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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

San Diego public library- the 'homeless branch' -or- Wackenhut has San Diego as a gig all around

When I first came into San Diego off of the highway, out near the Pilot truck stop it seemed very nice. Lots of military land and wonderful mountains surrounding the area. I thought perhaps that the city would be the same.

Of course with all cities its just that I was very outside of it. I hadnt come into contact with it, I hadnt been imprisoned by it as that is what happens in big cities. Once inside the city limits for a time, one looks out either onto the ocean or the towards the direction one came in from and wishes to get back there. It becomes obvious that the city proper is the worst of false environments and keeps man captive. Often avid travelers leave places like this when their personality becomes to overbearing.

San Diego is a place that is tolerant of the homeless and I havent been here long enough to figure out their true motives-perhaps profit oriented, I dont want to stay here and be homeless that long and if I do stay houseless I simply wont stay.

I noted as I came in off the highway and walked to a bus to the city I noted Wackenhut buses with black bars on the windows. A few times this went by me. I assume then that they do prison transport here.

They also have many gigs being security in buildings int eh city. One of those buildings is the public library, a branch downtown I have dubbed the 'homeless branch'.
Obviously alot of homeless are in this area. They are usually very well behaved inside and they sleep outside in the area at nite. Its more peaceful than alot of other street scenes.

I understand the security being strict but Wackenhut puts that 'your in prison' feel (which I luckily have no experience with). No sleepingbags inside the library even though on my first day it was on my backpack no problem. And I noticed a few employees had attitude after my first visit and security tries these obvious subliminal intimidation or rather handling tactics to keep people under control. Not the kind of feel someone like me comes into a college or library for. I frequent places like this to get away from the animals not be treated moreso like one.

The one thing I have taken offense to that is totally intgrusive is this walk by that the Mex security woman does. She breezes by behind everyone with thier laptops out and makes a point to let you see (and feel) her going by the line, like a line of prisoners to keep an eye on, to see what you have on your laptop. I wish I had time to catch them off guard (haha I made a funny) and make sure I am looking up all the dirt I can find on thier company as she goes by.

The best I could do is make a comment after she past about how she didnt catch me looking at porn and -oh gosh darn come back next time and Ill have it on for ya. What are they expecting to find? They need to be a bit more subtle. And I mean they REALLY need to change thier tactics. Its like all they know is prison guarding.
Sorry not happy with this. Like I said the homeless here are not all that up with their rights or how to be treated. In Boston the homeless population would think of something to do them one better. The population here is a bit docile, a little sheepish.

It could be harassment, I mean its definately harassment of the homeless as a whole, but I notice a few female employees either nervous by my presence or that typical perp stance if you made it this far...its like they have seen a ghost--- or a survivor that has beat death.

Like the saying goes, "Never mess with anyone who buys their ink by the barrel."
("Never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel” is a popular saying in politics that means don’t argue with the press (especially newspapers), who can publicize an opinion like no one else can. The phrase is somewhat dated—newspapers are not as important as they once were, and online newspapers don’t use ink.
The phrase is cited in print from 1964, where it was credited to former Indiana Congressman Charles Bruce Brownson (1914-1988). The earliest recorded uses of the phrase come from several Indiana politicians

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  1. In some ways travelling around is better, not so in others. I'm living next door to gangstalkers, divided house, it sure makes it a lot easier for their chemical attacks which they don't stop at. You can have a house and pay for it, but you can't stay inside it. How sick they are.