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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AZ harassment is behind/ shadow men

In a small town in AZ near the border of CALI. AZ is still in the old days with cops using lights out of turn or proper context and people driving by me in the truck stop stalking and waving and sh*t.

I love they constantly screw themselves by making it more glaringly obvious there is major military involvement by me getting harassed way more in places where the military even retired, is prominent. Nice..makes my job easier.

Then again you never know if the which faction is protecting you against some other faction.
It gets tiring and confusing..and really boring after a time. Really f*cking boring.

What is AZ's problem anyway? I bet its becuz they have one of the major points of natural earths electro magnetic energy points (Sedona is one, Lourdes France is another)...this is the kind of electromagnetic energy that is good for humans opposed to the man made kind which depletes human energy..or at least interferes with it adversely.

Maybe AZ is special in this way and they want to keep it all to themselves or at least under wraps. Understandable.

And I have heard the excuse that "there is alot of retired military out here and your lifestyle is foriegn to them" as what one is supposed to be dong with one's life.

I love these cover stories..its not about being a child of a documented human experimentee from the Naval Hospital in Bethesda MD, its not about programming, its not about human experimentation now, its not about power trips or extremist misogyny, no no no..its due to the fact that they dont like 'hippies' or writers or travelers.

If one was not paying attention to having to 'live' the cover story, one might slip and actually fall into believing this from people who are obviously knowledgable about the situation.

This came from a guy who now helps me who I swear I recognize as a part of the gang stalking in cars years ago in AZ when I had my bike. A sh**t load of these types now feel bad about how my life has been destroyed and how I am going to suiciide after I write my story.
The system is desperate to do damage control.

Alot of these types give little clues here and there about feeling that women have the last say in society or always get their way. Now that my life has been destroyed these types are most likely very happy to handle me or help keep me alive, especially they must enjoy the new persona I have invented that is polite and nice to a fault to deal with being hosted in someones vehicle. Yes, as a traveler I should be respectful of my host...but these men are people who know what happened and give clues to that being the case.

They were more than happy to destroy me when I was good looking andf full of life but now that I may kill myself after revealing who is or may be at fault they cannot afford to have me die
as well as they now get to enoy a woman who is broken down into a nicey nicey compliant dependant helpless little girl- who they can now control through rescue.

For these types of men its the ultimate enjoyment of thier handywork.

Look how much hardcore sexism is involved in this- youve got Lou Gheppetti saying "oh, youve changed" when I said I thought those little toy dogs that everyone has in the city were cute, opposed to befofre the beat down when I wud have most likely wanted a part wolf husky or something...He expressed how he sees the becoming of a feminine, beat down woman to mens domination and is approving of this change.

When I was being harassed before I left Boston for Phoenix in 2007, a guy, one of those perps that is the really evil ones, the ones that all remind me of Eddie Cox aka Eddie Hand, the programmer who tried to access me on the bus. There is an actual army of perps who resemble him and you always know them. They are the ones who can be standing watchihng and listening to you on a pay phone in Denver CO, and you know subconshusly that the f*cker has been standing there for a good 20 minutes, but you only really 'see' him a few moments before the conversation ends and he walks away.
This is the same type of perp who comes into anywhere you are staying and swoops down it seems on the scene, whispers into the ear of some useful idiot, does some smear campaigning and then as the useful idiot reacts, he disappears just as quickly or so it seems 'flies' out of the room.

These men, and the ones with this much power of deflection and deception are ALWAYS MEN, are like watchers..I dont mean in the sense of occult study refering to Elohim and Annanuki, even though in further study that may very well fit into all these battles, in the immediate sense they seem to be present only for moments and thier appearence is singular. I can see them clear as day, and I can tell they are f*cikin bad news, but you can tell the average human being does not 'see' this kind of perp, that they regard him as just another person in the room. The interesting thing is that they all register when scanned with the same vibe. And who are they?

Well, they are people who have obviously mastered the arts of moving among humans with the power to decieve as well as to move swiftly and not be 'seen' or remembered. A good criminal is one whos face no one recalls. It is an artform of projection.
They all resemble Eddie Cox, whom I believe I mentioned not only tried to access my programming by talking me to sleep and then using ocean sounfds on his phone to mess with me, luckily I woke up and the brain damage from the mold exposure made it so I was no longer accessable so easily. Only highly intelligent people who are able to think or live in the abstract such as highly creatvie types are easily hypnotized- this is why its commonly said that the smarter you are the easier you are to hypnotize.
And we must remember that Eddie Cox is this total creep out that showed me pictures of little girls in seductive poses on his cell phone and refered to them as 'little princesses', as well as when Ellen Degeeris was mentioned he turned murderously hateful and really showed he was a killer by saying " I hate that bitch. I hate lesbians"..yeah cuz men like that percieve those women as not not under male control. Something a serial killer, pedophile and programmer from the CAJUN MAFIA most likely could not tolerate.

Now do you see how this always goes back to hidden black market money that no one knows about and pedophiiles, and the worst sexists on the planet who think thier 'little princesses' are thiers for life?

You have to understand pedophiles. Its no surprise to me that I am loved in a sick way even admired yet stiill subjegated as well as kept down or kept a child. It is no surptrise that for me this system seems to want to protect me, regress me and make me dependant on men or the system and get me with a man to be dependent on, then make sure I am treated like a long as I am a still their little princess.

Being a bird in a golden cage is useless and they know it. This is why so many women selll out to this system, these types of men as well as non pedo sexists really believe that a woman who is made stupid but kept well is a happy retired slave.

They really dont understand the need for a woman to have her own power or something about female primitive power is so objectionable to them that they would rather break the survivor down with abuse and have them suicide than to ever allow the survivor to do things acccording to ther own Will.

This is why so many people agree with this system..they figure that the female survivor is safe anyway and will be well cared for and that is the way it is and that is the way thsi kind of slavery is going to stay.

The idea of a survivor becoming in time with thier own will or growing in power is I believe unconcievable to them.

Its easier to turn the person into a shame based submissive hide that effect of the abuse from the world and make sure it looks like the slave has a good life on the outside. This is why there are various peolple now coming up to me at different times throghout this and telling me I deserve to be at the Four Seasons not on the street.

The obsession with beautiful women and controlling thier lives is somethign that is not easily broken. People expect more of you becuz you are attractive. They figure your still pretty so make what you can out of the remainder of your life.

THey do not pay attention to the inside or the damage emotionally or mentally that exists from gang stalking..some may be in denial and others just ignorant. I believe a number of these people who are knowledgable about the situation are just trying to cover up what really happened and do damage control as best as they can be shelving the wounded survivor and making sure things look good on the outside so society will believe it didnt do much damage and its a happy fairytale ending, with a moral of course which is not only typical of Judeo-Christian trained USA but manditory. If Americans dont get a bullshit happy ending to a story they get upset due to it not being what they expect but also what they demand. Also this upsets the childish American world view and introduces an idea called reality, which most Americans cant deal with at all.

Americans are good hearted but dangerous to more adult souls and minds as they will break something in order to make it fit into thier world of good and nice and happy endings ( with morals to the story of course).

Lets just say that being a mind controlled slave in America might be better than some other country- true enough..but its still slavery.

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