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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Perp Thinks I Have Big Mouth For Revealing Info..He Needs To Go Pray Instead

A man in a small pickup truck an independent contractor type just drove by and said "you've got a big mouth" as he drove past.

The arrogance of these people is ridiculous. That post last night or before could have been alot more revealing. I can take a Washington and find feds who are NOT Mitt Romney's buddies in MI or corrupted by Boston connections if you'd like and talk to them or perhaps seek international assistance for some criminal issues due to authorities here obviously being co opted and infiltrated.

I could have buried many people by now, literally and figuratively speaking.

If this is about Julie Jake or my mother look at it this way: they are all still breathing right? Consider yourselves VERY fortunate..or they as such.

Being that going postal into lone shooter mode is what the perps wanted by screwing with my programming and pushing need to consider what you say to me very carefully. Death by cop or the chair or a life sentence are totally meaningless to someone snapping like that who's programmed. They are still alive as are their families right? Actually I sleep in the street and they all went onto.great lives they really don't deserve after what they did to me as well as what crimes they are guilty of- individually and collectively.

You know who my family is right? Both sides? And so you know most likely what I could be capable of if
-i wasn't out for total revenge and destruction of my enemies in ways that last generations not just in short term
-i gave a flying f*ck

Becuz if I did very bad things would have happened to any of those three. And if I thought the fed wasn't in on this and playing arrogant games with me.from day one either on behalf of the three people mentioned above, to cover for MK Ultra or simply to push their own very arrogant agenda under Bush I would have gone and used them as a resource by now.

Nobody is going to push me like its been over these many years and get the result they want. Not feds, not military and not organized crime, croooked cops or spoiled rich assh*les.

Everyone will pay as will the entire nation who seems to think my situation is funny or makes them superior.

The whole world will get a nice glmpse into the way the USA works. That is partially my revenge. I know the systematic ignoring is not international..and I know that this nation does what it can to keep up this collective silence and a front to keep me down and to manage the horrors that have been done to me. And I know its not this way in other countries. I see people here thinking they are smarter than me and signaling or whispering to their friends not to disturb me or interact with me...don't clue me in.

Fuck all of you. If 80% of the USA or at least operatives in large numbers in key locations (like Harvard Sq which Nixon described as 'Kremlin on.the Charles, so you know the f*ckers must have infiltrated the hell out of this place for Bush)
then I pretty much live in a prison. Duhhh I know this.

But that doesn't mean the world outside US borders is as easily controllable as USA is.

If you do decide to take action I highly suggest you don't leave me alive or don't miss becuz if I had the opportunity...I would do exactly that. Real Roman style political bloodshed and no family left to grow up for vendettas.

You will deal with reaping what you have sewn. You will deal with the truth being used to destroy the guilty.

And if justice in its way that you should suffer for what you have done..then that is what is going to be.

Hmph, I'm programmed. I still retain the ideal that death doesn't matter and I was supposed to die of suicide programming. What do I give a f*ck?

Its been cute you trying to deprogram me and get me used to living and socializing so that I lose that edge and thus can then be controlled.with threats and intimidation. But I already figured that out like many moves ago.

My my principals still stays.

And keep driving your pathetic little truck and keep YOUR mouth shut.

Unless you'd like me to take note of.the vehicle and start working on researching where you live when you shit eat sleep where your kids go to school and perhaps other fun facts.
the house burning down with your family inside just in time for you to come home to watch and be helpless is a long running fantasy of mine.

In case you are all as stupid as you act, you realize I could have been a much bigger problem than I have right?

You better get yer tail between your cowardly legs and pray to your god every night that I chose with all of my Will to retain a peacful nature as I am superior morally to my pathetic families on both sides. And that I chose to retain such fantasies for writing in future not giving every single perp and betrayer what they absolutely deserve.

Next time you just keep on motherf*ckin drivin.

Of course I am also aware that these might be more games to.pressure snap and you idiots should know by now I am reprogrammed and not allow that to occur.

Revenge will be fair and just and no one innocent will be harmed if possible.
I have always been superior to the people who surrounded me. And they knew that..which is why they tried to destroy me. Isn't that right guys?

None of you exist from my past anyway. Yer bad memories. And you'll be written out of existence. Violence and expending energy of that nature is too.good for you. You'll all serve as my playthings in books. Becuz that is the way you treated me.

My unseen protectors will take care of the rest I am sure.

So keep it movin...

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Anonymous said...

Got harassed by the Roto Rooter man today. What a joke, eh? Imagine, not being smart enough to be anything other than a Roto Rooter man AND/OR a perp. They kinda go together. I do hear intimations too about having a big mouth. I've been told that by perps, and they used to drive past and yell NARK! when I started ratting them out. I say good for them. That's what they get for f*cking with people who are better than they are. We are rebelling against the System for a reason: we don't need it to prop up our sorry asses the way perps do.