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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the system that will kill TIs/why people have to believe Targets deserve this.Michael JJackson and ritual abuse

Felt a bit better today. Obviously I am out of Phoenix AZ, even going through there had very bad effects.

I obviously can think and function now due to it being past 12 midnight- no constant slide show of visions, no ideations, and due to improved air quality no headaches or trouble breathing.

Its sad to wake up out of sleep in 'the safe zone' (12 midnight to 6am) and realize the reality of my life. But one must be strong, especially against one thing: slipping into the very popular idea that we as TIs deserve this.

I have to remember that most of the public do not read this blog. Most of them seem to know my situation but be under the mindset that I deserve this, most of them will not be satisfied until I am deabsor until I accept the idea that I am a bad person or was and deserve this.

Its very interesting that one of the hallmarks of MK Ultra, connected to the radiation experimentation which my mother was a documented survivor of, is that they experimented on prostitutes, soldiers in hospital (calling the experimentation on paper "observations" to cover thier asses until it was revealed what they were really up to) and other people considered either expedable or discredited from being believed do to their 'character'.

The point now with me seems to finally beat me down so I cant tell my story. Or to finally drive me to discredit myself so that I forget about telling my story. Its a little hard to tell your story when you are on the road all the time and most of the people you are with are not going to understand why you need to make a vid. Vids wud be the best way as I doubt people are reading this. Too many people just think I am some washed up old whore who was exposed and deserves this.

I just wonder how many of them know about the human experimentation part of it and arent just protecting thier rich families as the military and medical industrial complex is involved.
Many people dont seem to know what this is really about, as I believe many people go according to word of mouth and whatever is out there for a video it was intimated was put out there by Jake or someone on the internet. The set up is a good one and there are so many powerful wealthy people as well as others joining that group that want me silenced about a number of things, there has been little chance that just one of me with no money and just this blog and YouTube is making any change in popular public opinion. And if you add the Christian crazies out there, they are so sick that they would actually believe that my predicament is due to my sins or whatever they believe in thier religion. A more sophisticated Christian or learned Catholic or Jew would at least believe something more complicated, more involved about this whole situation, where it wasnt a simple knee jerk reaction of "bad things happen to bad people". America is a sick sick culture. It is the ultimate in compartmentalization and brainwashing where logic and reality have no place. Only being from a culture like Boston, where street smarts and utilizing logic, sense and intellect is prized even above monetary value, has allowed me a different perpective than many other Americans.
I never realized how our little New England was so isolated from the rest of the was better when it was truly isolated- it was such a good life up until the mid 90s. Even to a point in the 80s. I recall the old days, we had our own tv stations and our own tv programming- our own culture. It only depended on differences from state to state. OUR states. It was peaceful and one could get away from MA by going to ever pristine and rich Vermunt. Or Cape Cod. Boston itself used to have different sections to the city like burroughs, or which one could go for different purposes- Allston for low brow, uptown for piano bars. It was great. And collegiate culture ruled a large part of our culture. Dirty words in Latin on score boards in games and just a free hand with a college mindset.(nowadays generation dumbass percieves college only as an investement in their futures and for vocation-its important when taking over the world with a dictatorship to
-get rid of artists and intellectuals
-make everybody think the same in large numbers thus they be more controllable as a mass.
New England was a good life before the infiltration..I mean homogenized corporate sameness culture took over the country. Disgusting really.)

The transition into this new world order wouldnt have been so bad if they didnt insist on wasting people like me by torture. It really is not a nice way to go. I imagine what my life could have been..but I must remember that most programmed mind controlled slaves from families like mine are expendables and dont live very long, and if they do its through a behavior modification system that destroys the true self and any true potential that existed.

This is why its so important to play on peoples moral beliefs as well as their personal biases as well as any peversions, this allows the system to use the public to help destroy the Target as an angry mob when in fact, it is all very systematic and practical. Only the designers of the smear campaign who fabricate deceptions would ever know the truth.

I am often surprised at how common and predictable my case is. Turning a beauty into an ugly and all the other cliches that I read about this system either attempting or succeeding on Targets. It seems like a constant ongoing experiment by people who dont really have a purpose in what they are doing other than to destroy or to see if they can break the person or alter them permanently via behavior modificaiton. If the situation is terminal, as it looks like it is in my case, or at least having me live fully discredited through making me permanently insane or making me accept that as reality to avoid further torture.

Its true just as it is written about the original MK Ultra- its not even about human experimentation, its about power tripping. In the end these activities are about being able to control or destroy another human being it has little to do with science.

It also seems to have little to do with law or the justice system- other than their willful compliance.

I wonder what the cost is to a nation or an individual
of the murder of a lamb like me?
Every one knows in reality I am innocent, I dont mean of any crime I mean that is my natural state of being. Humans know what they are doing and who they are doing it to but still they persist. I want my death to cost them dearly dearly.

I dont want to be like every other tortured and then murdered mind control survivor..did you catch that human sacrifice known as Michael Jackson? They pervert and mess up this talented gentle soul from childhood, most likely either turn him into a monster or frame him up as one, then before he dies or was murdered society couldnt have been meaner to him but now hes dead they idolize him, of course so they can profit off the dead man moreso than they could off the living one.

This is the reality of Ritual Abuse and mind control slavery. They probably got rid of him becuz he couldnt make money any more and a dead Michael Jackson was more profitable than a live one. I have seen footage many years ago of the blacks around him who were his assistants and handlers. THey didnt assist him they seemed to treat him like shit and like he was thier property.

If you dont believe me you dont know shit about the whoring and pimping entertaiment industry. Your average person is so naive they dont know everything they see is an illusion..the reality of it is to make money off these people and get rid of them. When someone is made into a valuable commodity as a child they most likely dont have the chance to form a healthy outside experience of anything else.

I dont care how big of a monster Michael Jackson may have been in private, there are monsters waayyyy worse than him among the makers and breakers of the Michaels of the world. How do you think he got that way to begin with?
The public doesnt care as long as they get what they need to soften the reality of daily life.

This is the true definition of Ritual Abuse..there are indeed among us, people as wacked out as in the Manchurian Candidate that truly are brainwashed enough to believe, and perhaps if enough human minds believe it comes true, that like said in the movie refering to a programmed mind controlled slave- when a boy asks his mother why its good one of them dies, she replies "becuz it heals the whole world".

These f*ckers know that the person is innocent and still they insist on their actions.
Dont think Jesus go back to something more primititive as Jesus is just passe and like Hitler and Elvis, has been overused.

I have read since ancient times it is a ritual for the people to destroy their Kings. This is a better explaination for the tale of Jesus. Its an ancient rite and much of what these hidden networks do to people go back to ancient practices..this is another way to see ritual abuse for what it is. The wheeling and dealing of human beings for the benefit of the tribe or gaining of power for some individual or elite, while perhaps still serving the tribe in some way.

Human sacrifice goes back to every cultures ancient history. I believe that most people are not civilized and this is just a front in daily life.
It is possible that alot of people are acting on this primitive urge and dont even realize what they are partaking in.

I know that I am being destroyed by a faction who knows damn well what it is doing and acts in thier own interest purposefully- thier greatest trick is to make the world believe they dont exist.

I am personally tired of dealing with people who simply suck that are considered 'satanic ritual abusers' in these groups and Christians alike. I just wish I could be left alone back in my apartment with my books and my studies in Gnosticism...a worse threat than a person who believes in a male diety is a person in a female form who wishes to be their own god and do wrong or right by their own hand.

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  1. Notice how Jackson's doctor is the one taking the heat: supposedly he could be going on trial for murdering Michael. It's one of the typical patterns you see. It's like Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth; how both of those turn into the Bad Guys that everyone hates and hunts down. But behind the scene, could there be more to the deaths of JFK and Lincoln? Perhaps they were a danger to our little system and needed to be rubbed out?

    Also like the death of Mozart in 1791 could be another case of this; note the amount of boneheads who believe Salieri poisoned him. And I remember Beethoven talking about a "plot to hinder [his] career at every turn". Both were in Vienna at the time. I imagine such a system was very much alive in Vienna in the 1700's to the 1800's, and it was an Oligarchy there, so that to me makes it even more likely.