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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Harassed In An Old Familiar Way Going About My Business Near Braodway Train Station

Hey Southie..yer not special and you will be represented in my expose exactly as you have behaved. Keep it up and next visit you get filmed. Yer nothing like it was years ago..so don't try so hard.

Geez, you leave yer gps on and they send old perps from my adult entertainment days with crooked cops in assist.

I've been through it all and seen it all and you can lick my sweaty balls. Times change and you ain't glory no more. Deal.

The cycle cop was ancient anyway. He still thinks its the 70s glory days..
All pedophile connected..if yer involved in gang stalking yer involved in sex rings

I know yer thinking of hurting me.

Go for it..see what happens.

Or do u keep performing the exact same tactic with the exact same people involved for years now, so that I get mouthy, and when I am found dead, people will say I was messing with things I shouldn't have been. Or perhaps its just more pressure for me to blab, look like a rat and then u can kill me and it looks like I deserved it.

I have no problem hunting down that tubby bastard John u keep sending from the old days,.to glare at me and mind f*ck me always with cops in assist year after year when I come down here on errands.

He's fat, he's a slob, he was always a raving assh*le and his taxi ain't hard to get to neither is his fat ass.
Does he still sleep with Jamaican trash? Being a coal burner of poor tastes reflects the kind of scum Ive had to deal with in the old days.

Its payback time, and its going to go MY way and you are all extremely lucky I am smart enuf to see this is all to bait me to do something stupid.

Or else when John got into trouble that one time, he became a pawn for the FBI which means its state actors again linked to local harassment.

I will get lawyers and I will destroy you and the local arrogant police forces, even if I have to go to Europe to get assistance. I will find a way.

Stay the hell away from me in Southie while I go about my business becuz this ain't fun and games no more.

And John is a bit out of his league. He was always a stupid desperate smog and obviously nothing has changed. That fat bastard put me through hell with his shitty work ethic, his disgusting business methods and his sending that blonde bitch to try to entrap me in 95.

I remeber everything and you will get exactly what you deserve.

Enjoy the power while you can.


  1. This whole gangstalking seemed connected to the porn or adult entertainment industry from the outset. I researched this in 1993-1994 or so, and found out that quite a few porn stars committed suicide. I saw a story in 1994 about the porn star Savannah, and it said she killed herself simply because she broke her nose in a car accident, and her face was ruined, so her career was ruined, etc. However, there could be other reasons for the suicide, and maybe her car accident also could have been "planned". When I researched it now, it looks like depression was the main motivator over finances and relationships. However family blamed "friends" in the porn industry.

    That makes sense. But you have actual connections to the industry because of the work you've done, and I have been a big fan of porn since, well, very early on in life. :-) So I can see what goes on there, though I've never been connected with it.

  2. What about places like West Virginia? I get the gangstalking treatment in the "city", but where my sister lives, it's just so damned peaceful, I like visiting her just so I can get away from all of this. I haven't yet tried to go into town. Seems kind of a mellow state as far as gangstalking. The funny thing is, I do see the "show" when I'm driving through Morgantown, near the stadium, but the style is completely different from PA. One time when in a burger joint with my fam, there was a noisy motherfucking nerd perp surrounded by like 5 girls. This dude was being loud and obnoxious as hell, and he was a lot like Mandark from Dexter's Lab in the way he talked, looked, etc. you get the hint. A kind of skinny nerdy (loud) college kid with "hoes" surrounding him (played by other college babes).

    I kinda wished I hadn't talked about this, because now I know I will get slammed when I go down there again. But maybe it wasn't bad because I'm almost never there, and it takes a while for the "show" to catch up to the target. Like you said, in some places, they are on your ass immediately.

    PSU is a very similar school, yet I got slammed the moment I entered State College, PA. Shit, they had a perp in a car waiting for me at the Bedford exit, where I would get on 220 North for the last hour of the trip. This perp was just waiting for me, and it was 5 AM, and the fucker was pulled over before the toll booth, and cut me off as soon as he spotted me. Now imagine the audacity of pulling that kind of shit. Sitting pulled over in front of a toll booth? Is that guy nuts? State Cops sometimes sit there.

    And I get plenty of gangstalking action. I had people walking through campus give me this look of shock and surprise when they saw me, as though they recognized me as some sort of target, and was like THAT'S HIM THAT'S HIM THAT'S THE GUY!!! AHHHH!!! And I had the people walking on the side walks along College Ave. looking at me and giving me this gently reassuring smile, but it was odd they were focusing on me, a complete stranger. I did live there in that town off and on over the years, so maybe that could be why they were so on my ass with the gangstalking and harassment.