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Monday, January 4, 2010

phoenix aftrer the posts/theories on the Phoenix hotel TI review and neighborhood layout/constant mental interaction;Truman show syndrome

Didn't realize I was staying in bad neighborhood. Up in the higher numbers of the Aves and the opposite way, the high numbers of the St's is less polluted and I cud breathe easier. I also want to warn TI coming to Phoenix that the area with many hotels around 51st Ave and Mcdowell is targeted bigtime. You will not ony get in person harassment there but each hotel I stayed in had its own little style of horror as far as the other end of things.

Budget Inn had the least effect but after the first night of quiet the second night this woman next door left her dogs out all night long a mother with pups so she barked at everything, until i realized i had been tuning it out for hours but subconshusly couldnt sleep so was writing. I was wound up and realized it called the front desk and they said something to her.
This is also a place where harassing phone calls will come in and the front desk, always a different shift than who you checked in with (shift changes are very important. Harassment often stops or starts with a shift change in various types of businesses with service people or staff.) - the kid at the desk will claim no calls come thru without him putting them thru. You block your fone and test this claim and he answers- another attempt to make the TI look crazy. More boring gaslighting. So there are only 2 possibilities
-hes lying(big Mex gang area, could be wants to get in or is in or other favor/payoff/personal reason)
-hacking into the line getting around the front desk
Just unlug the phone once your in the room. Or call the desk and ask that all calls be blocked unless its them calling u.
The feeling there was that I was being watched and listened to, anxiety causing stimuli.

Crossroads (near 51st and Mcdowell)that is a part of the Extended Stay America chain has alot of amenities but its been consistently the worst for mental and emotional torture in every state. This time it was the fake bliss feeling and alot of feelings urging me to conform, go quietly and peacefully- very much a Christian feel to it. Lots of sexism under the guise of making me safe and happy in society, even a vision of far East Asians with the ideation that women are percieved as more precious when they are the posession of a man in society.
Lots of breaking of the Will with sexual stimulation . It was all about making me safe and happy as long as I become a lobotomized docile Japanese flower- creepy.
Of course I got hardly anywork done,the writing I did do had to be revised totally as it showed signs of me being unable to fully pay attenntion to what I was writing.
The influence stopped at 11 AM which is normal for this chain anywhere u go. I usually stay later so always notice the difference in conshusness.

Motel 6 on Mcdowell in the same area was the worst, with sexual harassment content that was so bad I actually damaged my computer and started self injuring. That behavior was never part of my normal behavior and is soley a result of the gang stalking campaign- I read its what rape and sexual trauma victims do, and there is alot of that accomplished over the years with classiccal conditioning in unison with other methds they use. I noted that when I spoke aloud the contents of the harassment it was 'lifted'. Its always a feeling of it being 'lifted' off of your person or arund u.
I got no real rest unntil I left that area and got a room in a better area. The comparison is astounding. It may also be the heavy chemical pollution in this area- which is mostly Mex. When I went up to where mostly wealthier white people lived conditions got way better. The Crossland was fine a few weeks ago when a friend and I split a room.

Last night at Motel 6 same neighborhood due to thier windows being sealed and my allergy reaction stilll beiing under watch I had to sleep on the floor near the door to get fresh air- I woke up feeling at attack coming on. I noticed a car come screeching through the lot, then moments later some young male voice said "BITCH" and I heard a spray bottle spray some liquid near the heater/ac unit outside. I didnt have it on due to breathing issues and I was getting air from under the door....you boy bitch! Saw a young guy drive away with some tatts on his arms and the like. dumbass.
I guess he didn't like my posts about Pheonix....hmmm I did notice alot of helicopter actioin over the hood that night maybe they were looking for somone. They just kept goiing over the area with a huge spotlight for a whie. I dont recall being harassed today. Gee wa happan? Piss off.


My theory on why there is constant mental interaction:
-Truman show syndrome is not delusioin at all and it may perhaps be due to legal loopholes with the Patriot Act that a person who is suspect can be moitored constantly but no where does it say you can broadcast it somewhere especially if its to only a select group who have money to pay and connections who have motive to be silent about its existence.
- the latter part of that without any legal premise needed at all- everyone involved is simply above the law
-its all false impressions but it is real outside influence; a feedback system like the old bio feedback therapy. A call and return system. This wud be ideal for conditioning a human being. Constant monitoring constant censoring, constant interjection(feedback), which over time can breakdown and reshape a person. Ideal for re education/behavior modification. Probably done either legally by some sophisticated set up or done above the common laws that apply to civilians.
This last one makes more sense as it explains the frequent indications of actions and thoughts being monitored along with interjections and or a feeling of being watched or monitored.
(a woman at Pine st inn women's shelter Boston, MA in the bathroom mentioned something as she was busy in the mirror about the mafia and a monitor system or broadcast survaillance system that was on all the time..so I can assume:
-this is true and wud fit in with all the strange phenomena the TI experiences
-its more gaslighting and helps create Truman Show Syndrome in the TI as part of the gang stalking campaign and behavior mod process.)

This sounds like mental illness I know, but one must recall I have a mother who was a documented human experimetee from a military hospital closely connected to MK Ultra, my dad only went nuts after talking about a 'secret govt project' involving my mother(this alleged by his sister so I have no proof of this firsthand it was heresay. But I did call him in New Orleans once when I was 18 or so trying to track him down and the woman living off his check said something about dealing with a verysick man and that was why it was inconvenient to call. My paternal aunt who told me he was crazy and what his claims were and she also mentioned she thought that the woman living with him "should be killed"), her family and the military (duh 1+1=2), and I did not imagine a very sloppy attempt at a frame up during that federal investigation around my associates....I certainly did NOT imagine the massive stalking and harassment campaign. No....I did not. Nor will it be forgotten nor forgiven either- I see now that its probable this is the same campaign that was used against Veitnam vets. I just wonder what agency was busy on college campuses influencing kids to spit in thier faces and call them "BABY KILLER" upon arriving home. Yes, gee its all too perfect isnt it. All the screw ups and guerilla warfare they were totally unrepped for--gee after years of military knowledge of fighting styles why wud they send boys over there unprepped? I just wonder how much human experimentation went on over there--whatever went on I bet that the harassment was on purpose as well as possible outright gang stalking of them back home and then- GEE they freak out from PTSD and go postal...hmmm wonder why.
My mother used to slide up near me as a kid and occasionally hiss at me the following phrase: "Only dead people keep secrets." true enuff.

The system of what you other TIs have dubbed "mental harassment" sounds like the perfect tool for conditioning a human being to specifications; re-education. Creating a self censoring human being.

I also note how it is much more noticable where any kind of remote influence is more prevelant in TI experience. I have not taken note of it enough to study if it is a constant in all locations with variables (with others or busied with something or out in public opposed to private) or if the location itself is a variable.


  1. Thanks for the info. I did have a job interview with ASU at Tempe, and I told them I wasn't interested. Thankfully, I told them no thank you. I imagine Cali is much of the same... beautiful state and scenery, nice place to live, but I've heard the gangstalking there is bad. It's very bad up here in PA, but probably not as bad as those other states down there: Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California. I'm guessing NC and VA as well as MD are not too bad as far as gangstalking is concerned.

    PA is probably bad because we are close to NY and Canada.

  2. "This last one makes more sense as it explains the frequent indications of actions and thoughts being monitored along with interjections and or a feeling of being watched or monitored."

    This does not sound like mental illness to me. I've had to evolve to a point where I welcome it in order to DEAL with it. And what I've discovered by not resisting that is how much the feedback loop affects the watchers (some of them I suspect are not human...or they are a genetically different type of terrestrial human).

    The problem from a TI's point of view is we never know who is who. There are different factions of all these 3 letter agencies, I sense that strongly. A TI never knows why they are protected when they are. However, my ego seems to have gotten over that issue. I lightened up at one point and began to expect - NO DEMAND - protection at the highest possible level. And I've got it.

    It's all a hyperdimensional game. The war is about the mind and soul. Sure they kill people's bodies but if that was what this is about...most of us would be dead. No, they want us to voluntarily give up our soul (aka heart and emotional integrity) and become like them. Assholes. Full of fear and anger and hate.

    "fight not monsters"....you're doing a great job keeping your soul. I'm sorry that probably means little relief for you until something ends this shit. But remember you're protected, draw that to you and radiate it from you.

  3. Dude they're probably programmed, thats why they dont seem 'human'. A programmed person who's mind and will are under the influence of internal programming (along with what is out there now for a tech system) wud seem robotic. I can tell the ones I have interacted with have been abused or tortured, even brain damaged to get them into the state they are in..it might be intergenerational so they havent known anything else, or they were damaged and trained to do monkey work for the perps. Most of them show signs of cult brainwashing. Not human? I dont know, its a tough theory. I guess there could be some kinid of human experimentation...but like what? the most far out I will go with anything outside tech, chemicals and psy ops is good old fashoined metaphysical actions whihch wud be very powerful if put forth be a group who was bonded in thier beliefs- and with tech one might amplify that or manage it.