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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

another stupid comment...I smell perp

A comment I rejected
"Mercruyrules wrote-
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel actually has a sense of ... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel actually has a sense of humour!


I am actually happy now and have been inspired to reply because being able to laugh at your situation (and perhaps yourself)is a really good sign that there is actually hope for you.

More chuckles Rachel, please. Less relentless anger

First of all I dont know what you are refering to becuz yesterday was one of my darkest or serious post and my music selection reflects that.

Also I use humor all the time on these blogs, except the "Skepticism for TI's" which is kept very straight forward...actually the vid on there about mind contorl cults at the bottom is humorous I use it alot.

I wonder if this is more perp nonsense due to the fact that those were serious posts yesterday. Anything to be contrary and take away from what the TI is doing. Also, this subjectmatter is dead serious and anyone asking me to make it otherwise is like asking any other survivor of torture or gross abuse of authority and power due to corruption to forget the seriousness of their situation. I smell perp on this one. Everyday hours after I get up I just sit there thinking about how unbelievable this all is and how is it ever going to get resolved? And how all the people who betrayed me must be on with thier lives, not even giving my existence a second thought. Truly no one cares...its a matter of even if it IS about human experimentation people simply see the cover story and that rich criminals with enough connections do as they please and someone poor out in left field lost to people with more power. Its yet another instance of believing the cover story. People just CANNOT wrap thier head around MK Ultra or that they system will do anything to keep programming a secret as well as not pay the radiation experimentee's for damages...and their offspring.

I do as I please. If no one has gotten that yet you better read this blog a bit more thoroughly. And if you are referring to the movie clip on the right from LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, I dont find it humorous at all. Its wishful thinking, and if I could be that guy in the movie I would do what he did in a second. Not funny at all really.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting where you mention the perps complete lack of creativity. That's probably so many of them provoke us with imitation... they don't have lives OR imagination, hence the need for imitation and mocking.

I know it's all done under the guise of derision and provocation. Still, their tactics are very telling about their make-up. They have no imagination, lives, or mind of their own.

Another thing: this cult mindset of mocking and living off the targets' psyches like this could be a way of prepping the larger populace to be very compliant and not think for themselves. Maybe the popular cult mindset is just to carry out commands, by mirroring whatever authority is in power at the time. In this case, we the targets are the authority; in the future, it could be anything from a computer to an animal or human. Mirroring us is like the soldier's doing the "yes sir" thing they are asked to do.