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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mt Auburn Hospital ER Playing Games

Mt Auburn hospital watertown is being.rotten to me. I came in after allergic reactions became worrisome from a spider bite. Closing throat pain in chest. Palpitations trouble breathing hitters and feeling of sloelwly passing out. Had taken 6 benedryl and realized that I couldn't control the symptoms.

They took their sweet time the doc assistant is telling me that in her professional opinion I am not going through any kind of allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. She tried to suggest I had reflux. She then asked.if I had a history of anxiety.

This game playing during my having symptoms made me feel.worse and more.frightened.

She asked too many personal questions about my traveling. She seemed judgemental when she asked 'so what r u doing traveling all over the place. Do you do it for your job or is it your lifestyle' and interrogating me about things that have nothing to do with my condition which further added to my being distressed and not feeling well.

Having to argue with her and keep trying to make my case that I am having allergic reactions further stressed me.

Worse the man who did the intake vitals etc according to her said that he didn't think I was in any distress. Why did she have to bring his opinion into the her being contrary for backup?

He could plainly see that I was in distress as I told him in one instance that I couldn't breathe and was having trouble speaking. Also my heart was pounding very hard and the palpitations were one of the main reasons I came in.

These reactions are similar to what I expsrienced with Bactrim anaphylaxis. The only thing I don't have is the rash or red blotches.

My face feels a bit swollen and hot another reason I came in.

I also came in becuz all my symptoms match up with reactions from spider bite neurotoxins. As I had yet to deal with spider venom and the symptoms matched mine I came into the ER. I wud not have come in if it wasn't serious. Perhaps I shud get testimony from the cabbie who gave me a free ride here as he was concerned.

This isn't the old days where I am at my grandmothers or in Brighton and I show up art the ER becuz I don't fully understand my situation.

I have become very tough and healthy from traveling. I don't get medical even when I need it sometimes nowadays.

This is exactly what happened years ago. The front desk people were.jerks and the resident or doc assistant were mind camera but the doctor was responsive and acted responsibly.

Same formula as this area years ago. Intimidation and harassment or negligence from mid level people.

She mentioned that six Benedryl within that time frame was too much and the symptoms she is describing now have become more life Benydryl overdose. Dry mouth rapid hearbeat trouble with motor skills.

So basically I took benedryl for something I felt was an allerigic reaction when it was a typical allergic reaction to spider venom. I had all the symptoms who h is why I hopped a cab here becuz they were getting severe.

It bothers me that she did not ask about having Benedryl overdose symptoms. I told her I take it everyday which means that I take my usual Benedryl and then.I took six more this evening alone so that makes ten or so from 7 am yesterday morning til an hour ago. Is THAT enuf? I couldn't understand the dry mouth and throat and feeling hot flushed face until she mentions it. Why? Becuz the effect of what that assistant did has caused me to shut down emotionally, not pay attention to or trust my own body.

Thats what not listening and invalidating someone does.

This is why I don't seek medical care. I am tired of being harassed and treated like a naughty child or a hypochondriac or its intimated I am mentally ill.

The assistant is arrogant. I asked for a copy of my ekg and she responded like she was ALLOWING it to be done.

So I went through a reaction to spider venom and a bit of what sounds like too much Benedryl and it was real and frightening but I am going to leave here with a piece of paper that says there was nothing wrong with me.

And all the front desk people and assistant had to do was deny and be purposefully negligent.

For that man to say I was normal when I came in is an outright lie.

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