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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am sure all the people I just mentioned are fully prepared to deny my claims. And Julia being of questionable character will simply do what Jake did: deny knowing me that long or minimize my involvement in her life. With Jake I went from being his girlfriend for four years (minus six months in Vegas to help Brian out) to 'we just dated for a while and it didn't work out'. This is of course after vilifying me in his stepbook for NA and in other claims I am sure.

I don't care that I will never be believed. Most people wont even be aware of my life or passing. The point of all this is to contain the damage the TI can do in by going public.

Jake Hamilton of course was my former lover. He wanted his wild musician life and me attached at home as well. Ironically I got slammed for having my own private life as well. The smear machanism couldn't have had a better target. There was so much to work with.

Basically psychologicallly and ritually what was done was use Jake to burrow into closed off emotional areas then use my love as an anchoring mechanism. Adding many other things to that anchoring mechanism guaranteed over time that anchored memory and its meaning would destroy me.

Many others: John Horned, Dr Ann Emmerich, Mass General Hospital, St Elizabeth's hospital Brighton, Chuck and Barbara Pettitti, Sam Brodie, Drew Shadarway, D14 and various other police, MBTA employees, busdrivers nationwide, Amtrak employees,Greyhound buslines and various shelters.

Finish tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Difference between Chimpanzee and Human learning: interestingly enough, the human children mindlessly copy unnecessary actions, because we have been conditioned to copy actions verbatim, even if some are unnecessary. The Chimpanzees, when presented with a clear box, skip the unnecessary steps, and go straight for the reward. The children don't even think to see inside the box, but blindly imitate actions of the leader.

So this whole K-12 education experience is designed to teach us to copy and do as "they" say. So that's why so many are going along with this, despite most of it not making any sense, nor do they stop and think logically, but continue to do exactly as told. Interesting, that apes think outside the box and observe and think, overriding the human leader. But what if other chimps were teaching the chimps... would that have any effect? Or how about if chimps would teach the humans? :-)

So we are conditioned to blindly copy and follow actions, which is what the system knows, and hence they exploit that.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to this:

Use of propaganda against an enemy, supported by whatever military, economic, or political measures are required, and usually intended to demoralize an enemy or to win it over to a different point of view. It has been carried on since ancient times. The conquests of Genghis Khan were aided by expertly planted rumours about large numbers of ferocious Mongol horsemen in his army.

Read more: