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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Persons Against Non State Torture Website= Frauds

I will never forgive these two for their actions during my being destroyed during Bush.

Not that making distinctions between RA survivors is appropriate to begin with.

Remember who your people are. And remember that Divide and Conquer is a great control tactic.


Anonymous said...

Perps seem really good at tailoring the harassment to make a survivor think there are Masons and whatever behind the harassment, when it could be someone entirely different. Early on, I was made to think this one particular person in town was responsible for starting the harassment, or getting me on some kind of "list". And this person had a family member who was a big-time Free Mason. Well, now I am so seriously doubting this. I believe it was happening many years prior, and just intensified while Bush was in office, just like you said. Then I look back and see evidence that it was life-long, just not as many programmed sheeple coming at me like 2006 until now.

I figure, the dominant faction has to be someone with the access and power, which means high levels of the government, like CIA and FBI. And also members of the military sectors have some seriously high security clearances, so they could be part of the net involving the CIA and FBI, i.e., under covert orders from these two to come after us with their super duper classified mind control tech.

Also, the purpose might be to see if they can affect just one target in a crowd and leave everyone else unaffected with the tech. I've had situations where I'd be in a room full of people, and I would get these dreadful onset of stabbing pains in the testicles, yet everyone else seems to be unaffected. And no, it is definitely not any physical disorder, like one "TI" tells me. He is a likely a perp. That guy seems like a planted time-waster. When a "TI" says oh you need medical attention, saying he reads all my blog posts, especially when the TI says he has been screwed over by medical professionals, you have to be suspicious. These fraud TI's and assisters of TIs are some of the most despicable people on the planet. It's like having a geography professor telling you the world is flat, and going to great lengths to tell you so, when you already know he is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Arousing anger tactics: that is the goal of a lot of what we encounter. And why should we, the victims, be angry? I see a lot of complacent not only perps, but general public who know about what's happening. Let the assholes doing this get mad, not us. It's good to be angry, if it motivates us closer to destroying our enemies. But don't let it consume you. Just walk away, and continue your hunt to put the spear into the heart of the beast. These people are nothings, if we don't let them get to us. And that goes for everyone allying with the system. They are all nothings. Remember that. Don't give anyone you suspect to be an informant any information. Just tell them it's illegal what they're doing, tell them to mind their own business, and that you have the right to rebel against the corrupt system. Then just walk away. And tell your enemies to fuck off. After all, you have the right to free speech. Use it. They not us are in the wrong.