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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another example of the chicken before egg tactic/dont allow personal attacks to cloud judgment and facts.

harassment from BLACKFOOTNAVAJO on (all 1 day ago):
comment 1:
"Delusions that someone, often a famous person, is in love with you when in reality they aren't. Also called erotomania or de Clerembault syndrome.... so u see that u share many of these symptoms. anyway i thought id show u this and hope i didnt make u feel to bad cause of it. good luck to you! "
comment 2:
"Delusions of reference- thinking that random events convey a special meaning to you. An example is that a newspaper headline or a license plate has a hidden meaning for you to figure out. That they are signs trying to tell you something.;Religious delusions- that you are Jesus, God, a prophet, or the antichrist.;Delusions of grandeur- the belief that you have an important mission, special purpose, or are an unrecognized genius, or famous person "
comment 3:
"here i got some examples for more info go to schizophrenia . com i know u probably wont post this comment but i hope u read it :) Examples of Delusions: The most common type of delusion or false beliefs are paranoid delusions. These are persecutory in nature and take many forms: Overpowering, intense feeling that people are talking about you, looking at you;Overpowering, intense feeling you are being watched, followed, and spied on (tracking devices, implants, hidden cameras).... "
comment 4
"the earplug is an indicator for schizophrenia, people use them because they believe they can stop the voices they are hearing, they also use headphones. i bet 100$ that the person who made this video would claim that anyone who tells her that she is schizophrenic, is part of a conspiracy against her. to me its clear that she should seek psychiatric help ASAP! "

Firstly one has to assess this person's motive. If they are not getting something out of contacting me then why wud they do so? That is what I wrote back in return:
"one of the things that distunguishes gang stalking harassment from truly random events is the marked cruelty and sadism involved. Its also common to try to make the target look dangerous due to thier being delusional. also psychiatry is all theory, and you are also using the disorder model but there is a trauma model as well which explains things not so cut and dry as disorders but as workings of the human mind. Lastly unless you are interested in activism concerning human experiemntation (documented) or abusive cults or crime like white slavery or other related organized crime dont comment on my channel anymore. Your intent is obviously to hurt, destroy, divert or otherwise be cruel to someone who is suffering. Thus the true focus should be on your motivation for writing me to begin with not my headspace. go make yourself feel better by picking on someone else. the following video is what i am dealing with. try to deny the existence of a presidents advisory committee....this video is not delusion. unless picking on me is getting you paid off, cheap thrills or a favor from someone then why would you do such a thing?
MKULTRA Survivor's Testimony (#10) the 45min doc film, MONARCH, potential enemies used by intelligence cabal as human guinea pigs to perfect microwave weapons. Victims and a therapist speak to the Presidents Advisory Commission on Human Radiation E... "

This is one of the nastiest and cruelest ones yet. Its always important to frame up the target and make them seem dangerous. That is the number one goal with some targets harassment. If you look at my case any weirdness or eccentricity I had from childhood formed coping skills against trauma as well as my artistic abilities being not encouraged or even stifled-the energy has to come out somewhere.
Outside of popular knowledge we have much testimony from survivors of programming. Many agree on the same circumstances and things happening to them and the effects on them from a lifetime of trauma. In this knowledgebase it is well known that survivors of truama based mind control , like slaves historically, often have been forced to turn inward and live rich fantasy lives-privately. It is also a way of keeping things alive inside the person such as creative talents, intelligence etc. Even the true self that is not allowed to be expressed.

One high profile survivor stated that people with certain types of programming tend to use creativity as a coping skill. This does not mean they are delusional about being prograammed, it means thier minds form coping skills to deal with thier situations.
Also, this person's arguement, if you even want to call it that, is flawed and sloppy:
First he is claiming I am delusional concerning erotomania. I dont see any overt evidence of this displayed in my activism but I may be missing something I posted. Anyway, what is interesting is that he uses that 'disorder' to lead us into other delusional disorders like paranoia concerning being persecuted, watched etc. It seems he is trying to wound me and break me down with picking on me concerning some personal eccentricities and then that would leave me open and vulnerable to the suggestion that I am also imagining being targeted- which of course if he came at me with this by itself wud not work due to the documentation, evidence and circumstances of my situation.
(THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL. This is what happens with subliminals being used in advertising as well. ALL trauma based mind control has the same steps that need to be taken for it to work. IF you know how this works you will never be fooled again by this system. The basics are to shock, hurt or wound someone so they are focused on thier emotions and stop thinking. It has to be done so the person is blindsided. Then as they are focused on shock or wounding, a suggestion is present or presented to be slipped in the now open door of the mind and even the very core or heart of the person. In advertising the person looks at something shocking set up in the artwork or photo, registers this only subconshusly and then as the are focusing on the shock or being traumatised, the ad is right there. Its a way of strong arming people into buying your product. Its also a way of keeping constant control over the population as this keeps them traumatized...then what is the only thing to make hurts in life feel better? Yep, retail therapy. )

Then he goes on to suggest schizophrenia. I read the rundown of delusional disorder and it specifically states that the mind is not disordered and the patient presents as fairly pulled together and sane-not disordered.

With attacks like these going right for the heart of the person and thier vulnerabilities or targeting thier weaknesses or already fragile coping mechanisms, the target mayl ose sight of the evidence that shows there is something going on concerning slavery through mind control using induced MPD/DID as well as human experimentation or even those targeted due to being victim witnesses. No matter what you have had to do to cope with trauma in your past, keep the focus of how you got that way to begin with.
Also, we as targets and survivors are fully aware of any and all campaigns to silence us as victim witnesses. We are also aware of psychiatry's role in helping the system to undermine survivors especially so when they become targeted.

Erotomania as a disorder is best left for people who are obviously truly delusional and acting out on what they truly believe such as stalking or other compulsions connected to the obsessions.

I am not going to feel bad or apologize for being born into this situation. The main focus of a target's attentions should always return to what we CAN prove and what we DO know for sure, either from our own testimony, memories or documentation that may well tie into those things.

I didn't imagine my 4 week long grueling vocational testing where the results were as follows:
1 dancer
2 fine arts (painter)
3 fine arts (writer)
4 policeman, detective, police seargent, security

So making insinuendos (great word eh?) about me only imagining I may have talent is not going to work.
The main vocation to focus on with this situation is number four..We must always and forever focus on the motives of everyone involved. DO NOT just believe what you are told, always question what is the other party getting out of doing what they are doing or why are they taking such action? Stay logical and do not let personal attacks divert you from defending yourself.

These campaigns always rely on smear. The perps will take anything they can get to destroy you and your activism efforts: smear, personal flaws, eccentricites, past life style etc etc. You are treated like a candidate who's opponent is relying on 'mud slinging' to get elected. (uh oh, I am seeking higher status- i am using politics which= power ,as analogies! Everyone watch out! I may just be dangerous!
Yeah, becuz I am smart and won't settle for being corraled into being kept down.)
When you have someone turn to you and say right to your face "They are mad at you becuz you are not accepting your situation" and your own mother tells you that when she was dealing with organized crime, she always took the harassment as to mean-"know your place, bitch" I think thier is a bit more going on other than delusion.
This is a great example of how a detailed psych profile as well as intel collection on the target can be used against them to destroy.
Once again what makes us obviously NOT crazy is in all of the activity around targets the absolute cruelty that is used in dealing with us. I love how society and this system alternate between the target being delusional and imagining things to vilifying them and saying they deserved it. HOW CAN BOTH BE TRUE?
Also, its suspect that when survivors of programming do seek help for self improvement (usually to come out of programming and become whole and fully productive) we are often stalemated, or find most people whos job it is to help by definition- not very helpful.

This TACTIC is another example of the 'chicken before egg' trick that is used over and over in different ways in gang stalkng campaigns.
Is the target what the system says they are to begin with or did the target get that way by being targeted or a victim of trauma? The system then tries to use every resource and avenue especially ones with mainstream cred like psychiatry, to claim that their version of events and timeline is the true one.
For instance I have often avoided traps the system was trying to force me into by using thier suggestions to track just what they are trying to drive me into doing. First it was trying to make me believe I was crazy during that federal investigation and at the same time the system was harassing , stalking and gaslighting me in order to drive me crazy. This system is very easy to figure out when you realize that they use the same mo and tactics over and over again just in different forms and at different times.

I personally have recieved enough help from people saying things right to my face or dropping hints to know I am not imagining being gang stalked to destroy my life. But at the moment of personal attack a TI trying to hold it together on a personal level will often be hit very hard by some personal attack or using thier flaws or truama related behaviors against them. The sole purpose is to make the TI appear still defective, mistaken and wrong therefore further bullied and disbelieved.

I am not afraid of posting this nor such accusations, becuz I have all the cards as I have never once posted my side or my story or total experiences. Without my input, no one really knows what I am thinking or doing and its all about the perps accusing you of things or further discrediting you without proof.
Also, if this person is a qualified and licensed health professional, which they most likely are not. I want a second opinion...I also want to present Jake and Julie's tax records as well as other things that could be whipped out to prove this is more harassment of a victim witness-how's about those telephone bills? They might be interesting to take a gander about the evidence that my mother is a documented human experimentee connected to MK Ultra?
This tactic is cruel and viscous and SERVES TO DISCREDIT THE TI IN THIER VERY OWN HEART AND MIND...wait. Where have I heard that phrase "hearts and minds" before. OH YEAH!! Psychological warfare- PSY OPS!

Have a horrible day Blackfootnavajo. Your a disgrace to natives everywhere. Think about those smallpox blankets could you go after someone who is being also persecuted and marginalized? Is it cuz I am white? Sorry dude, my ancestors are third wavers and only arrived here at the turn of the century. Go find yourself a descendent of some pioneers or an old East coast family or a plantation owner.
What kind of native agrees with PSYCHIATRY? With your people's spiritual backround and power I find that pretty bizarre..given into the Man have we? You make me sick.
I am so glad that most natives I deal with are way cooler than this guy.


Anonymous said...

I've seen plenty of assholes with their harassment that think they're being cute doing so, and wear the smirk afterwords. Typically, they are people not moving up on the socioeconomic ladder anyways, and see beating up on the TI as their entertainment. Can't afford an entertainment center? No problem -- harass a TI, because their actions are not only acceptable and encouraged, but even mandatory and rewarded. I've seen a pair that fit this bill who really need to grow up. These look like your domestic abusers who are used to "dishing it out". There seem to be a lot of spouse abusers looking to unload their pent-up violence on TI's.

Also TROLLING on the internet via comment forms seems a very constant tactic they like to use. Some trolls have nothing better to do with their lives, so they enjoy hurting others.

Anonymous said...

Just received a good piece of advice from a cop not long ago. He said "don't be getting into any strange cars." I had a "sympathetic" woman stop in the middle of the road while I was walking offering me a ride. She seemed very nice, and insisted that I get in as she was headed to town. It was extremely cold and snowy, but politely refused over and over again.

The thing is that TI's need to exercise caution. She looked very respectable and upper class, still I've learned that people are not what they seem. Only get in cars with people you trust.

Medawar said...

Medawar knows a young lady who complained to her doctor about noises in her head.
She found herself in locked ward, being forced to take anti-schizophrenia drugs, which didn't help her long-term epilepsy.
One day, she managed to see a neurologist rather than a psychiatrist, neurologist had her head scanned as a routine procedure, found the broken bit of skull that was moving and making "noises in her head."

"Psychiatry is witchcraft standing in the way of science."

It's a set of assumptions for dismissing something the psychiatrist doesn't understand, which can be more or less everything.

The psychiatrists are currently campaigning against the scientific understanding that schizophrenia is all to do with a fault in the way brain cells metabolize glucose (explains why cannabis and some other drugs make it so much worse) and IS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCE, unless they mean in some biochemical sense. If the idiots would accept this, then their patients could be cured instead of locked up, endlessly messed around with and effectively tortured. It is metabolic, and fairly simple to boot.

But that understanding only appeals to those who want to cure ills, rather than get off on them, which Medawar thinks is the problem with the person posting comments on You-Tube.

Nearly all mental illness is a behavioral symptom for a metabolic disorder (or an undiagnosed broken skull) and all psychiatry can ever hope to do is control the victim: cures lie with physiologists and surgeons, who are currently being held at bay by psychiatrists protecting their very lucrative turf at the expense of the patient's best interests.

Justin TI, Ottawa, Canada said...

The question here for me becomes: Is there a method of clinically distinguish between a TI experiencing organized (gang) stalking/electronic harassment and a person experiencing a psychotic and/or delusional episode? For example, can existent, evidence based written and/or or clinical interviewing tools establish a legally defensible distinction for the TI?

- Justin TI, Ottawa, Canada.

Anonymous said...

I get a lot of "rub salt in your wounds" tactics like this to further degrade and humiliate. It's like the guy knows you're being stalked, so he has to post symptoms of being stalked just to be a smartass. I get a lot of tactics like this. I'd like to say that the "system" sends a lot of people like this after us, who never achieve anything meaningful in life other than hurting others. But to them, that's an accomplishment. That's why it's important to make sure they don't succeed, because to them, harassing others and making it effective IS their success. Also, I have a doppleganger going around mimicking my postings on other TI web sites. Typical psychopath -- sucking the personality of others.

On_GangStalking said...

Medawar- u left out the part where u state that there is a difference between someone targeted and someone mentally ill.

As for the legal question: i have no idea what stands up in court right now. Which is why I am not bothering with the justice system. They are useless at this point and only serve the agenda. I am fortunate however becuz I can show at least that the criminals back in Boston were connected to powerful men in govt, organized crime and business that I was being targeted to keep me silent. The issues with programming or even human experimentation will never be exposed as to reveal the existence of programmed humans is probably a breech of national security or other such claims to cover thier asses for enslaving human beings.

Justin TI, Ottawa, Canada said...

Justin here from Ottawa again. I am a target of both organized stalking and electronic Harassment. In my last comment I mentioned what I think is an important question to try and keep TIs out of institutions. In most cases I’ve heard, the TI is assessed, probably by intake personnel, with informal clinical interviewing and so called “professional” opinion on the TI. This means that the perp assessor can say what ever they want. What I`m suggesting in my previous post, is that using standard evidence based clinical tools, (not just a perp psychiatrists opinion) may be a means of defending the TI against such “perped-professional” opinion.

A powerful article is Carol Smith’s related to mind invasive technology:

But, this work refers more to the electronic stalking or MC aspects of the combined crimes, as does the recent success of James Walbert’s legal and technical cases:

Like I said, I am an a target of both gang stalking and electronic harassment.

- Justin TI, Ottawa Canada.

P.S. Are you the Rachael from the famous utube video?

Medawar said...

Medawar knows that there's a difference between someone who's targetted and someone who's mentally ill: the psychiatrists aren't usually doing the ill ones any good, either.

Funny thing is, Medawar convinced the police he wasn't making it up the moment he explained that one of the people doing the harassment, looked just like "Keith Mann" out of a documentary on ALF terrorists. The shrinks thought this was further compelling evidence of delusion: trying to blame it all on someone "famous" from the telly, but it does seem that there was an intelligence surveillance log of Mann being exactly where Medawar said he'd seen him, when he said he'd seen him.

So, in answer to our friend in Toronto: no, there is no way of distinguishing between a TI and a mental patient that will convince a shrink, but the police can be convinced if you've noticed something that fits with what the intelligence services have told them, and which you cannot possibly have known about from any source except actually seeing it really happen.

PS: have fixed problem of non-working comments fields on "Medawar's Extremist Linkages" : never trust blogger defaults without checking that they work! Apologies to everyone who tried and wailed in frustration.