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Friday, January 1, 2010

Psy ops used domestically. Behavior modification as means of debt eradication

Here is an example of a relationship between culties if the military supports them or uses them for thier goals. This may how the set up works in first world countries not out of economic necessity but to satisfy some goal on both sides.;jsessionid=L2fZDq3y5N7VhZXl1XCdLKT2qr6HFRjxlJ2541KczQlMLsnJ7hhQ!-1177698421!-1406243862?docId=97820509

Seems psy ops is common knowledge and used readily in our society:

Information warfare,psy ops and the power of myth:

psy ops used domestically and contraversially:
(you just cant get away from this sh*t. In the pop up ad there on the above link is a guy with a white t-shirt that says "LIVE UNITED". The United Way does have alot of good charities alot of stuff for the homeless that actually works and I know they are just working off of what the popular mentality is for thier marketing strategy, its the popular mind set of 'live united' that is so creepy out there now. If you put it in a more sinister sense, this can be abused as in organized stalking. Live United may be a cult mentality and if that cult does things that arent 'good' or positive its domestic terrorism. A cult mentality is very dangerous and must not be accepted blindly. The use for terrorism against citizens is a definite possibility.)

From what I have experienced much of what was done in my case resembles warring factions. Its like say, the mob was trying to get rid of me to save the Boston crime ring so I wouldnt blab, whoever programmed me was either trying to get rid of me or save me for thier own purposes and it also could have included the testing of programming or new tech or combo of both USING the threat (the mob or whoever was doing the targeting to get rid of me) as the enemy so as to have something to test against. I have seen that bs show 'HUMAN TARGET' and I just dont buy it. Perhaps it is true that you use the target as a decoy or lead on and then when the threat appears you dispose of it thus letting future threats know that they will not succeed. But with programming, MK Ultra and weapons/technology testing involved it seems like the purpose of this would be more towards something like a mentioned practical and purposeful in nature.

First of all none of this would have happened unless I was programmed to begin with. I wouldnt have been so crazy and out of it, therefore I needed to be protected to survive. True enough. But I was not allowed to deprogram in the manner that is natural. That process was altered an it has been attempted that I be altered as well. Behavior modification is just a means to a larger end.

This sounds very much like an attempt at 'peaceful conflict resolution' as mentioned in this video I posted on my channel:

Testing is done on humans and there is no consequences, I am deprogrammed and hopefully re-educated via behavior modification, the people I used to associate with are freed of me as a burden or victim witness and the damage to me is negotiable.

This sounds very much like an operation where interference produces an outcome where all parties survive and have damage but it isnt fatal- not physically anyway. This would be typical military mentality, unlike the idea of a civilian where one thinks their lives should peaceful and private and not have to go through this at all.

What is most disturbing is the constant interjections of religious belief within this situation. However it has also been shown that part of the military's activities in other countries has been to attempt Christian conversion: .

It's as if someone is playing god, trying to build a perfect society. My situation was made much worse and is much worse by continued attempts to coral me into a lifestyle that is not natural to me. It feels like there is a process going on where an outside entity is picking and choosing qualities in me to be exalted or creating those qualities and other qualities natural to me are being destroyed or subdued. This is the building of a human being from a wiped or broken down human being. The same way computers are wiped and then reprogrammed.

The other disturbing activity is how different the inlfuence is depending on location. In Boston it was people from the medical field as well as remote influence urging me to 'go back to school' and lots of suggestions at medical vocations. There is also a faction there that is not so kind and this is one of the places where I most encounter being targeted in attempts to force me back into my former lifestyle or worse. These attemtps are usually quite depraved and are more akin to expressing thier wishes to create 'mind controlled sex slaves 'from creating autism in a female. They proclaim themselves " latter day satanists".

Both attempts at reform include the typical objectives for a desired outcome of psyops: neutralization of an enemy or problem, peaceful conflict resolution and keeping what transpired hidden from the public. However looking at the article above one can see that the use of psyops is not limited to the military.


The existence of such methods and technology is a threat to true freedom which is within the human mind and the existence of the Self.

As usual its deceptive the way they put things. 'Winning hearts and minds' indicates persuasion. Taking over or infiltrating human beings is a whole other issue. Occupying or possessing is not the same as persuasion no matter how unfair the tactics. The article above on the use of psyops outside the military states that is works best on people who do not process info critically or have education.

'Works best' indicates the weaknesses of the people you are trying to persuade and actually reveals that you are decieving or fooling them, not persuading people who have an understanding of what you are making a case for.

Take it a step lower and you have them reaching new lows by outright forcing people into thier way of thinking by methods such as torture, behavior modification and total interference of the persons life.

I also notice that over the years there has been a breaking down of me as a person and an occupation. Often now there is a self censoring mechanism in constant use (at leaast between 12 midnight and 6 am). Also as I think and try to function there seems to be an outside interference that analyzes everything I think and feeds back that information causing influence of my continued thought pattern. In other words there is a constant feedback and this is serving to form me as a person.

It has been shown that human experimentation is often done on people that no one will miss or care about. This one of the greatest reasons for making my past lifestyle seem like its my total identity. It also serves other purposes but it isolates me from society and was used for that purpose. Then human experimentation can be done or reform or whatever is the goal, under the guise that I was somehow unfit for society or other perceptions like I didnt fit in, was socially unacceptable etc. This is all to hijack the target so that isolation can be accomplished and then behavior modification can be used to destroy the self and the Will.

The last 20 hours were spent in this hotel room, which is CROSSLAND which is a part of the EXTENDED STAY AMERICA chain. I tend to favor this hotel chain as it has more amenities than others. However, it is consistent that I get targeted at any of the buildings owned by this chain with some sort of remote influence which consistently ends at 11 am which I assume is supposed to be check out time. I often stay beyond that as I am distracted or just late leaving. That however has allowed me to experience this activity as consistent within the timeframe of check in to official check out time. The style and activity within the influence depends on the region or city. But that it occurs is consistent.
This way I get nothing done, am distracted from activism and also the behavior modification continues. Its better here than in eastern MA where I was consistently tortured at this chain as well as the frequent presence of live in person real time perpetrators or 'gang stalkers' doing various tactics like door slamming campaigns or using other noise as well as the consistent use of ' the maid tactic' as I call it which is where the maid wakes you up rudely at 8 am or some other inappropriate time in order to clean the room.

The process of behavior modification in my case may very well be to deprogram by force and reprogram in order to hide the existence of the programming of human beings as well as unethical human experimentation, as well as victim witness silencing. However there is also the presense of an extreme power trip and the use of all this as plain and simple old fashoined bullying.

This would be the only rationale for not allowing me to deprogram and reprogram myself according to what comes naturally. Within the past year I viewed for the first time a video by Mark Phillips with Cathy Obrien made orginally in the 90's where he mentions the natural process of deprogramming and reprogramming opposed to the cruel and destructive breaking down and rebuilding of a human being via behavior modification.

I have been told to my face that I was inconvenient and that whoever uses programmed peoples abilities and talents does not them used outside thier system by the independant Will of the person possessing those qualities. It has also been mentioned that my intelligence has been lowered on purpose as part of modification.

The use of psy ops for conflict resolution is contraversial enough. But to use such methods in unison with other deception and outright cruelty for the end of nothing less than slavery should not be allowed. When Scott Ashmanski said that this entity or group was keeping me down he was not understating. That is exactly what the campaign is about.

There is also something very creepy going on with the use of cult mind control tactics to nowadays teach the public more and more to be like communists or one whole entity or group. Outcome based education is one example. The stories you hear on talk radio about it being suggested that students not excel and not shine or stand out but hold back and be 'fair' and allow less intelligent students to answer a question. Its the bringing on of equality but its not INDIVIDUALS having equality its the attempt to create a society which is enslaved using equality as a guilt/shame inducing tool. Peace on earth can only be achieved if everyone is basically lobotomized. That is the suggestion. Its the ultimate cult that is being created. How can diversity exist if this kind of equality is being pushed and really it is cult mind control?

Diversity...I have seen this exist within the context of the cult of equality. It's alright to be from different places and listen to different music and be different races AS LONG AS YOU ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME MIND or 'the hive'. This explains as to why we see so many people from different backrounds involved in gang stalking the same TI.
I was in a progressive neighborhood in St Louis MO that seemed very hip, modern and living out these PC commandments or virtues. They seemed like the perfect example of progressive. However upon being targeted by the diverse population of this neighborhood it became obvious that something else lurks beneath. This cult of political correctness is a front for social control. If they are indeed what they say they are then why are they going against human rights and engaging in organized stalking and harassment of targets? Dont targets deserve some of your equality?

Again humans are incapable of living truly what they create. This is no better than rule by religion or some other force of wiping out independent or pagan culture. Its just the new way of doing it. PC has now proven itself to be hypocritical becuz they promote something they do NOT stand by.

Has anyone else out there experienced the sickly false feeling of peace and contentment brought on most likely by chem or tech in the environment? No matter how bad your situation is you find yourself blissing inside unaturally. Like a lobotomy they just want you to be happy and harmless as possible. Happiness in this respect can be a living hell and that is exactly how it is being achieved- through constant harassment and traumatizing of the targeted person.

In the end its all to force the person into compliance with some prescribed form of living that satisfies the goals which it seems is to neutralize the target. Its also very important nowadays to belong to a group or gang. You have to be placed somewhere and controlled. This is very in line with corporate thinking as in one company being part of the ---- group. If you look at your hospital it may be in a network owned by an umbrella company.

Individuality is at risk in our society. In fact it seems to be being phased out as clusters are easier to control. And recall my post years ago concerning the consultant who was forming some strategies for the Pentagon. His motto concerning places like Iran was: "Disconnection is danger". And much of what is done to countries like that is parellel to what is done to individuals who are targeted.

This is the engineering of the whole world and the individuals in it to someones liking. Its done through the process we have dubbed 'gang stalking'. After years of living this and research it has turned out that 'gangstalking' is really a system or process of modification and it connects largely to what is going on in the world now. It is used on a small scale and a larger one.

Strangeley it goes against civil rights and human rights but this was never historically a concern for robber barons and tyrants before so why should it be now? The reason no one is listening to the public is that they never DID listen, its just now with the internet we can see the slap in our faces- the insult is plainly there. Its the same as it always was just now we are informed of its happening.

The internet has changed nothing. Not when it comes to the big picture. What is the difference between me knowing I am being enslaved or being ignorant of it? A better sick thrill for the dominators? Great.

The Will of the people has once again effectively been subversed and subdued. If this is what was meant my "kinder gentler"...playing god. Yes its apparent now. Evil geniuses always eventually register as godheads. Its what they want.

Kinder gentler= lobotomy. End of story.

To many people who are convinced they know better, someone like me is considered old fashioned and in the way of the times. I am sure I am also viewed as a salt of the earth type from the lower classes who dislikes change or is not sophisticated enough to appreciate what is transpiring.

This is the secret, one of the keys to the funcion of using diversity, PC and equality to to blindside society to what is really a class war. It also seems that people who consider themselves Yuppies or whatever it is Obama encapsulates and reps are people who want the world thier way and care little for old fashioned things like individual and human rights. There is something conservative about Obama, something uptight that doesnt seem Democratic in its nature. I cant put my finger on it, ever. This is the upsetting reality that I am merely a painter and a dancer who writes alot. A true writer would have been able to figure him out and put it into words.

Whatever is going on now its the extenstion of what started years ago- some even say with Reagan. We can all say its gotten very bad since 2003 or so. At least under Bush I felt like I was being chased out of my own life. Now I just feel like I am being thrown out or put on a shelf. This is where the system wants to start covering the garbage in the land fill and building pretty houses over it with flowers and sh*t so no one knows whats underneath.

Dont let em do it to ya.

What is in the past may very well be IN THE PAST but if that is so then the same transgressions and wrong doings and debts exist in that time frame, even though we are now focusing on other portions of the timeline or linear time. What the system wants of many TIs is to forget about those debts and what was taken from us, and this is the purpose of behavior modification. To erase debt.

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