The Bourne Legacy

Wow. Watching this. Never bothered with Bourne series before. Offended by them, beneath me so I felt (wheres the MK Kids' royalties? Another rip off). This IS extremely nasty, isnt it? Well, after so many years. After all this travel and the recent tasteless badly written attempted frame ups by clown(s) unknown- I realize something. Humans can try as much as they want to 'create' programming or influence of humans. Alterations. Modifications. Programming. Puppets. You arent gods. Im certain of that now. Theres a force greater than all of mankind that is the only solace that any of us have for the miserable approx 80 years we exist here. You can attempt to crack the codes of this force and the natural creation of life. Nothing is more powerful than the force that cares for this planet and it's people. I see now that the natural state of all things is like an eternal sunny day and that the clouds and storms are simply the illusions of darkness put forth by 'evil'. Oh...btw. If anyone wants to try to silence me again or block me from writing then try it. It didnt work last time. And remember this is all theorizing, amateur research and pondering. Maybe its a sci fi project...or a mind f*ck on the public-like the Beatles 'Paul Is Dead'. I do know that I wont allow anyone or anything to interfere with my writing. Ever again. Ok...just got to the motorcycle chase scene: ridiculous but funny.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Skeptic Tank: Vanishing Point- How to disappear in America without a trace

This is the something that gets closest to a TI's situation I have come across lately. It was helpful with new ideas, correcting mistakes I made or misconceptions and validating the things I have done correctly on my own without prior training.

Vanishing Point-How to disappear in USA:

The other intersting thing is that its mother page is called Skeptics Tank. Here is what they are about:
"The Skeptic Tank also maintains as a primary focus the scientific debunking of claims of the paranormal. This includes all testable claims of the paranormal from aliens in flying saucers to vague, ill-defined conspiracies. Untestable claims of the paranormal are really of no interest as metaphysical queries are pretty tiresome and pointless and there's enough testable claims being made by paranormalists that should be addressed. The activities individuals perform as the results of those beliefs, however, are subject to scientific inquiry as as such The Skeptic Tank considers such its venue. " Organized stalking and harassment as well as unethical human experimentation are certainly 'testable'. Alot of what is behind our situation(s) are not "ill-defined conspiracies". The opposition simply has more resources and the ear and ignorance of the public.We KNOW that. "

Mentally we know that and intuitively we know that but the secret to gang stalking is the opposite of suspension of disbelief. Its not a tv show or theatre performance trying to get you to believe something that isnt really happening, it is an ongoing theatre production trying to get you to believe something isnt happening.VALIDATION is what is most valuable to a targeted individual.Grounding is the number one thing that targets need to stay alive. The process that destroy TIs is a cult mind control process and brainwashes the TI into suicide.

The closest scenerio to our situations seems to actually be the Eco and Animal rights extremists who are treated like terrorists, except targets who have no such history of doing things like that have even more confusion about thier situations- and the authorities have less rationale for their actions. Legally anyway. But these people are harassed covertly is sounds like so there is some similarity.

Gee did I mention that UNLIKE murderers, Targeted persons cannot just go on the lamb for a while and then get new lives. Murderers will probably fair better actually. Hmph.

We are never allowed to 'get normal lives'. I had one bunch of perps in a very organized group Manchester Conneticut homeless shelter, as they were harassing me and trying to pump info out of me (this was like 2006 or so) one of them told me "You dont have the energy to wear disguises". A woman in St Loius MO told me I should color my hair and start "dressing differently"..Yeah with a federal investigation being intimated and probably used for the cover story I want to make myself look like I have something to hide. Yeah, GREAT idea. duh.

I wanted everyone to know I had nothing to hide and if someone wanted to talk to me a subpeona was all that was needed. Not harassment and gaslighting. I wanted the whole system to have to carry on their own backs what they had set up around me not to have me look moreso like I deserved this whole thing on top of whatever smear they put out. So if you really have nothing to hide or if you are involved in crime or have associates who are and some sh*t comes down and YOU ARE NOT CONTACTED DIRECTLY BY LAW ENFORCEMENT then you have nothing to answer for legally or officially. Its all some sort of campaign to either get rid of you as a victim witness or some other reason. The only thing you have to worry about it being a gang stalking target for the rest of your life- which will never get resolved in court or legally as officially your situation does not exist.


Medawar said...

Try this:

Medawar will have to dig a bit, but he thinks that there's been something in Sweden, too. If the victims were Saami, or part Saami, it might indicate a global pattern that'd give a clue as to what's really going on.

Anonymous said...

I guess that would make sense. Native Americans must have something special about their race and genes, that the "powers that be" would want to dispense with them or get them under their control.