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Monday, January 18, 2010

Set up to be harassed out of shelter in Victorville CALI

I was staying in this shelter and tomorrow I was going to get my allergy conditon looked at. Everything was fine and the staff were being nice to me and the residents seemed to have no perps here at all.

Small shelter in Victorville CALI. High Desert Homeless Services 14049 Amargosa Road Victorville, CA. 92392

I got in tonight and this bitch, an older woman named Donna who is heavyset with glasses staying at the shelters messed with me actually antogonized me about brushing my teeth in the bathroom in a building we leave at 7pm and go to another building to sleep in. This is the only time that I can honestly say that if anyone wants to get outright revenge for me on this one I would be eternally grateful. Go take a look at where the shelter is and youll see its easy pickins.

I also want to state how nice the younger women were to me especially the younger ones with children. This place seemed to have a small population of very f*cked up older women who were just seething with hatred of younger women but since they all had kids or husbands these bitches did not dare mess with them. I sensed early on that harassment in this family type environment would come at me due to me being a lone traveler as my weakness.

But the way the harassment was done it was very purposeful and she did it exactly how my mother used to abuse me..it tells me that this network is huge and its definately pedophiles, daughters of pedophiles who know how to abuse people ( this woman fit the bill completely) and older women who are very jealous of younger women. I was told that my mother and other women in my family were trying to get me seen as mentally ill and labeled due to the fact that "You have alot of jealous women in your family". I think it was Rebecca in St Louis MO.

So now I cant get my allergies looked at how convenient to pull this right when things open tomorrow.
I was thinking of leaving anyway as there is a moldy ceiling right above where I am sleeping and its making my allergies worse- typical water damage from a leak somewhere on the roof or upper floor most likely. This small town has been good for me to get alot of writing done and thats all. I know its not my kind of town but I needed at least to get an allergy test done.

The way this woman harassed me I am confident is connected to the gang stalking and not just harassment which can take place randomly in places like this. Its due to the fact that
-the actions against me came out of nowhere but were obviously premeditated by the perp
-timing is convenient to ensure I dont get anything done like allergy test ( I was also told by staff today to sue and I am sure that the system does not want me doing that as it would lead to disclosure of the mold exposure in prior apartment coming up in legal proceedings again. Actuallly I signed out of court with Olnick and Warren Hall trust and I signed something basically under duress from harassment, that says that they are blameless and not guilty of anything and none of the documentation is public record. So by shutting me up they are protecting the whole building from being exposed as uninhabitable)
-the harassment matches my mothers abuse of me perfectly which this system seems to try to do frequently as to continue trauma from childhood as well as regresss me to a child, very common in MK Ultra related experimentation.

When someone like Donna learns or is told the person is vulnerable they either get to harass someone and get away with it, get a favor or think they are playing hero as the TI has been smeared to be a 'high profile hate object' as Eleanor White put it.

I had experienced some actions that cud be construde as harassment like every nite I come in someone had put a new item that did not belong to me in my little area where one puts ones bags on a shelf for the night. Since it was such a small thing it was delegated to the 'maybe' file.

I had only been there a few days. Basically the place is a dump but the people were somewhat nicer than in most places. This woman Shelly told me not to deal with harassment and that no one there wud do that to me as everyone there was basically focused on religion. Well I guess everyone other than Donna.
I left becuz I have had enough and I was going to punch this older woman right in the face. I dont act out not due to moral or religious ends nor to be a martyr but becuz THE SYSTEM WANTS YOU TO TAKE SUCH ACTIONS and even in moments where you cant think straight you must remember that whatever actions the system wants you to take is something to avoid. The gang stalking system wants you to either suicide, get institutionalized by either exploding in (well deserved )rage or by saying 'I give up' and just committing yourself out of pathetic submission.

Alot of people who do this to me seem to get theirs later on and I think its either the covert faction that protects TIs or some regular citizens who seem to be on our side.
But with this one I jsut want her to spontaneously combust like within the hour. And there is nothing special about her, I mean she is the typical run of the mill piece of sh*t. She acted exactly like my mother used to. You could tell it was a set up from the system, as I have been informed that my own mother is deeply into this up to a point and if she knowingly has taken part WITH POLICE CONNECTIONS then one can be sure that any premeditated similar behavior that is timed this precisely is part of the overall effort to break and frustrate the child of the pedophile system who is going to speak out and expose them and the people involved dont want to have that.

Also as I arrrived in Victorville a few days ago there was a cop truck in front of the entrance road to the shelter which is Target store in a shopping center. It was "Field operations" which in my research is exactly what is used on people like me or as a cover to mess with us like the homeless or teror suspects..that sort of thing. Look up "field operations". Nowadays the authorities have all kinds of covers for their system of social control..all based on terrorism and increased security.

Great for producing more jobs for the boyz with their ultimate union. Like my friend said the other day " its probably different out there nowadays, cuz there are more cops out there". I never thought about that until today just now, thinking about how many factions of the police there are out there now. Meter maids are now outfitted as official "traffic enforcement". There are so many factions I had dealt with harassment in Boston..its like they were trying to show off thier new system, and all that was bought with the money from the Democratic convention money. Prob trying to burn up some of that money as well so they can get more next year.)

Donna for some reason pissed me off more than other people have.
Its probably due to the fact that I was behaved sheepishly in this place and kept to myself as it seemed that was best in a non aggressive environment. It was so cute how the younger girls tried to get me not to leave. You can tell they are new moms- "Dont leave its cold and wet out."

If I could build a new shelter just for them and give them everything they needed and make thier kids happy I wud do it in a second... only if we can exclude the old bags from the scene or have them under strict control..
The 'uncoolness law'. If you are a woman over a certain age and you have become a total jaded jealous no fun peice of crap who now lives to harass younger women you are to be taken out of society.....funny that I was becoming an older woman and Iwas targeted for being attractive and too much fun.

I hope Donna gets her's with some swift justice. I am not going to stick around as I am getting the disctinct urge to get Roman on her ass and stick around, find out her moves and strike later. However, Donna being such a commoner and a relative nobody in this game doesnt deserve anymore of my attention. In fact this posting is more than she deserves.

Its the way that she did it. She acted like domineering bitch and then acted like a high school kid smiling about what she did and saying things passing between the buildings as the crowd stood outside trying to get me to not leave, saying "Thats RIGHT!" As if she just did something really tough. I wonder sometimes if people like her realize that they are dealing with someone highly intelligent and potentially very dangerous as I not only possess intelligence I possess strength and due to programming some innate sense of stealth and attack.

Its as if the system has told her that I am so helpless that I am no threat due to how oppressed I am. And they are correct. They know that I cant waste time on her as I have to write, as well as if I do take action I cant guarentee control due to years of abuse through harassment.

Its like the post I put out there ealier, the long one. THE FIRST TIME YOU ACT ON SOMEONE LIKE THIS MIGHT BE THE LAST TIME YOU ACT OUT. This is the same game that they played with that black guy from that St L suburb that went postal. You have to understand that this is always one of the goals of the system and there are multiple ways of getting this result.

The system also knows that once I tell my story, in my mind things will be set right as the whole world can finally see my side, whether they believe it or not is not important. Then years of abuse will just melt away and I can either die with a sense of fulfilled obligation or move on to whatever comes after telling my side. This creates a constant race between the gang stalking harassment system and me trying to complete this work. They are I am sure hoping at any cost to stop whatever I have to say.

I will never let that happen. They are also ensuring that one story is all I can put out by providing many obsticles and making it so, this book will be finished and it will most likely be the last thing I do as the system has made it that way.

Its all planned for the target.

This Persian guy or Iranian I used to work for at a furniture store in the mid 90's, talked about how his new regime harassed him due to him mailing a letter the way one would have during the reign of the Shah of Iran, the former regime. They took him in for interrrigation just for a damn piece of mail. He explained to me a bit about how the world works and explained that "We are all sleeping. It is all planned for us." This is an ancient culture, one that contrary to popular believe actually encouraged education for females back when they were considered non existent in other cultures. They also preserved ancient Greek and Roman knowledge while Europe was busy dumbing everyone down during the dark ages. Have a look at how many female military generals they can boast of , where as Europe barely allows Budika to exist. Mother Mary makes it due to her virgin status and subjegation by Father and Son.
In other words if you ignore Mulsim organized religion and the modern state of things this is a people who are NOT stupid and seem to have an idea of deception and a grown up view of how intelligence works.

Years later its sad to not look upon his words as just a memory of my short encounter of a romanticised ancient culture. We are sleeping; its all planned for us.

Even our destruction in some cases.

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  1. Rachael;
    I don't know why the perps need to rile us up in addtion to the gangstalking and other arranged abuse. But they do, and it seems that baiting the victim to be more hostile and enraged (and fully alert) is an important mind state for them to do their remote observations or whatever it is that they extract from TI's.