really simple food for at least 3 weeks. like only boiled rice or potatoes etc. be very careful, police and authorities are not wot the seem in my experience, and doctors seem to be very afraid to treat TIs for soem stay in the area where u got good treatment and doctors.some pple are nice and some arent. Take care. Fayroozable