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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aquino/ Church of Set leadership change- comments on recent posts from On Mind Control at Wordpress

SRA lunatic fringe? A Well the way they conduct themselves I cant blame him for saying as such.
And look at all the official back up this guy has to furnish. He has a record of service with the US military...what does your average TI have? You have to be more realistic about the way this is set up. If there is something going on criminal, people like that know how to cover thier asses from the get go. And they are not careless about their operations.

The way TIs are targeted is classic gas lighting as well as psychological operations type networking to make them lose thier minds and eventually give into the idea that they are indeed crazy. This is all based on the same rules as cult brainwashing and if you go step by step and this is truly happening to you, you can beat what is essentially a behavior modification system. Its all the same MO. Beat the person down, screw them up real bad, deny and minimize the abuse as well as ignore and invalidate the victim- and most importantly always have pressure on the person, lots of peer pressure, to accept their situation as normal and basically to internalize the idea that they are nuts- becuz that is what society wants and its for the good of all and better for everybody.
Then you are 'part of ' society or the cult. Anything that denies one's Will and the reality of abuse is group think and cult brainwashing.
Your only out is the gang stalking itself. You may be accused of imagining anything in your personal experience but you did not imagine the stalking and harassment.

You have to look at how every aspect of our system protects the gang stalking system. One survivor of programming claims that Mark Phillips told her specifically to not disclose the harassment that survivors expererience. The judge that gave Bonocci a settlement for being a victim of sexual abuse in relation to Larry King and Boystown stated that one of the conditions affecting him from the abuse was "he believes people are following him" and harassing him. Not surprisingly other boys involved commited suicide..whos to say if they were harassed into it or not.
What is telling is that no one ever seems to want to validate the existence of organized stalking and harassment. Its like something reserved for the wealthy and powerful who might someday find themselves in need of such services or perhaps if one goes after this covert system they become targeted. Its like the perfect disease of the body; it hides from the immune system by mimicking or appearing as a natural part of the system itself so its never detected. If any person discovers its existence or attacks it they are swolled up or destroyed by the disease and thus contained within it.

The covert system of harassment and stalking exists in most peoples minds as the ultimate paranoid fantasy. And most people are comfortable with that. Even when viewing evidence to the contratry it is left after viewing beyond their reality as an oddity they may consider the next time they read a book with such subject matter or view a video clip of someone with cred recounting thier experience as a target due to knowing too much etc. It is real to most people for a moment and then they return to thier respective realities. The beauty of this system is that it is recieved like a disease as well.... your neighbor may have cancer and that is a shame but you do not, and it is not going to impact you any further than that. As well as deep down inside the human animal always subconshusley states "better s/he than me".

This is why gang stalking works so well. Its why this blog ((tries) to stay focused on something believable while other subject matter more in depth or far out some might say, is left to other blogs. Everyone can relate to the reality of human cruelty, violence, greed, urges to dominate and to destroy, the mob and even the subconshus death wish of victims or better yet of the people them selves, somehow quietly and unconshusly satisfied with death. With a targets death. It is this comfort by death that most people refuse to look at that helps the TI right into their graves. True most programmed people are especially associated with death more powerfully than in the psyche of your average person but the difference is that programmed people are also more sensitive to their relationship with death... or the concept of human death. Terror and fear mongering rip this comfort and thus power away from the targeted survivor of programming thus making them into a sheepish and fragile human being. This is for the sole purpose of gaining not only control over the target but to make them prime for behavior modification. The group or society at large still retain thier silent relationship with death subconshusly and this is part of the illusion that the Target accepts in time - that society or the peer group as the perps make it appear, has all the power, the power of death over the TI as well as seeeming to not care about the TIs death, and therefore the Target should bow down to society or the groups wishes.

This is akin to a parent wanting to teach a child a lesson by 'putting the fear of god' into them or scaring them within an inch of their lives so they will take on some value or attitude the parent desires. In the context of behavior modification of deprogramming mind control survivors, its to gain control, discourage growth in any direction other than what the system wants and also to silence a victim witness by ensuring that memories are not retrieved. Its the ultimate in deniability.

Its the system doing a stellar job at covering its ass. Did you think they would do any less? And the attitude is always that this is to provide the victim with a nice life or "it could have been worse." Uh, how so? Death, most targets agree, would have been better.
This system is run by people who are abusive and control freaks. Those terms mean little in our society today and they have been overused and worn out and now mean nothing in any context. The American public have been held captive for years and systematically abused while simultaneously watching political correctness connected to such terms become the norm for social ettiquette in our society. The ultimate white wash takes place every day now in the US with a system of brainwashing that cant be beat: corruption exists but no one is listening and the public is helpless, PC rules and is now more of a system or obedience and social control than one promoting true brotherhood or understanding among mankind, and if you dont conform to standards you are on the mild end in need of medicating from the psychiatric field or on the more serious end- akin to a terrorist even unofficially and unpatriotic and if you are using being a patriot as a cover then the system will say you are an extremist which equals a homegrown terrorist.

Now is the time to get rid of all inconvenient people and that means that right now apowerful people or a ring of people knowing the target which may include powerful people can simply have you percieved as any of the above to handle you and get rid of thier little problem. Criminals arent stupid, this era is the perfect clearinghouse for bodies, one way or another and they know it. Its the perfect cover and our country has been so put through the ringer that no one is going to argue. A few years ago they were to scared, intimidated or in on pumping drama up thier arms and now they are too scared and broke.

You are alone in a horrible reality of terror being used on the American public to keep them quiet as a nation of victim witnesses. This is not the kind of era where say, my individual story is going to make any impact. It will fall by the wayside immediately in favor of other more pressing issues. Why do you think that so many people recall thier targeting becoming 24/7 around 2003 or so?
Like my grandmother used to say "there is too much confusion". Confusion is a term some people use to describe a time and place of stress caused by overstimulation and chaos. When people are traumatized they shut down. America was not a place that expected to be treated as they are being treated right now.
Its a great place for people like my former associates and family to get rid of someone like me and no one is going to do much about it. People who also connect to the larger picture will be seen as protesters of a new world order, as it has been described, and the people dying while protesting such a thing is EXPECTED.

It was the perfect time to get rid of inconvenient people and any criminal mind could see that. You can bet that is why a number of targets find themselves in such a predicament. There is nothing delusional or mysterious about what is or has transpired. In the history of human beings..the dark, murderous and bloody history of the human animal- this is business as usual.


  1. I see that the perps know exactly what drives us crazy, that little "tender spot". It's like the pro-wrestling world in the days before it was accepted it was scripted, how the announcers used to point out that if a wrestler had an injury, the "smart opponent" would continue "working on" that arm or leg until the opponent became weakened substantially. Except, this is real, not scripted or fake. Well it's scripted, but definitely not fake. And the perps know how to use our past in order to work on that injured or tender area until we break. I suppose that's one way I defend myself, expecting harassment geared towards that end. I've noticed some perps have this thing where the seem to be looking for attention, like it's so obvious they are sucking some of my aura.

  2. Aquino was banned from entering the UK some time ago, in the eighties, when Leon Brittan was Home Secretary. He is believed to entered the UK at least twice, on false papers, since then. The first time as "Colonel White" and the second time as "Colonel Black".

    The senior US Marine who tried, several times, to get Aquino prosecuted for ritual child abuse, was General Gray.

    Aquino's mission to the UK was as a sort of diabolical Billy Grahame, setting up satanic covens, particularly in North West England. (Where Cherie Blair comes from.)

    Given the cultism nature of organized stalking, it is quite possible that Aquino and some of the groups he set up, are part of the problem.

  3. Here you go... an early reference to the "system":

    LOL Don't say or do anything to displease the "boy" (system?), or you will be banished to the "cornfield" (i.e. get targeted?).

    In fact I believe a lot of the Twilight Zone episodes contain little allegories alluding to the "system". I just watched one early this morning where this one guy can deceive people by imitating others; he could morph his appearance into other people to con others or get out of a jam. You see that all the time with doppels the perps use.

    Or how about this one:

    "The Dummy" - A ventriloquist (Cliff Robertson) is controlled by his dummy.

    LOL. I have been watching this on SyFy, and I got the feeling maybe Serling understood "the system".

  4. Medawar, is there any documented proof of his comings and goings. That is my point, there is all sorts of info on the internet but how credible is it? It seems there is too much mystery and not enough fact finding.

  5. Thats hysterical...thats the Twighlight zone episode with Ron Howard as 'The Boy' isnt it. I have thought about that episode actually in relation to what certain TIs might grow into if not wiped and had their 'wiring' ripped out by the gang stalking system. Some of you out there know what I mean. They are certainly afraid of certain survivors..hey its thier own fault- they want to start messing with Vril and orgone and do human experimentation to build super men..perhaps they are just afraid of super women (ha).

  6. "World in Action" (current affairs series on ITV) and "Dispatches" (same sort of thing on Channel Four.

    Articles in The Guardian; probably other papers that Medawar didn't read at the time. It was heavily documented at the time, but this was pre-internet, (late eighties, early nineties) so articles may not be very accessible via the web. But at least two primetime, main channel TV current affairs programmes.

    World In Action was made by Granada Television, but generally broadcast by all regional ITV companies.

    One of the things that changed, when Blair came to power, is that this kind of person ceased to be a criminal and they all suddenly became government advisors instead.

    There were a lot of Aquino type people in the Labour Party when it was led by Neil Kinnock. The John Smith QC MP became leader, they were all chased out. There was a dinner party, at the home of Phillip Gould, and they all said "wouldn't it be nice if he died now, because then Tony would get his job and we'd all be back in." Four days later, John Smith took a dram from his favourite cut-glass whisky tumbler, which no-one else was allowed to touch, much less drink from, and was dead within the hour.

    A lot of people in the UK date Organized Stalking from John Smith's death rather than any later date.

    Will have a look, though, see if anything's been put on line.

  7. There seems to be a book about Aquino's activities up to 1998, which includes the foundation of something called "OTO" in Manchester.

    Unfortunately, it is in German almost entirely.

  8. "The Cook Report" (Central TV) not only made a programme about Aquino, but when he was brought into the UK to be interviewed (breaching the ban, I think) the Daily Star published a picture of him arriving on its front page, with the headline "Go to Hell!"

    Very droll.
    It's weird: in the eighties, Fleet Street was on the trail, hounding the bastards, now they are treated with kid gloves.