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Friday, January 29, 2010

TI website- yet another victim (
I found this link doing some research. Yet another target, with the same basic info that once again merits investigation and makes perfect sense. I think back to the comment of that trucker who preached to me and B. about conservativism as we were riding with a bitter way. He did it more for brainwash it seemed than as conversation. He said "If someone is on the terrorist list its for a damn good reason." (Does that include the little boy in the news who got frisked down at age 5 and still cant ride on planes due to his name being the same as someone elses on the list- why dont they include social security numbers with the names like every other agency?)

This is the very attitude that would support a psychocivilized society or the covert and forced re education of certain citizens. ..because there must be a very good reason. Anyone afraid enough of authority or sadistic enough to get off on this sh*t or brainwashed themselves is going to agree with the power abusing authority figure- always.
Unhappy people want others to be unhappy. Jealous people want to bring others down.
Competitive people will do anything to wipe out people in thier way. Crimimals and sex offenders need to cover thier asses at any cost- ESPECIALLY the kiddie scene people.

Society must face reality that not only are we now a psychocivilized society, we now have the ability to target anyone inconvenient and destroy thier minds-lobotomize them to fit into the agenda or make them a non threat to the overlords.

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