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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A second theory formed from the perps own actions and words: Aryan peoples

OK, this is going to go out on a limb but I am not afraid. I am very fortunate as my book is going under sci-fi, so I can go there.

What is frightening about this theory is that the campaign might partially be someone's paranoia or a genicide is actually occuring.
I had this very amusing flash once, this vision that was obviously a psych me out, to get me to believe that Henry Kissinger was paranoid that I was akin to a general or some other maker of war on maps, due to me having a vid from French performance artist Gaillard that was titled Pac Man on my MYSPACE acct as the performance artists were acting out in real life the Pac Mans route on the computer (or akin to a war performed as drawn out on a map).

Kissinger might just be that paranoid and considering he was terrorized by the Nazi's he may be paranoid about who the next Hitler is going to be.
However, considering that ALL this nonsense such as remote viewing and such stops dead at 12 midnight as well as under other circumstances that tell me its technology induced, I tend to disregard all such events.
It may be something in my DNA strand I am not aware of, some relation to a strong historical figure that was feared or that caused war and havoc in his/her time.
I also take this tech induced vision very seriously and not as mental illness, becuz Lou Gheppetti(the retired art teacher who employed me as a model and dropped info at the same time as terrorizing me, though mildly) made at least two comments about me being into music that was 'battle music' or "marching music"(another fact that could only be known from spying into my world at 335 Washington St-I was getting into ancient Scottish music that was used during war) but who that was raised on Rock and Roll, as the cliche goes, doesnt like music charged with aggressive energy? The comment was dropped to be intimating and accusatory without a doubt.

I find that whole situation just an excuse to make false claim that I am violent (as Scott Ashmanski did, and others claiming I was "too agressive" of course all the result of being harassed and stalked and not understanding what was going on).
If you look at my music selection it is now more aggressive and 'battle music' than before from years of haiving to fight.
These idiots cause self fullfiling prophecies with thier mind games by torturing the shit out of people until they become all the negative things they claim about targets.

I come from 2 generations of whistlblowers, my grandmother at a late age was such a threat to a company that dumped waste in Waltham locally, that her life was threatened if she dared go against a gag order.
Her mother's mother in Cork,Ireland, the same town and generation as Mother Jones, was part of a community that would frequently shut the shades on Queen Victoria as she rode through the streets (a common Irish tradition to do to the dead being taken through the streets.)
My grandfather is obviously a major predetor so there is that energy there.
My uncle is 6'10" with ginger hair, a beard that grows flaming red and an earthly deep voice.
My grandmother's on both sides are basicallty herbalists and healers if not psychic.
My paternal grandfather is a painter and my maternal grandmother is was an artist with a draftsman's hand at exacting preceision. I seem to come from artists and healers who cannot become artists or healers so they choose medical,carpenter and religious careers.
My dad used to go into squat houses in Cambridge in the 70's and wire up the place and do all the plumbing and make it like a regular living space. The system seems to really hate his independant streak.
All my ancestors were third wavers who were of a class that at least were decent enough to be sponsored to work in houses of the wealthy at the turn of the century. The Italians came here with money allegedly and the Lithuanians were coal miners in Pittsburg.
The perps have made mention more that once about Lithuania having close ties to Iran..this was ON PURPOSE and it was to make me feel bad or guilty of something, that was obvious.

My heritage can be traced back to my great grandparents: German/Dutch, Irish/French Canadian and Italian/Lithuanian. SO what part of that is a problem?
What part of my DNA is so dangerous or that you do not like?

I am very suspect of this comment about Iran.
I discovered something: Iran is considered an Aryan nation by Germany. There is a vid of Iranians saluting Germans during a football game recently on Youtube. Since seeing this I have noted people from Afganistan and Iran here in San Diego that also have green eyes or light eyes.

Is it that somehow eastern Europe is connected to Arab decent and thus Aryan? Or is it something soley from Lituania being connected to the Middle East?

I think these are more excuses to utilize the war on terror, maybe a secret DNA war, to get rid of anyone inconvenient. Every single thing I just mentioned from being the next Hitler to the Unibomber to Lithuania/Iran connection is a bs excuse to monitor someone for being a terrorist. If indeed there is any kind of monitoring of targets going on they would need a reason to put one on the terrorist list, even a secret one based on insanity like facial mapping or genetics.

A trucker who I thought I recognized only afterwards who gave me and B. a road dog of mine, a ride, claimed that "if someone is on the terrorist list then there has to be a very good reason". He bored us for hours with preaching about conservativism but he was just an unhappy middle aged fat guy who lived with his mom- but still had to brag about owning a boat. Later I would swear that he was one of You know Who's businessmen 'friends'- to put it politleyu. Many of my old associates "businessmen friends" have been perps for this system.

So there is your "good reason" for being on the terrorist list. A woman with really good connections and alot of material to blackmail important men with...ahh, MKUltra might just be my best friend after all. Maybe whatever is in my little head is too valuable to destroy. It's nice to know that whatever that brat wants she doenst always get...VERY nice to know.

The excuses however, are still fascinating to hysterical in how ridiculous they are.


  1. I get the DNA/provenance thing too, except different locations. Nothern Italy and Tuscany, Germany, South France in addition my direct line of descent of Welsh (100% father), Scottish and English (50, 50, mother). I never knew my grandfathers as they both died young, though I did meet them apparently when at two years of age when I was taken to the UK for a family visit. I learned recently (read perp planted) that the Tuscans descend from a group in Turkey, also a DNA/provenance thing the perps like to mention in my case. Friends of mine have visited Turkey, as well as the ex doing S. France, N. Italy and Tuscany, taking our daughter there three years ago. One of the main players in the harassment, the planted girlfriend, did a tour of Ireland, as did my parents about three years later. One can read too much into this, but my past holidays, affordable when I had a job, have been consistent with the above mentioned locations, with the exception of Turkey and Ireland. Interesting to speculate, but perhaps our DNA has some kind of resonance with its geographic origins, and this is why the perps might be organizing past holidays of us TI's, or as a proxy, having family or friends visit.

  2. After his escape from the Nazis (he was still quite young) Kissinger joined the US military and was seconded to a black propaganda outfit that operated from Maryland College, near Woburn in Bedfordshire, and also used big transmitters at Chicksands. Just before D-Day, Peter Carrington (later, Lord Carrington, the dead loss of a Foreign Secretary at the time of the Falklands War) was an officer in an armoured brigade that camped on Chicksands Heath, now part of Rowney Warren Wood, before moving down to the invasion ports.

    Medawar thinks their friendship/collaboration started then.

    Kissinger gets mentioned in a lot of conspiracy theories, and I suppose the above will create a new wave as the propaganda broadcasts also involved Glenn Miller, but Medawar isn't convinced. Kissinger did his level best to hurt the Nazis and it may be that smearing him is payback from the neo-nazis.

    That being said, the BBC archives contained remastered recordings of all the Glenn Miller broadcasts to Germany (transferred to tape) right up till the point, in the seventies, when someone asked to study them. They promptly vanished. Thing is, if you went to the Gentleman's toilets in the crypt of St Martin in the Fields Church in London, there was a door that opened right into the vast wartime bunker housing the archive; this stretched all the way to Bush House, at least, and probably further. So, almost anybody could have taken them, the only security was that all the tapes were in the same light brown cardboard sleeves and there were an awful lot of them, so they'd have to have access to the index or some tip as to which shelf to look at.

    (Tread quietly as you cross Trafalgar Square: people are working beneath your feet!)

    Iran was an ally of Nazi Germany, hence British invasion, still used against us in their propaganda, and the Iranian Prime Minister toppled by the CIA, which is held up as an act of great evil by Liberals, was pro-Nazi, too.

    The two-point detonation atom bomb design the Iranians are alleged to be developing, was actually a Nazi design, refined in Sweden and then adopted by the USA for some tactical weapons. (There is no way that anyone at Los Alamos thought of this for themselves: it's too simple for their brains.

    One straightforward way to settle any doubts about Dr Kissinger: write to him and ask;

    Dr. Henry A. Kissinger
    350 Park Avenue
    New York
    NY 10022

    Medawar thinks that if there was a bad hat in Kissinger's circle, it was the friend and mentor of his who was entrusted to deliver a huge sum in gold to members of the Polish Resistance. Only he and General Sikorsky knew the recipients, Sikorsky was killed in an air crash. Not wholly sure of the name, but something like Retzinger?

  3. This was the bad hat in Henry A. Kissinger's life during WW2.

    He had access to Maryland College, and also the Polish Intelligence operation at what is now Boxmoor School in Hemel Hempstead. There was a huge amount of money and no way of checking if he ever took it to the people it was supposed to reach, nor did anyone know what purpose it was put to.