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Friday, January 15, 2010

People expect me to just disappear or forget/who is going to stop the corrupt rich and powerful?

All the excuses in the world have been used.

"Oh, well it doesnt pay to be poor." By a cab driver from a Waltham company that knew too much about my situaiton for just being a cabby.

A rich kid skipping off to some BarMitzfah in Kenmore Sq a few months ago (at that horrid hotel they built recently, the one that made the whole area go from a college bar hangout to a yuppie/rich kid false environment) as I sit there on the street wrapped up in my sleeping bag pan handling (mind you I still looked attractive..I posed it that way) he skips by and looks at me and lightly exclaims " Ha ha, you deserved it."

And how so? This trying to make what was done to me stick as some legitamate punishment has got to stop. Its ridiculous. No one deserves what has been done to my life, that is why it says so in the Constitution and that is exactly why campaigns like this have to be done covertly, becuz destroying someone and thier whole life is NOT legal and especially without a trial.

Its just like in that movie I suggested yesterday- in Law Abiding Citizen before the judge gets in from her cell phone being rigged up, she says to the two lawyers "Sooo, you want me to deny this man his god given civil rights due to some murky, vague sense of the greater good?" and then says she'll make is stick but not for very long. Great scene dont you agree?

The efforts lately to put me back together again like some Humpty Dumpty character is pathetic and I wont tolerate it. The whole operation was totally insane and caused by people who are so wealthy and connected that no one is going to do anything to stop them.

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