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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They replaced the foriegn black wise ass female in McDonalds.with a.female Spanish wise ass. She's light skinned tall skinny and has black eyes and hair. The other workers are dark like more native looking Latins.

I asked.for a.sandwhich and she purposely toyed with me and basically embarassed me. No one wears name tags anymore becuz no one wants to ne checked.for being rude on purpose. When you say "I want your cheapest chicken sandwhich" and the person keeps responding with "how many pieces?" you know yer being messed with. Especially since her English seemed so perfect.with every other patron afterwards, becuz I stood back and watched them.all like a.hawk for 10 min afterwards.

This is another problem.with corporate culture. These companies are so huge individual behavior goes unpunished or unfixed and as for gang stalking people can just hide.

Gave the ma.ager the finger from outside the window after leaving. All of this is now on survaillence cameras and it can be construed as me being nuts or difficult.

How many idiots employed by covert agencies or cops work in Central Sq Cambridge anyway?

The perp is always someone who strikes me as more upright, more intelligent and more apt to be military or cop than the people surrounding them in the environment they work in.


  1. I got perped in one Burger King, hard enough that I never went back there. I used to eat there all the time, but some of those experiences I had there were ridiculous. I should have taped that experience, audio/video, and shown it to corporate headquarters. It was that bad. Just wimpy idiots getting their rocks off pushing targets to their limits. And I don't mean that lightly.

  2. Not sure if you've seen this site before.

    That would figure out in my case, as I have one grandparent who served in WWII, and my mom said his death of cancer at age 60 was somewhat suspect. She claimed he claimed it was the stuff they sprayed on the plants every morning that did it. But maybe something else was going on there and he shut up about it. Would a staff sergeant have been a target of experimentation?

    It seems this has been going on all my life: rude people, assholes/bullies, etc. It seemed to be at a lower level before 2000 or so, and then it really ramped up with the extensive gangstalking in 2004 or so.

    So what was this "stuff" they were "spraying on the plants" I wonder where he was stationed? Maybe there was something in the purported pesticide that was designed to make the platoon more open to "orders"?

  3. Here is another vid:

    $80 B budget to oppress targeted individuals.

    I have yet to see the actual video in the original link.

  4. And here is another site which I followed from the video.

  5. This is interesting. Vic Livingston claims that certain cataclysmic events are perpetrated.

    Also, I note that Livingston is near Philly, PA. I had a strange experience where I showed up for an interview in 1997 in West Chester, PA. When I got there, I was told to wait. Then, they told me the interviewer never showed up, and sent me home. I had to drive 4 1/2 hours both ways. Something doesn't seem right. Job opportunities trashed as far back as 1997. How far does this go? To at least 1993 in my case.

    ic Livingston is an investigative/business/consumer journalist who has worked for major newspapers, TV stations and magazines, including Fox TV Phila.; NY Daily News; Phila. Bulletin; St. Petersburg Times; CableVision and TV/Radio Age magazines. He hosted the "Sports Business Report" show on New York's Madison Square Garden TV Network from 1998 to 2004. (TO VIEW VIC'S TV WORK, SEE

    Continue reading at Scrivener | NowPublic Member Profile

    So no wonder so much of the media is involved in harassing targets. Those media people get targeted if they don't go along with the agenda.

    Also, one former classmate of mine who used to work for Lockheed Martin where Livingston lives... I had a strange experience where I'd tell her where I was working full time. She'd reply back asking me where the company was located, city, town, county, etc. And a short time later, I was told I wasn't going to be working there anymore. This was odd, because the owner who told me, was kind of sad and shaken when he broke the news to me. Apparently, the perps were behind this sudden firing. And I didn't get a severance. Interesting how she replied back with "PS Where's Monroeville?", which makes sense now, because that tells me she must've been talking to "someone important" involved in the targeting, like her former employer, Lockheed Martin. It definitely was the perps she was talking to.

  6. Also, I did my research, and a "TI" named batvette aka JohnInSD is on various TI sites discrediting TIs and their stories. Obvious an agent who works with/for the perps. This guy does extensive discrediting of various TI's, dismissing their accounts as misunderstanding or delusion. I've never seen him do anything else other than fake local gangstalking footage which looks pre-arranged. He also comes across like a fake-intellectual. Beware when you see this guy's IDs. He is a complete fraud IMHO. The perps have channeled this to me directly that he is a disinfo agent (using their other perps/psyops etc.).

  7. Also, the perps can intercept a TI's internet, and do a man-in-the-middle attack, and redirect you to phony sites. They can also monitor what a TI is viewing by directly monitoring his or her internet stream directly. You figure, the internet has various "exchange points", and certain security companies or other entities can fully monitor TCP packets.

    Note the articles I posted where the FBI paid OpenBSD developers to put back doors into their operating system. And this is good, because it is a documented money trail to the FBI, directly. I don't believe any operating system is secure. How do we know the developers of a normally secure operating system haven't been paid off to put backdoors into their system, that can be activated with a certain code, and that doesn't affect anyone except TI's? I like to know my operating system's strengths and weaknesses.

  8. I've gotten perped extensively by Wal-Mart employees as well. In one particular Wal-Mart, it got ridiculous there, as one employee was laughing like someone got their just deserts. I guess she and the blonde greeter girl was "with them" (the war criminals).

  9. How quaint a person running around the internet using the integrity of the pseudonym "anonymous" is introducing with no impetus at all, assaults on my character and accuses mne of being a perp.
    Do I question Scrivener's story at NowPublic? Absolutely, but never without providing proof via his own conflicting statements- unlike this anonymous person who assumes this blog owner should make up their mind about me merely from your word and your own reputation.
    Why are you hiding behind "anonymous"? when any TI wants their story etched in stone for posterity upon their probable demise?
    To the blog owner, as I know this other one must be a lost cause, I make no apologies for being quite rude to scrivener at now public simply because he is a prolific liar proven in the hundreds of times, no joke. He is surely a charletan but I don't expect anyone to just accept that, spend some time over at nowpublic snd see his "parody of a TI" circus.
    Being rude to people who are prolific liars does not make me a perp, but I didn't come to the internet to make friends, I did so looking for answers- and found few truths. I don't know what the truth is but I can spot the lies a mile away.
    Moreover if I have a problem with an individual I confront the problem in the appropriate forum, and settle it. I don't know who this anonymous person is but I suggest they raise their level of integrity to at least that level.

    And perhaps take off the cloak.

    you can find an account of my story at nowpublic or FFCHS forum.

    Overall I am outspoken about all of us keeping it real, but don't challenge everyone just the blatant willful idiots. Scrivener is a grown man who claims intruders break in and "maliciously" rearrange his sock drawer and tie his shoelaces together to "torment him". Yes he really claims this. He insists police are complicit for not investigating these things but never bothers to lift a finger to compile evidence, and unlike most TI's the opportunities he describes are many.

    I think he plays an intentional fool who wants to be caught lying, to portray us all as fakers. Make up your own mind. If you care that is.

    Best of luck to us all. Even "anonymous".

    John in San Diego, aka batvette.