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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no actual belief in these theories as fact . If so I would've taken legal action by now. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.
My prior disclaimer stated that I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel. I am a writer who lives a challenging alternative lifestyle and it is MY RIGHT to do so. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Satanists working for Christ..what??

Well I notice the red t-shirt nonsense has ceased after my posting. But this is a city that loves black and red...its not gang stalking, it just seems unconsious among the citizenry. But I do see black combined with red clothing...and that is just fine by me. Lots of pyramids, pillars, fountains and sun symbols. A pharoah is carved into the front of the library. I will be fine here.

Anyway, I met this woman at a shelter the other nite. She had really black hair super white teeth (dentures?) and was older but still looked good in a Joan Jett kinda way. She had a back pack on and the intersting thing is that she had her umbrella stuck into the backpack the way Samuri used to have thier swords right behind thier head for easy reach.
Our conversation turns to her talking about being interested in serial killer's stories. This is what happens with hobos, vagrants or other fringe or alt the first 5-10 min one can tell if they are fairly sane or if its a no go.
I did the best I could and started talking about some cases I read about in the past.
Her eyes were big, witchy and really dark; black discs. All I could think of is how cool she looked but alternately how she might be sizing me up for her next victim, if she was a female serial killer.

We were discussing the death penalty, I voiced my opinion that it should be nationwide but only used under severe circumstances, like the person is definetelty guilty and they cannot stop killing so its not used to frame people up and get rid of them..(why dont you just gang stalk them, its worse than sitting on death row becuz we have no appeals to write or anyone rooting for us..becuz gang stalking does not exist dontcha know).
She posed her opinion in the form of question: how can man know good if he does not experiences the greatest evil? Then she started up about Obama and that this is what he was doing for the country- bringing about the greatest evil to make good...this is one of those times when you are seriously considering if this person is a perp but not the kind that is doing it for personal gain..this is the possible cult member/cause stalker type or programmed. THESE are the scary ones. I have met these kind before and its worse than the sadists, sexists, racists, 'official' (cops ets) or unofficial 'official' (dirty tricks dept), criminals; these are the ones who most likely would never stop due to thier being possibly involved not of thier own Will.
She said that Obama was getting rid of "the ancient ones", the ones who think they are just going to move on easily to success. Then she got more sensible and talked about people who say,drive a bus for instance, and if they won't take a pay cut in salary then he will give the job to someone who will...then she pointed at me and said "and thats going to be you". This part of the conversation was like her trying to bring the subject matter back to reality..but what she said before is what is compelling.

You will notice that a few choice people in the homeless scene who appear out of their minds have wisdom if not pertinent info about what is going on with either gang stalking campaigns or world events. Its unerving. But consider how many former programmed people have most likely been driven mad by thier own victimization or someone who knew too much or someone with a psychic gift who the system has decided is either a threat/uncontrollable. There is no doubt in my mind after what I have seen that this is what happens to many 'expendable' people. In the Boston shelters there were many homeless that looked out of their minds who would snap out of it, drop me info like an informant and then go back to appearing nuts.
I dont want to get into it here but I believe these people are in the system..and in a horrible way. Of all the things that I have seen the condition of these people is the most disturbing. They lack the arrogance and sinister intent of the perps one usually sees..they seem to be victimized in the worst way.

One guy in a yard of a day drop in center the other day for the second time made a comment with reference to direct knowledge of my situation, and its done out of an appearence of insanity. First it was something about Chicago as I told someone I hate Chicago in a conversation about travel. Then he walked by the next day, swung by really, and said "Charles Michael..blah blah blah...Charles Michael had you kicked out of Heaven" and when he said that last part he swung near me and then away from me.
The general concensus is that he is out of his mind. I then on reflex exclaimed "how come that guy says things that sound insane but always have some merit?" A white guy laughed, the blacks were silent. Then I asked "What were you, some kind of super psychic and the CIA destroyed your mind?"...The blacks were stone quiet, it got real quiet, and no one wanted to deal with that comment.
Just saying that out of reflex, just as a joke and the reaction I got seemed to bring my situation into some credible reality. It was a moment of validation, one I really did not want.
The blacks really tried to avoid that moment in time, and when black people are uncomfortable it's obvious - they also tend to have a strong link between them- like a collective reaction.

The reason the first story is of interst is that back in Boston there was an Asian lesbian who obviously knew my situation, who was trying to get into my pants. A Christian girl who was also in on it said something to make me realize that what was going on was real-"the gays that are in on it" and added to the effect of wanting to get me into a lesbian relationship- most likely ONLY due to her being against gays becuz she is Christian. Its amazing to me that so many people seem in on the destruction of a Target and ONLY when it serves them or some part of their belief system will they assist you. This same girl made a demotivating comment once saying "well, if you soul gets tired..." and then went on to talk about basically selling out to a program, the system and low income public housing due to the gang stalking finally wearing me out. And it was done on a power trip, her being condesending. So she only helped the target when the target was in danger of becoming something she disapproved of ...when she felt that the harassment campaign was going to put me in my place (hopefully bowing down to religion at that point) then she was all for it. *sssholes, all these people. Selfish jerks.

Then of the same basic crowd came an interesting was said by either the Christian girl or the Asian girl..or even Carla, a drunk who used to be a teacher who I know I recall from somewhere in my past but cant of this crowd from the Womens Lunch Place set..You know it was Carla now I recall.
Anyway..she said something about Satanists for God- this concept that certain people were acting out in 'evil' ways to be evil enough to serve God to some end or be part of something like that, going on now.
This concept is eerily similar to the one that the older homeless woman here in San Diego came up with a few days ago.

Dont be fooled by any of this. These people are either cult mind controlled and/or programmed into believing this. RARELY do programmed mind controlled slaves know that is thier condition until close to deprogramming. All I know is that this concept is totally clinicallly insane.
And it seems to deny people thier human and civil rights as well as religious freedom. (again).

This is one of the reasons that I refuse to do any volunteer work or anything in my prior plans to be of help to humanity. Becuz if it is not of the human Free Will then it is part of behavior modification and merely a lobotomy. If I was planning to put my energies to good use before this horror then it was not necessary to carry this out as such. Also there is something very diabolical about the 1) dishonesty involved and 2) the power trips, sometimes concerning the group or their part in it or it seems on a personal level.

There was mention once by this kid in ABQ NM that he did not believe that God would order someone to kill thier child. He was this sort who was molested as a small child and so one of his alters was obviously childlike and would innocently slip with information, as if part of him felt very scared and bad for me. (Often I have noticed, and this may be hard for some of you to read, but I have noted through life that even though people experiencing child abuse at a young age can be trying, as its like dealing with an angry 6 year old frequently, they are also very VERY astute at both protecting others who are more in the dark about their situation and they tend to be much wiser about predators and the way the world works than people taken advantage of at a later stage of childhood.)
It really clicked that he was perhaps talking about my own mother. This is not the first time there has been reference to my mother being in on this in some ritualistic way.
Yes the art teacher I used to model for knew alot about all this and yes he said my mother was ""sick" and my family's cruelty to me was "infamous". But those things are obvious.
This perp, an older guy with a younger fat girl both had dark hair and eyes- on a Greyhound bus going through TX a few years ago- this was the guy who I have posted about that mentioned "..and sometimes, mothers kill thier own babies" and he leaned into me when he said it.

There are people so desperate to keep someone like me from talking, from making waves, that they will either believe anything, convince themselves of anything or pretend to believe anything to destroy a victim witness, as well as dumb down my intelligence levels; which I am told was being done on purpose just for that reason.

So you see how dangerous these people are and indeed there is much evidence that they behave and think like cult members. Everything I have ever posted illustrates that gang stalking IS akin to cult brainwashing. So logically it would make sense if the gang stalkers were akin to cult members.

It is very important that you do whatever is necessary to not only preserve your true sense of SELF but that you always keep your Will Power intact, strong and active. Every target has thier own way of dealing with this and everyone has their own limits.
Perhaps there is a faction of deprogrammed persons or even a cult who disapproves of me NOT becoming a Christian to deal with my own deprogramming issues. Since I have been attacked from a direction of LaVey-esque Satanists to start with, then as my occult knowledge got posted in my blogs it has turned to a direction of attack seeming to come from Christians. I just dont trust anyone toting religion as a way out of this.
If these people truly believed in any particular religious outlook the gang stalking would not keep changing up the belief systems of whatever group is harassing me.

Its bullsh*t and its all about control, brainwashing, destruction of testimony and basically a lobotomy for the TI.
Especially becuz I am much more hateful of humanity NOW due to being abused over many years time compared to years what have they accomplished for thier 'God'?

What they are REALLY saying, what they TRULY desire is someone so damn tired by all this, so worn out and so hopeless that the person will fall back into a rocking chair like an 80 year old and just sit back and relax for the rest of the time thier body exists on this planet. Hopefully for them, the person will have gone through such turmoil that they will join Christ or some other belief system or at least be 'peaceful' just to heal or gain rest from a very hard time in life--they are hoping I assume FOR life.

It's specifially to wipe out all your personal and spiritual power, a reserve for a lifetime, so that you will be just as harmeless as a shock treatement patient or a person who came in close to the ice pick, wandering around the grounds of the asylum picking flowers and giving them to staff.
Its just the system trying to return you to a child like state and if they cant regress you or they find that regressing you releases certain DNA I suspect or something in you that will fight til the death, they need to do sometthing to get you under control again and this is the only way to do it.

Keep in mind what WAS yours, what IS yours and what SHOULD HAVE BEEN yours if your life was not altered by covert interference/influence. Do not allow this system to dictate your reality to you.
Stop and think very logically about all the crime that is involved all the sh*t THEY need to why, again, was it not ok to go according to your own Will?
If you buy into that YouTuber's comments in my last post-about an alternate timeline, then why does torture have to be involved and why the mindwipes and the harassment?

They actually tried to suggest, in Buffalo NY years ago, that I was in danger of becoming the next Hitler..they also have intimated that I am very similar to the Unibomber due to some way of thinking concerning math and some leaning towards mechanics or computers. The person who intimated that I was in danger of being the next Hiter was also very, very aware of the psychic human tampering and experimentation as well as some covert faction being basically pissed off that I could deny those false premonitions that I have posted about- its basically a control through suggestion system. Indeed it does show you your future but if it is something you suspect is being set up by the Will of the system to benefit THEM and take from YOU all you have to do is delete the preminition by putting forth your own Will and saying "That preminition will not come true". Dont toy with it too much, only what is fair..and its not FAIR for these assholes to dictate a life of poverty and terror to you just to benefit themselves. Screw them. Other preminitions from this system seem to help you along and you WILL know the difference.

WAKE UP..your dealing with a military that has a 'voice of God ' weapons system to make the enemy think God is telling them what to do. Look it up on WIRED or some other publication.

When man has that kind of power he tends to lose control and touch with reality. Also the people who seem to be in on that deep end of things are always the ones who turn out to have records of statatory rape and other under age sex crimes as well as being abusive towards any female who is vulnerable. More power tripping.

I will not have sexist scum of the earth treat me like a caged pedopet for life just becuz that is the way these people think. And it IS the way they think. I understand that men have more power than we do on this plane of physical existence and when in a female body one needs physical protection, but it does not make sense that it has to come at the price of such lunatics running our lives. And the arrogance is most unbearable. I will not have second rate mind gamers and lame story tellers dictating to me. For some reason the puffing out of chests is very bad in the area of NY and Boston. I wont rest until I bust that city down to its knees and get some humility from those arrogant old school Bostonians..and I will get it. Boston does what it wants and gets away with it and has now for centuries. And with each culture that moves there they seem only to add thier personal flavor of flaming assholedom to the mix. Not an improvement, but then, in Boston's view of itself, how can one improve on perfection?? Go f*ck yourselves.

(please see my next post for another theory on thier madness)


Anonymous said...

An interesting story. As far fetched as some of this sounds, I would not be surprised if, say you were a target in a country with lots of killings, the perps would synchronize their killings with one of your actions. That sounds like what was going on. That would not surprise me that murders where somehow orchestrated around a target's thoughts/actions. It's believable, because perps really do go that far to harass a target. Everything is so centralized and focused around the TI's, it's not even funny. It's like we're a huge deal. I wouldn't be surprised if the next space shuttle launch were synchronized to me getting up and going to the bathroom at 2AM. :-) Or the next Nobel Prize gets awarded at the exact instant you leave a fart.

Anonymous said...

She had a back pack on and the intersting thing is that she had her umbrella stuck into the backpack the way Samuri used to have thier swords right behind thier head for easy reach.

Umbrella is symbolism for "occult" or blocking the light, obscuring the truth. a sword is symbolism for spoken word, or a two edged sword coming out of his mouth.

Randy said...

Any particular reason you dont like Chicago? Is the perping there more intense?
When I had decided to leave Seattle(mainly because of harassment,this was before I had learned about organized stalking online) the perps were hinting in various ways that I should go to Chicago, as I was undecided as to where I was moving. I ended up in NYC, which eventually got bad, but I never did live in Chicago. Ive visited a few times before I was targeted, its nice, but I like other cities better. Ive always wondered if there was any special reason they wanted me to go there. Probably just playing games, seeing if I comply with their suggestions. Or possibly some racial reasons, as Chicago seems more segregated, and they seem to want me not associating with white people, esp white women. We all have our own stupid little 'themes' theyve created for the stalking.
It would be cool if you could do a post which outlines your experiences with OS in various parts of the country and different large cities.