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My prior disclaimer stated that I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel. I am a writer who lives a challenging alternative lifestyle and it is MY RIGHT to do so. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

gang stalking san diego/ red t's back in (lame) use again

So San Diego is turning out sh*tty. The homeless population is large without enough services. This means is takes forever to get anything done and I am always going to be a Yankee in a hurrry all the time, driven. The staff at these places is certainly helpful and nice enough to the homeless. Problem is they keep you busy with being homeless go here go there and I have a book to write.

The homeless are pleasant and laid back enough but one thing strikes me about San Diego. Its not a place heavy in the arts like one can sense in L.A. and also, not to be cruel but....everyone seems a little, uh...stupid. Like intellectual achievement and speed of thought and exchange is not an important part of daily life. I cant f*cking stand it. I will lose my mind in a place like this. I feel totally cut off from..the things that make me feel secure. Like a college town or a town with a large art community and that influences the entire population. Something about the southwestern landscape and weather makes me feel secure even if the town and its people suck. I still love ABQ NM and dont even understand why. There are no shelters there to speak of except the creepy one that has that cult Christian program but at least there is one there.
And I get targeted in NM alot. Not as bad as Tucson or Phoenix but it does occur and the ideation part of it can be pure torture. Still NM is cool and I wish it wud warm up there. So I havent mastered winter yet as a houseless person in the US.

Well, here in San Diego it was fine yesterday when I hit town. As of today there seems to be a major amount of people wearing red tshirts or bright red pieces in each group passing by me. The only reason I feel this could be gang stalking related is becuz I have been dealing with this and researching for years. One of the things a TI notices is how quickly gang stalking begins on them as a target in different locations. Not only is this proof of thier sanity (if only for themselves and others who are targeted with psychological warfare campaigns who have been through similar activities so can relate) but it also illustrates how this is systematic and not random. In a big city like San Diego at this stage of my campaign going on for so long it doesnt surprise me that the nonsense has started only one day after my arrival. I have posted here that I am in So Cal and also I have signed my name to documents in shelters and am in computer systems with my ss #. If that were not enough to alert the system there is always the good old fashoined spying network that it at times seems like never lets a TI out of thier sight from one place to the next and traveling in between. It wouldnt be hard as I have seen traveling during the last years of the Bush admin and the war where this activity was much heavier and overt.

Also its kind of obvious when yesterday I entered town and there was no such presence as today in the same areas with bright red t shirts or pieces of clothing. For the significance of this, try to look up my older posts where I note specifically that the people overtly harassing me were wearing red t's and if you look up crime gangs on the FBI website you will see that gangs have taken to wearing t-shirts of either white or other colors to signify a group or gang instead of the more obvious bandanas that the public became familiar with in the 90's. The white t is also of use so that after commiting a crime the perps can
-change their t shirt to one of another color
-be identified as only wearing a white t shirt and then all the gang looks the same making id of an individual perp of violent crime difficult. Also if someone sees that gangs are doing this there is the IMMEDIATE presence of intimated intimidation via the collective wearing of white t's.

I also know I am not wrong about this becuz the gang stalking in St L a few years ago from kids in red t shirts was really overt and they would follow behind me (stalking) and say things like "she walks around every day like it aint nothin." I have posted that not only is this due to the ability to disacossiate to an alter that can stand trauma and act as if nothing is happening, its also due to the advice of my president at that time: I was advised to not let terror run my life and to go about my business as normally as possible, so that is what I did. Its not my fault that this is possibly an abuse of power by some faction of those very same authorities and I used thier info against them.

Also I did a very interesting 'test' of my theory which I had posted here. I got a red t shirt and put it on and sat by the road side and wrote in my notebook, for something to occupy myself. I watched the reactions of the cars going by. They were very different from from what they were just a short time before as people terrorized me with tactics. A number of passersby now seemed either confused or very scared of the T shirt. Its almost like the t shirt itself was worse that a cop sitting there waiting to catch them speeding. They acted as if me watching them pass on the roadside was frightening due to me perhaps looking for one of them or monitoring.

THIS SHOWS ME THAT A NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN OUR POPULATION ARE AWARE OF THIS GROUP OR GANG. ITS EITHER A GANG THAT RUNS NEIGHBORHOODS OR HAS POWER, SUCH AS I SUSPECT IS BEHIND THE SCHOOL FOR HANDICAPPED BLACK CHILDREN IN KENMORE SQUARE...the one where its run by all blacks and their clients are black. Its definelty an African American venture but I dont think its legit. Recall the black guy that works at the hostel in Boston where so much harassment occured by a few groups each time. The conversation I had with him, which I also posted some time ago, consisted of the stupid rich white kids working under him talking about rap music and me saying that alot of rappers have gang affiliation or that crime is what drives the industry. Being familiar with the various mobs of all ethnic backrounds ALWAYS having a hand in such businesses connected to entertainment its naive to think that just becuz Tupac and Biggie are gone and the head man is in jail and anti gang now that the black crime gangs are gone. They are doing just what every other gang has done in this country. They spill some blood, make their presence known by muscle, then find some way to go legit and thus quiet in the public's mind. Its niave to think or try to claim that such is not the way our world works, but that is African Americans for you. They at once lack subtlety in thier crimes and are like children when trying to play deception. Blacks have a very high emotional energy register when scanned, it makes them very emotionally and spiritually powerful for positive or negative ends but it also makes everything they say and even think loud as hell. Blacks do indeed hypnotize more than they can go quiet in thier deceptions and hide. They tend to put power forth into the environement not withhold it. I guess for me 'reading' people, its just laughable when they try to lie in general but lie about something most Italian Americans are fully aware of the workings of- mob and gangs.

My point is that I believe that the red tshirts are more than just wannabe Cryps as has been suggested to me by a man in St Louis MO. It might be gang activity and they are contracted out, it may be military gangs as that is infiltrated by eveyone from white power to black gangs to Christians to Satantists. They might be working for an intgelligence agency and not know who thier employer really is or they may be in full knowledge playing it off like their are gang related as part of deflection and deception.
I also suspect that it is very connected to getting Obama into office, but that is such a long shot and its very vague as to how that works.
Hey, I always said that blacks would have thier leveling off just like other immigrants such as the Irish, Italians and others who had to be a bit overt in their criminal activities before becoming established.
But blacks are interesting in that they seem to have an already established covert force, from back in the slave days, to the underground railroad to civil rights. This should be looked at very carefully as it provides them with a history of their own of covert warfare.

Anyway what is most disturbing is when I see a fat black/Latino woman walking with a frail old lily white lady with blue eyes. They are both wearing red, one a bright red T and the other an mid length coat. The old white woman is the one who looks at me, turns to the younger dark girl and says "is that her?" and the darker female actually looks uncomfortable talking about this or drawing attention to me. The white lady looks right at me and continues to rub it in and smile and look right into my eyes from a far distance as they have already passed. They are definetley play games and the amount of people doing bright red passing by me as well as giving stupid smiles is enough to tell me the jerk brigade has either hit town or been called to duty.

That one interaction was enough to tip me off. And I was walking with someone the whole time, it probably made it easier.

As for people I have met in the homeless population its been one cool younger female, and of course the skinny weakling guy and the older past domestic abuser guy have both decided to latch onto me which is usually what I attract. Its no secret that my life sucks and I have always attracted losers and abusers...its just they were a hell of alot more fun before or had powerful connections. This just sucks.

Once I realized that my computer was screwing up I left this guy I was walking with. Hes the typical older guy who is interesting to talk to and now is trying to 'help' with everything and latch on. If my writing is at stake or anything having to do with my work is going on you can bet anyone in my way gets dropped immediately I dont care who it is. MY WRITING COMES FIRST. Even before me eating drinking or sleeping or having the basic needs in life. It shows that people here are ignorant and not artistic if they cant deal with what seems a flighty personality.

I dont think I will last very long here and there are SO many homeless that the perps will most likely start acting out within the community or someone will harass me and piss me off, and it seems being a hot headed female here is unpopular. I have seen only a few really mentally ill women act up and thats about it.

This is also a city where you get the feeling that being homeless you are really disregarded by the rest of the city. Its not like Boston, where you are living in a crappy night by night shelter and going to school or writing a book. I think people here think that only someone in a program is doing that.

Its not very Bohemian at all. I will prob hit the highway with my little sign to someplace else soon its just a matter of time.

I think in general being houseless in the US sucks for anyone with a brain, except maybe down south where I discovered they are tolerant of travelers as long as you dont register as a homebum. I have to say the south and even south west are much cooler places to be houseless.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael, been reading your blog, uve got real strength to you.
i spent some time travelling hopingto shake the perps off my trail, but i can assure u this follows u where ever u go.i guess technology makes it so easy now, but i think if u where to go into a hole in the ground u will find u are still harassed and stressed out somehow. there seems no way of getting away from it.i wanted to suggest to you all this time to get some permanent or semipermanent housing if u can or if its offered to u.unless u prefer the freedom of travelling, i donno but i am wondering if there is a purpose to ur travelling, if it is to see if the harssment will subside if u move, depressingly i dont think it will, perhaps i have succumbed to doom and gloom and i dont want to influence u adversely cos im sure u already experienced in this hell situation. i think there are ways u can get out of bneing homeless, it took me ages to accept some help too as i was suspicious and hateful and vengeful of everyone, but i got to the deep end of the rabbit hole so to speak and found its very dangerous indeed. i think part and parcel this is the most maddening aspect of this new 'life' we are all living
that it is all going off into a zone that is creep and freaky and i now think this is why onlookers and instigators dont like to get involved too much to either help us or to do serious damage, they often back off.some people like us find it too much to cope with. its hell basically. i think ebveything u see and feel is a sign or anchoring is perhaps a warning to u or perhaps to harass u. id keep positive mind set but also think laterally and in all directions as to its reasons and cause. there are gangs in all regions and often they are the ones easily mobilised or instructed to act up hence the red t shirts. its street theatre.i dont know wot it means could be anything. one thing for sure they r trying to plague ur sensitive and vulnerable mind. donno why. also i wanted to suggest perhaps getting a tent in case of emergency so u can camp out somewhere saves u from being out in the cold. but u mentioned before they offered u housing i think u should take the housing inthe area u like, if u are worried u will be harassed, likelihod is u gonna be harassed no matter wot u do or where u go even if u were in space theyd find a way to get at u. fayroozable

AJH said...

Heavy on the red are they? Same here, often having one red dressed gangstalker hide behind another. Then combinations of red with or behind dark green (vein color) or red with brown (no analogy needed). But you are observant in noting that wearing red yourself really confuses the gangstalkers. Try wearing red all the time and see if that clothing item doesn't incur accelerated wear (or other sabotage) to the point of it being unwearable.

I don't know San Diego much, though I visited there twice in my 1999 to 2002 working days. Also, Phoenix, New York, New Orleans and Salt Lake City were on my travelling intinerary, once each.

Portland OR didn't cut it then? (one of my favorite US cities).

Take care